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Comey: FBI looking at 2,000 cases of US links to foreign terrorists, 300 are REFUGEES

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 9, 2017

Just when you thought you had had it with FBI Director Comey he admits something that you would never expect a politically-correct Washington insider to reveal.

Comey grilled on the Hill: All they ever want to hear from Comey is information about Hillary and how the Russians elected Trump. No mention that I’ve seen anywhere, except from Mark Krikorian, about the stunning news that 300 refugees are being watched.

Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee last Wednesday, Director Comey said in response to questioning by Senator Thom Tillis of NC about those being watched by the FBI who are in contact with foreign terrorists (from a transcript published by the WaPo):

Then we have another big group of people that we’re looking at who we see some contact with foreign terrorists. So you take that 2,000 plus cases, about 300 of them are people who came to the United States as refugees.

As far as I know no reporter has mentioned this stunning news.  Mark Krikorian, Director of the Center for Immigration Studies caught it though and published the revelation at National Review Online here yesterday.  Krikorian reminds us that Comey had testified to Congress on more than one occasion where he admitted that there is no way to thoroughly screen refugees from failed states like Syria and Somalia.


So 15 percent of the FBI’s terrorism cases are refugees – far more than their share of the immigrant population, let alone the general population. And that denominator of 2,000 presumably includes people with no immigration nexus at all – skinheads, antifa, Klan, environmental and animal rights extremists, et al. So the refugee share of immigration-related terrorism investigations is more than 15 percent, perhaps much more.

Krikorian goes on to argue that, except for a few special cases, we should help legitimate refugees where they are in the world and not risk bringing them to your town and mine.

Read all of Krikorian’s post here.

8 Responses to “Comey: FBI looking at 2,000 cases of US links to foreign terrorists, 300 are REFUGEES”

  1. Eagle Nest said

    Thanks to Obama, the American people have more Muslim refugees here in this country than we have armed forces personnel. The Muslim body is larger than our military!! The American people need to drain the swamp badly!!!


  2. At least the Trojans had to use cunning to get into the place they intended to ruin. We, on the other hand, literally fly questionable individuals in at our own expense, pay for all of their needs and be sure they become citizens so they can get a passport, state ID, and other forms of documentation that allows them to travel freely and acquire weapons. I have even heard of misguided charities buying them cars so we can make damn sure they are totally mobile. This situation is a terrorist or spies dream come true, and we are idiots for allowing it to happen, especially in these dangerous times.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. hey would be GONE if treasonous James Comey was doing his job. James Comey replaces Benedict Arnold as the poster boy for treason.


  4. The FBI can surveill and unmask members of the Trump cabinet, congress and tons of real AMERICANS but can’t keep tabs on known jihadis in their mist?


  5. FatherJon said

    No surprise to those of us who scan the world’s media. Al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed ISIS Caliph, openly boasted about sending thousands of terrorists to Europe masquerading as refugees. Clearly that same threat probably would also have been directed at America or any country that stands in the way of his ambitions.


  6. IF this Country is depending upon a person…and I use this word very losely…about J EDGAR COMEY….GOD HELP US and use your prayers to pray for this Country !



    Levin: Comey can’t whitewash his ‘great miscarriage of justice’




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