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Repost: Comey tells Senate that FBI looking at 2,000 cases of US links to foreign terrorists, 300 are REFUGEES

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 19, 2017

Washington is all a tither this morning about how now former FBI Director James Comey might make a reappearance on The Hill next week.

So, lest you forget, the man of the hour, the day, the week, hell, the century! James Comey said this on his last visit to the Senate.   Any chance that Senators McCain, Graham, Rubio, Lee, Tillis or Lankford will ask about this bombshell from his previous testimony? Don’t hold your breath!  (Below is a repost from May 9th! Written earlier in the same day that Comey was fired.)

FBI looking at 2,000 cases of US links to foreign terrorists, 300 are REFUGEES

Just when you thought you had had it with FBI Director Comey he admits something that you would never expect a politically-correct Washington insider to reveal.

Comey grilled on the Hill: All they ever want to hear from Comey is information about Hillary Trump and how the Russians elected Trump. No mention that I’ve seen anywhere, except from Mark Krikorian, about the stunning news that 300 refugees are being watched.

Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee last Wednesday, Director Comey said in response to questioning by Senator Thom Tillis of NC about those being watched by the FBI who are in contact with foreign terrorists (from a transcript published by the WaPo):

Then we have another big group of people that we’re looking at who we see some contact with foreign terrorists. So you take that 2,000 plus cases, about 300 of them are people who came to the United States as refugees.

As far as I know no reporter has mentioned this stunning news.  Mark Krikorian, Director of the Center for Immigration Studies caught it though and published the revelation at National Review Online here yesterday.

Krikorian reminds us that Comey had testified to Congress on more than one occasion where he admitted that there is no way to thoroughly screen refugees from failed states like Syria and Somalia.


So 15 percent of the FBI’s terrorism cases are refugees – far more than their share of the immigrant population, let alone the general population. And that denominator of 2,000 presumably includes people with no immigration nexus at all – skinheads, antifa, Klan, environmental and animal rights extremists, et al. So the refugee share of immigration-related terrorism investigations is more than 15 percent, perhaps much more.

Krikorian goes on to argue that, except for a few special cases, we should help legitimate refugees where they are in the world and not risk bringing them to your town and mine.

Read all of Krikorian’s post here.

12 Responses to “Repost: Comey tells Senate that FBI looking at 2,000 cases of US links to foreign terrorists, 300 are REFUGEES”

  1. Comey Investigated Clintons Four Times: Let Them Off Each Time While He and His Family Benefited from Clinton Related Work


  2. domstudent11 said

    The best thing for Trump would be to get on with his agenda (cutting taxes, building the wall, repealing Obamacare) which means that Congress needs to get off their lazy butts and start working. It is over 4 months since the election, and Republicans are still acting like the minority party. I have sent Paul Ryan several emails on his “Speaker” contact form and I suggest that others do the same. The message should be “Get moving!” and “Support our president!” Rush LImbaugh made the best comment last week about Republicans: “Their balls are so tiny, they don’t even need to wear jockstraps when they run out to jog.” It is time for tiny-balls Republicans to get a pair (as they say).


  3. 26-year-old Muslim migrant in Germany gets 5-year sentence for brutal anal rape of elderly woman via @pamelageller


  4. rhodag4 said

    To: Senator James:Did You Know? Grass Roots American Patriots Are ‘Full Aware of The Evil One World Order’ and “The Agenda of Evil Traitors Who Live in Republican Bodies with Their Evil Souls.’ We could all say: Shame On You – but it will go to no purpose, for ‘Your Entire Soul’ has been sold to the Devil (soros – rothchilds – goldman sachs – rockefellers – shadow company- et al) and the Evil Agenda for A One World Order. The Force and Push for Islam is in truth: “All About A One World Order which Islam and Their Evil Ideologies are Being Used For Domination of Organizations and Banks of The United States Corporation and Become Dictators and Tyrants – “You Literally “EAT” People – WE KNOW!! We are and will “Defy Your Gravity Against Our Nation and Liberty! The Fight ‘For’ Our United States of America and Our Liberty IS IN YOUR FACE. DO YOU SEE YOUR OWN EVIL SOUL CRYING OUT FROM YOUR OWN FAMILY AND LOVED ONES FOR ‘THEY’ KNOW THAT YOUR SOUL IS BEING ‘EATEN AWAY.’ WE KNOW AND GOD IS WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will You Repent and Stop the Evil Rampage for Islam ideologies (NOT REFUGEES) upon our Liberty and Constitution????????? Pray to God and to all of your family who have past away – but “See Your Evil Soul!” You are ‘Eating” Your Own Family and Loved Ones. Time is Fleeting!!!!!!!!!!! Rhoda Gelman




  6. Comey is a sniveling weasel who padded his butt with the go along with Lynch story in regard to Clinton. He knew Lynch had his back because he knew Lynch did not want Clinton charged. Comey kept up the Russian Fake Caper to insure himself against Trump.

    Trump waited patiently for an appropriate time, got Comey to say there was no investigation and then fired Comey. That is why Comey thought he was golden. That is why Comey thought it was a gag at first. Trump caught the weasel without any clout and no reason to be threatened for firing Comey during an active investigation. Brilliant!

    If the special prosecutor turns up a “no bill” for prosecution, the Marxists best find a hole to crawl into. It won’t be pretty.


  7. 10 Major FBI Scandals on Comey’s Watch


  8. WHO would believe J EDGAR COMEY ? WHY are you representing ANYTHING from him, as factual IN ANY WAY ?

    HE IS GONE, & GOOD RIDDANCE, and hopefully, soon to be in a Federal jail near you !

    But then you probably like Mueller ?

    Russia Special Counsel Mueller Worked with Radical Islamic Groups to Purge Anti-Terrorism Training Material Offensive to Muslims – Judicial Watch


  9. Call President Trump…STOP importing “refugees”…….
    President Trump has restarted the White House comment line, which had been shut off since late last year under President Obama.

    The phone line, 202-456-1111, was working again Thursday for people to leave messages for the president. Typically it’s staffed with volunteers.


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