UAE Ambassador to Germany warns Merkel about radical Islamist preachers

Invasion of Europe news….

German Chancellor Angela Merkel traveled to the United Arab Emirates to strengthen trade agreements and to see if that Muslim country would take some refugees.

They SAY they will take 15,000 Syrians over  3 years, but don’t hold your breath.  More interesting, however, is the warning Merkel received according to World Politics Review:

Although the focus of the meetings is on prepping the upcoming G20 summit, Merkel is also urging leaders in the Gulf region to take in more refugees and provide humanitarian aid for those fleeing conflict in the Middle East.

Merkel improving trade with Gulf States? Photo:

The UAE is interested in working with Germany to aid refugees and fight poverty, Ali Abdullah al-Ahmed, the UAE’s ambassador in Berlin, told news agency DPA ahead of Merkel’s visit.

He also warned, however, that Germany should remain vigilant about radical Islamic preachers at Mosques.

“It is very important to be aware of what type of message preachers are giving to immigrants in mosques in Europe,” al-Ahmed said.

He said that although Merkel’s decision to take hundreds of thousands of refugees from Muslim-majority countries was a humanitarian gesture, it was not without risks.

When asked about calls from German politicians for the UAE to take in more refugees, al-Ahmed noted that the country financed a refugee camp in Jordan and is helping Greece build its own camp. He also said his country committed to accepting 15,000 Syrian refugees over the next three years. [From Germany’s excess?—ed]

Germany has taken in over one million asylum-seekers since 2015, many of whom come from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Merkel also traveled to Saudi Arabia but appears not to have asked the Saudis to take in refugees (they don’t take any!).

By the way, you should know that according to Wrapsnet we process hundreds of refugees FROM the UAE to YOUR TOWNS! Who are they?

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5 thoughts on “UAE Ambassador to Germany warns Merkel about radical Islamist preachers

  1. “Germany has taken in over one million asylum-seekers since 2015, many of whom come from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    This is horrendous. I’m glad I got to see at least part of Europe in 2002 when I went to England. Back then it wasn’t nearly as bad as it is now. I would say I caught the last glimpse of England when it was still recognizable. I will seriously think twice before investing time and money towards any future trips to Europe, to see Italy, France, Germany, Spain. Most likely not. 😦


  2. In western countries, if we don’t take in millions of refugees we are called racists, riots break out in the streets and politicians openly defy the countries laws to see that questionable “refugees” are handed a free ride a taxpayer expense. In contrast, you have Muslim countries where world leaders have to go and beg to take a few thousand off their hands, with the admonishment that the “refugees” might be dangerous. Does that mean that the vetting process will drag on forever? I would imagine that if a group of protestors had a problem with the government dumping a bunch of unwanted migrants there and protested, they would be machine-gunned in the streets. And I would be very surprised if the “refugees” were given welfare or a good job at living wages, and furthermore, I’m sure that a crime like rape would be met with castration and deportation. In a way, I have to agree with some of the criticisms Muslims have of the west. We have become so corrupt, pacified, and made weak and vulnerable by our extreme fear of offending any culture not our own, or God forbid questioning diversity and multiculturalism, that we have become completely defenseless.


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