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A heroine for our times: Trump should invite Polish Prime Minister to White House!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 26, 2017

If Donald Trump (the real Donald Trump ) is still a free man!, he should invite Beata Szydło to a meeting in the Oval Office followed by a lavish state dinner at the White House.

He would send a message to the wimps in Europe, to the cheapskates at NATO, and remind voters here of his promises to keep America safe (not to mention thrilling hardworking/patriotic Polish Americans!).

Did you know that RRW has a facebook page?  It has 44,000 likes and this simple message, as of this morning, has reached over 50,000 people.  I have to admit (and apologize) that I stink at commenting and responding to comments, but I truly appreciate all of you who forward my page to your friends.

This (below) is a screenshot of the message that had been up for 24 hours as of last night when I captured it.  Thanks to whoever it was that drafted the message that has been making the rounds on twitter and facebook.



My complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive is here.

4 Responses to “A heroine for our times: Trump should invite Polish Prime Minister to White House!”

  1. Prime Minister Szydlo seems to have her head on right. Yep, I would love to see her meet with Prez Donald in the White House. She is capable of inspiring the Western world to set new and realistic standards in its policies toward the Muslim world.


  2. FYI, PM Szydło’s son Tymoteusz Szydło FSSP, will be ordained tomorrow and will offer his First Mass on the 4th of June 2017.

    Please keep him in your prayers.


  3. misterpaul5a said

    What a super person you really are Ann! For as long as I can remember I have been sending out warnings (to the few who would listen!) about the truth regarding the ‘Crusades’. Somehow the truth regarding this period in our history has been hijacked ( not meant to be a pun) by Islam. This has been one of their biggest lies – and goodness knows they have told enough lies – of course their ‘book’ is one of the biggest lies of all. The Crusades were a result of conquest from Islam who were the aggressors. I have pleaded that we in the West should just take a few minutes to red the truth which IS out there for those who are able to read (there must still be a FEW around) all laid out in very simple prose – which should be taught in EVERY school in the Western world – forthwith.


  4. She is very ANTI EU, while at the same time supporting THE USUAL Socialist economic policies for her own Country. Consider her 500+ programme will be her priority as Prime Minister. The programme was introduced on 1 April 2016, supplying families with 500PLN for every child, starting from the second child. It is intended to serve as a demographic stimulus, and enhance population growth.

    You could say that she enjoys the same, GENERAL politics of President Trump, but the reality is, IT ENDS SOMEWHERE AROUND HERE, where the Polish frontier meets RUSSIA.

    IF there ONLY MORE stronger, EU Country Powers like hers in this region and were part of our NATO ALLIANCE like Poland, AGAINST the RETRO Stalinist PUTIN.

    But alas, since these EU countries have been POUNDED by the USSR and RUSSIA FOR GENERATIONS, SO what can you expect ?

    These Countries enjoy ONLY a chimera of the Freedom AND WEALTH we have and it is only based upon the United States, and certainly NOT THEIR FAILED SOCIALIST POLITICS AND POLICIES.


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