Hijrah documentary, get it!

You may recognize the name Paul Nehlen because he attempted to save Congress (and us!)  from Speaker Paul Ryan by running against him in Wisconsin in 2016.

He is now attempting to alert America to the concept of Hijrah, the Islamic doctrine of jihad by immigration.

Please consider purchasing his documentary film (here) to encourage the continued education of the American public, your friends and family to the concept of a longterm, quiet invasion of the West.

Reader Brenda forwarded the latest trailer which includes a snip from one of my videos.  Go here or see it below.


6 thoughts on “Hijrah documentary, get it!

  1. Too bad some of these sites don’t include ordering info to mail a check or M.O. I don’t have credit cards or Pay Pal. So I guess they miss out.


  2. Every State in the Union should be REQUIRED to publish, for the public good this information – in fact EVERY country in the West should be required to warn their inhabitants of the threat of this occurring. This threat of Hijra is tantamount to being a declaration of holy (unholy?) war and the sooner we defend ourselves the better. As readers of this site will already know this threat has been clear to us all for many-a-long year. Thank goodness the worm is turning.


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