Minnesota Dept of Health needs $5 million to fight infectious diseases in immigrant population

Hey, since many of the refugees and other immigrants now causing expensive infectious diseases to spread in the state are a result of Obama’s migration policy, maybe he could contribute his $3 million speaking fee to Minnesota as a partial payment to handle the crisis!

Here is the latest news generated by the recent Measles epidemic in Minnesota. As of Tuesday there were 50 diagnosed cases, most (45) are in the ‘Somali community.’

And, we are told that refugees don’t cost state and local taxpayers a dime!

From Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart:

Minnesota Health Commissioner Dr. Ed Ehlinger sounded an alert on more frequent and costly threats to the public health, referencing measles, tuberculosis, and even the Zika virus and syphilis, according to a statement released by the MDH on Wednesday as reported by Hometownsource.com.

Remember this story! Gov. Mark Dayton: If you don’t like our Somali refugees, get out of Minnesota because they are here to stay! https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2015/10/16/mn-governor-dayton-dont-like-immigrants-get-out-of-minnesota/

“In recent months, state and local public health officials have had to respond to a series of infectious disease outbreaks including multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, hundreds of new cases of syphilis, and now, the largest measles outbreak the state has faced in nearly 30 years. These outbreaks come on the heels of extensive public health efforts in 2016 for the Zika virus response and in 2014-15 for Ebola preparedness,” he added…..


Minnesota is currently in the middle of the largest outbreak of measles in over twenty years. As of Tuesday, 50 cases of measles have been diagnosed in the state since the first case was reported on April 11, 45 of which have been diagnosed in Somali Minnesotans.

As Breitbart News reported previously, 90 percent of the 168 cases of active tuberculosis diagnosed in Minnesota in 2016 were foreign-born, much higher than the 67 percent of foreign-born cases that accounted for the 9,287 cases of active TB diagnosed in the United States in 2016.

Fourteen of those cases were from newly arrived refugees, eleven of whom were diagnosed with active TB in medical screenings overseas but were nonetheless allowed to resettle in Minnesota by the Obama administration’s Department of Homeland Security.

Continue reading here. The article is chock full of important information and links to follow.

See my ‘Health issues’ category, here, where I have archived 329 previous posts about health issues (including mental health issues) involving the refugee flow to America.

I wondered here if this Measles outbreak started with a newly arrived refugee from Somalia (or from elsewhere in East Africa since a large number of our Somalis come from UN camps in Kenya).

BTW, Slate had a hysterical story the other day claiming this Measles outbreak is Trump’s fault—not because he is admitting infected Somalis, but because he hangs with “Anti-vaxxer pals.”  Huh?

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  1. Ann, do you happen to have the crime statistics URL on violent crimes committed by refugees, by nationality, against American citizens…for the entire US, or by individual states. Next time I hear a libtard say ALL foreign refugees are so peaceful, I would like to have statistics to show foreign refugee gang violence against white people, for example, and other hate crimes against white people.


    1. Sorry,there are no crime stats available on refugees. I’ll try to remember to repost a refugee crime story I posted a few months ago.

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  2. Minnesota boasts of being a sanctuary city for undocumented aliens but refuses to be a sanctuary for the American Senior citizens in this state. MN is One of only Six states in the entire United States of America that taxes paltry social security benefits of the elderly in MN. But MN proudly boast how it cares for non-citizens and illegals and is a sanctuary host and sponsor of refugees at the expense and suffering of its own senior citizen population!


    1. Most of the Senior Citizens have the disability of being WHITE AMERICANS therefore they are expendable. This country would rather give it all to the dam black Somali Muslims who are useless savages. In South Africa the blacks have decided to kill every white person in South Africa in the next 5 years. So why is Donald Trump not giving refugee status to white South Africans who are facing genocide by black South Africans. Now you know why they needed Apartheid.

      We need to stop taking in enemies of America like Muslims, Africans etc and open the door to a real refugee facing genocide.


  3. In addition to all the millions and millions of of taxpayer dollars spent on Refugee resettlement, MN taxpayers are paying 2 MILLION for Somali anti terrorist funding and now MN taxpayer will be paying 5 million or more to combat the recent measles outbreak but at the same time the governor and democrats have refused to support legislation to end taxing social security benefits for seniors! So senior citizens that barely have enough income to make ends meet especially with the significant increases in health insurance are footing the bill for countless millions of dollars spent on refugees and undocumented aliens flooding into MN yearly. These are reasons Trump and his party won the presidency and congressional elections.


  4. Fifty cases of Measles and they are freaking? Used to have at least that many per year in my school and NO ONE ever died. Heck they cancelled classes for a week one time cause so many kids were home with measles and again, NO ONE DIED.
    TB is another story though…..


  5. If they infected the entire nation with the black plague it would be a good beginning to address the murderous spree you Americans have been on in the middle east for decades.


      1. Not on mine, Ann, I don’t live in Minnesota. Perhaps, Gov. Mark Dayton can use some of his money to help his state’s Dept. of Health fight infectious diseases in immigrant communities? How about Barack Obama contributing his $3 million speaking fee?


  6. Ann, I hate to point this out, but the reason all these kids are being hospitalized is sheer hysteria, and the fact that these kids get dehydrated. Measles is not a deadly disease. Not a single child has died from measles during this outbreak. You had measles I’m guessing, and I had measles even though I was vaccinated. So did my oldest son. It’s not a death sentence. TB on the other hand – syphilis – those are deadly diseases unless treated.

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  7. Amazing how the governor of Minnesota defends so vigorously the plague of “refugees” from Somalia, arguably some of the most dysfunctional animals on the planet. When we wake up, then we will begin to comprehend the plague of Muslim savages we brought to America.

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  8. Minnesota Health Department Needs $5 Million To Combat Measles Outbreak In The State

    11 May 2017, 7:04 am EDT By Anu Passary Tech Times

    Why Does The Minnesota Health Department Need $5 Million?

    [Dr. Ed] Ehlinger shared that the state currently does not have sufficient funds to counter the measles outbreak effectively. While it is the duty of the Minnesota Health Department to respond to the threats swiftly, it cannot continuously divert resources and funds from other important health services and channel its focus on “disease outbreaks and threats.”

    The Health Commissioner revealed that the local and state “response costs” for syphilis, measles, and tuberculosis in H1 2017 was already touching $3 million

    “I respectfully request that the legislature create a public health response contingency fund of $5 million to ensure sufficient resources are available for immediate, life-saving actions to protect Minnesotans from infectious disease outbreaks and other unanticipated public health threats,” Ehlinger noted.

    He also shared that he had the support of Governor Dayton for the proposal for the emergency fund’s allocation. The Minnesota Health Commissioner added that the two would be pushing for “its inclusion in any final legislative budget agreement.”

    Ehlinger revealed that the department’s funds were also stretched as it had to screen travelers and pregnant women for Zika virus. Moreover, the resources of the local and state health departments are stretched.



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