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Mr. Cool goes to Milan, is paid millions to announce that “climate refugees” will flood the first world

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 11, 2017

Changing the subject?

Just in case Islam-generated conflicts run out of steam in the Middle East and Africa, Barack Obama crossed the Atlantic to collect a speaking fee reportedly in the $3 million range to pronounce that, as a result of global warming there would be a refugee crisis “unprecedented in human history.”

Unbuttoned to mid-chest: We are told that Mr. Cool forgot his tie. If you are a former President of the US staying in what must be the most expensive hotel in the city, isn’t it possible to send out for a wonderful selection of beautiful ties?

He wants to make sure that world Open Borders activists (and global corporations looking for cheap labor) wouldn’t run out of reasons to tear down borders to the first world (if Islamic conflicts fail to do a good enough job).

Obama talked extensively in the speech about the impact of warming, while several reports lately say the earth is entering a cooling period.  So which is it?

Below is some of what Obama said in what some, here are calling a “contradictory speech.”

From the UK Independent:

Climate change could produce a refugee crisis that is “unprecedented in human history”, Barack Obama has warned as he stressed global warming was the most pressing issue of the age.

Speaking at an international food conference in Milan, the former US President said rising temperatures were already making it more difficult to grow crops and rising food prices were “leading to political instability”.

“Floods on sunny days”—bad, very bad….

He said the United States was currently experiencing “floods on sunny days”, increased wildfires and, in Alaska, increased coastal erosion as the ice melts and no country was “immune” to the problem.

Climate refugees on the march….

If world leaders put aside “parochial interests” and took action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by enough to restrict the rise to one or two degrees Celsius, then humanity would probably be able to cope. [So, might we shut up about this issue if sunspot activity and natural cycles restrict the rise to one or two degrees?—ed]

Failing to do this, Mr Obama warned, increased the risk of “catastrophic” effects in the future, “not only real threats to food security, but also increases in conflict as a consequence of scarcity and greater refugee and migration patterns”.

“If those rain patterns change, then you could see hundreds of millions of people who suddenly find themselves unable to feed themselves, because they’re already at subsistence levels.

“And the amount of migration, the number of refugees that could be resulting from something like that, would be unprecedented in human history.”

Dare I mention the scientific notion of carrying capacity and that a population die-off might be mother earth’s way of staying in balance (okay stone me!).

Continue reading here.

I have a ‘Climate Refugees’ category with 49 previous posts on the topic, here.  I don’t know if they have settled their differences, but early-on the climate refugee agitators were at odds with the ‘humanitarian’ refugee agitators over the use of the word “refugee.”  ‘Humanitarians’ were angered by environmentalists stealing the word that they had over decades built up as one that invokes warm and fuzzy feelings among people who know nothing.

21 Responses to “Mr. Cool goes to Milan, is paid millions to announce that “climate refugees” will flood the first world”

  1. Nawfal said

    How is it that this criminal Obama, is even walking around free? How many crimes against humanity does it take to put a scumbag in jail? Maybe he’s just special. He’s Teflon—because NO crimes stick on this variety of scumbag!


  2. tlarremore said

    There comes a time when those who continue to hide themselves from what they are, can no longer differentiate between the masquerade and what lies within it. To quote Nathaniel Hawthorne, “No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself, and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be true”


  3. Daffy Duck said

    A million or so of them, billions of us, but we don’t have a clue.


  4. Don McCoy said

    Obama is a boob. The refugees are already flooding the first world…but not as a result of his fallacious climate-disaster story. It’s a deluge of evil, hateful Muslims and they’re MUCH MUCH MUCH worse than any climate refugees would be–had they been real. Thanks for sitting by and letting this disaster develop for 8 years, jackass.


  5. What’s that with the buttons open on the shirt? Does he think he’s John Travolta in Sat Night Fever? Sheesh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ann Corcoran said

      See another commenter here who says it has to do with signaling to his Muslim pals.


    • Obama’s partly open, tieless shirt not only has to do with signaling his Muslim pals, but also to remind fellow attendees of the imminent danger of “global warming” aka “climate change”.
      Climate change is a natural, cyclic event .. Human activity has very little effect on the Earth’s climate (around 2%). The global warming myth’s also being used in an attempt to establish a New World Order dictatorship, with a one world religion.


  6. Flagrantly omitting a tie is a dog-whistle to his fellow Muslims. Devout Muslims do not wear ties because ties originated with the Christian knights of the Crusades, who wore cloths given to them by their wives and girlfriends as mementos.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. nafbpo7 said

    Flies to Milan in a carbon burning private jet. Once in Milan, Obama and his mob climb into 14 vehicles, and head to the hotel. Lots of police escort, including a carbon burning helicopter.

    I’ll bet Obama is buddies with Leonardo DiCaprio!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. pcockroft said

    Has Obama ever farmed or grown any food beside maybe pot? Warm, sunny days are needed for food production and we do need water from irrigation so maybe melting snow is a good thing. He should speak on something he has knowledge like golf and basketball as he is clearly out of here a league in growing produce. AND he should pay for disease control ( millions) in those states his programs have become too expensive to maintain and affect the health of all Americans. Please deport these people as there is no love lost of them for America.


  9. He looks like a lounge lizard cheeseball, though the media was partly right. His style IS Italian, like a low ranking “cappo” in the mob: Guidobama. He just needs a big shiny gold plated necklace to complete the look. As for his theory that third world invaders will flock to cooler climates due to global warming, I say great, we should start shipping them to the Antartic as soon as possible.


  10. $3 million??? …and he can’t manage a tie? This guy’s narcissism knows no bounds. Furthermore, his “sky is falling” message is bs. Seems to me the people fighting for food in Venezuela are not suffering from climate change, rather a corrupt socialist government. I’m with you, Ann — a die-off is called for, starting with politicians and globalists.


  11. paleodrone said

    ‘Bama goes Borat?


  12. Camille Patterson said

    Funny you should mention carrying capacity! My family lives in Maine & we’ve studied forestry & conservation. We KNOW FOR A FACT that if there are too many animals in 1 area of 1 species, they die off. It’s simple fact & nothing will change that. Even man’s best innovations will not stop a die-off once the whole world is engulfed with too many people. (If the UN were smart & wanted to use something to enact their Agenda 21/2030, they should NOT have used global warming, proven false. They should use the over-population of the world to enact it. But, they are so short-sighted & it wouldn’t be PC for them to do THAT!) When will people realize they can’t continue to procreate as they are doing & still have quality of life & plenty of food? Instead of taxing everyone regarding climate change, which will help no one except the globalists/elitists… why not put a birth limit on people until we re-stabilize? It’s UNSUSTAINABLE to continue this outrageous population growth. I hate to say this, because in public I’d automatically be called a racist, but…. White people have learned & are not reproducing at unsustainable levels. It’s only non-whites who have not learned this lesson. Maybe they should be forced to take some conservation lessons?

    On Thu, May 11, 2017 at 8:05 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Changing the subject? Just in case Islam-generated > conflicts run out of steam in the Middle East and Africa, Barack Obama > crossed the Atlantic to collect a speaking fee reportedly in the $3 million > range to pronounce that, as a result of global warming” >


    • Ann Corcoran said

      The problem is that smart (supposedly!) white people are dutifully having 1.5 kids and the Africans are having 6 plus. The math is pretty easy to figure!


  13. Is Obama’s Foundation Following the Clinton Foundation’s Steps in Possibly Skirting IRS Law?


  14. Behind a Bill Clinton speaking engagement: A $1,400 hotel phone bill and $700 dinner for two – LA Times


  15. Obama Climate Change Speech Earns $3.26 Million for Personal Foundation – Breitbart via @BreitbartNews


  16. so different than the 3 million we pay for Trump and cohorts to spend at Key Largo. Obama still the great leader in spite of racist criticism.


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