At this point in the fiscal year, more refugees have entered US in FY2017 than in any of the previous ten years

Trump is on target to beat Obama numbers in two of O’s fiscal years!

There are some fascinating statistics at the Refugee Processing Center for those of you interested in getting the facts.

Below is a screenshot graph at Wrapsnet showing this year and ten previous fiscal years.  It doesn’t yet include the month of April, but checking that number separately I found we admitted 3,316 in April.  So add that to the 39,098 on the chart (for the end of March) we see that we are now up to 42,414. That is the highest number for this time in the fiscal year (FY17 ends on September 30th) than in any of the previous ten fiscal years.

If Trump reaches the 60,000 refugee admissions mark (900 a week would get him there), for the remainder of fiscal year, he will have surpassed Obama admissions in FY11 and FY12!

I especially want to direct your attention to the column for ceiling and the one for actual admissions.

Note that we never reach the ceiling (although Obama came awfully close in his last year as he was driven to admit thousands of Syrian Muslims).

See that Obama never set a ceiling anywhere 110,000 until his final months in office. Why?

The average admissions in the previous ten years is around 66,000 and if Trump’s State Department does bring in 900 a week as they said they would, here, then Trump will admit just over 60,000 this fiscal year bypassing his supposed reset of the ceiling to 50,000.

If Trump reaches the 60,000 mark he will have surpassed Obama admissions in FY11 and FY12!  I don’t remember any crying and moaning, or Obama bashing, in the media from the federal refugee contractors in those years.

Here is the chart.

Remember the ceiling is just that—a ceiling! Nothing in refugee law says the President must bring in that number!


The chart has not been updated for April yet. However, looking up data separately, we admitted 3,316 refugees last month. So if you tally up the columns you will see that as of the end of April (7 months in to the fiscal year), we have admitted more refugees, at this point in the year, than any of the previous ten fiscal years.


Since Inauguration day (as of today), Donald Trump’s Dept. of State has admitted 12,594 refugees. 43% of those are Muslim refugees from Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and even Burma (406 are Rohingya Muslims).

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  1. Sorry, but your 42,414 is inaccurate, since Oct, Nov, Dec and Jan are included in that total, all months under Obama. ( Look under Admission Reports. January, and keeping in mind that Obama had 20 days of January in which he brought in roughly 5,000 of the 6,777 counted, Feb total was 4,580 (with many of them already scheduled under the previous administration), Mar 2,070, and Apr total was 3,316, for a total accepted under Trump of 11,743, or roughly 840/week for 14 weeks. In fiscal 2016 (Oct 15-Sep 16) the total was just a tic under 85,555, or 1,634/week. Fiscal 2015 (Oct 14 – Sep 15) total was nearly 70,000, or 1,345/week. I could go on, but I think you see the problem with your math. Now add in Oct, Nov, Dec and the first 20 days of Jan, and you’ll see that Obama was actually responsible for over 30,000 of your 42,414 number, or 1,916/week.


    1. The fiscal year began on October 1, so 42,414 have been admitted since then. Trump said he was reducing the ceiling to 50,000 for the fiscal year (he could have stopped altogether at whatever number it was on inauguration day), but also said they were adding 900 a week. So when we get to 50,000 we will see if they stop. If they do great! If they do stop I will be cheering.


  2. President Trump talked very tough on Radical Islamic terrorism and how much he was against this threat coming into America.He wants to build a wall but a wall will not protect us from the enemy within. I’m so disappointed that our new President is doing nothing to protect us at home from Radical Islamic terrorism like he promised. He won’t declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization either. This issue was the main reason that I voted for him. I feel betrayed again.

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  3. The POTUS signed an E.O. to cap it at 50K. He may be online for over 60K by the end of 10/16 at today’s rate but that doesn’t mean he won’t stop it once the 50K is reached. His word is on the line. I wonder what the consequences would be if he disobeys his own E.O.?


      1. As always, Ann, you are the ultimate truth teller! I cannot thank you enough for continuing to fight the battle of our horrible immigration system. I have written to Mr. Trump and his administration 12 times during the past two weeks. I have eloquently called our President out for being such a grand liar about the very issue which secured him the election win…immigration. Please everyone, follow Ann’s advice and let them know your opinion, aptly and strongly!


  4. Lots of people are upset about no border wall but you don’t hear alot from the conservative pundits on TV upset about the refugee program. This program is just as dangerous as letting in the MS13 gangs from south america. Sad there is no way to get thru to Trump.
    I have started trying to thru his kids on twitter. Doesn’t anyone realize the culture will be changed forever due to in breeding? Sad for America.


    1. There is so much support on the political right for the program because it brings in a steady supply of cheap labor. Forget the TV, best to get news directly from the internet. Fox management wants the refugee program to continue, so it is surprising they let Tucker and Hannity even mention the subject.

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    1. The question of the hour! I once thought I knew, but am seriously pondering that question myself. BTW, the question for all time, is what can anyone do to stop the Hijra?

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