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Temporary Ebola ‘refugees’ to be sent back to Africa (maybe)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 17, 2017

I recently reported on our ‘Temporary Protected Status‘ program which allows migrants who got in to the US through some other means to legally stay if some big catastrophe happens in their home country while they are here (sometimes illegally!).  As I write, demonstrations are being held around the US in an effort to keep Haitians here, but another TPS designation is about to expire and that is the one for Ebola ‘refugees’ from the Obama 2014 TPS designation.

Here is the news from AP at US News:

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Hundreds of people living in Minnesota are expected to lose the temporary immigration status they were given when the Ebola epidemic hit three West African countries three years ago.

Ebola epicenter. BTW, we allowed Liberians to stay here for years and years under another TPS designation when they had a civil war. My question is this: why are civil wars around the world our problem?

The Homeland Security Department granted temporary protected status to about 5,000 West Africans in 2014, allowing residents from the most impacted countries to live and work in the U.S. legally until the outbreak was contained, Minnesota Public Radio reported ( ).

In 2016, the countries were declared Ebola-free. The temporary immigration status was originally issued for an 18-month period, but it got two six-month extensions, with the last one ending this Sunday.

Advocates say Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are still recovering from the outbreak, so it’s not safe to go home yet.

But others say programs designed to be temporary should end.

I will be shocked if the Trump Administration actually sends these fake refugees back to Africa.  This program is one of the most abused of our LEGAL immigration programs!

6 Responses to “Temporary Ebola ‘refugees’ to be sent back to Africa (maybe)”

  1. Tom Steele said

    They are not “fake refugees”. They are people who have been allowed to remain on a temporary basis out of humanitarian concern. Try to imagine your house on fire and someone is forcing you to go back inside. On the most part, the people of the United States have a tradition of doing the right thing.


  2. sodiumpen said

    As of this past Saturday 5/13, 11 suspected Ebola cases and 2 deaths have been reported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Watch that be used as a reason to delay any returns from the USA even as the country is at a distance from the prior outbreak countries.

    Also, should the Ebola cases mushroom into an epidemic like that seen in Western Africa – expect more to seek residency in the USA.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      We are taking huge numbers of refugees from the DR Congo at this moment. So sure hope they are well-screened.


  3. nafbpo7 said

    Alien smugglers love the TPS program. Once citizens of a country are deemed eligible, the smugglers run to the country, and encourage the people to let them help $$$$$ get them to the U.S..

    I’ve seen them recruit in the villages. They bring literature from Disney, and show them all the fun they will have in America, plus employment authorization, and a social security account!




  5. TwoLaine said

    -5000 = WINNING



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