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Pipeline disruption? LA Times adds a bit more information to the Trump refugee admission reversal

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 28, 2017

Go here to see what the LA Times is reporting about the stunning reversal on Thursday by the Trump State Department on refugee admissions where we learned that by September 30th we could see 70,000 refugees admitted to the US, in a year Trump initially said we would see a MORATORIUM. 70,000 is a number higher than five of Obama’s eight years!

Worried about not enough paying ‘clients’ in the pipeline to America! See how much of your money they get here:

Be sure to take note that it is Congress that is shoving money (your money) for refugees down the throats of the Administration.  I contend that the Administration has the power (but no will!) to reject it and tell Congress to rescind it (but that is a story for another day).

This is the bit of the LA Times story I wanted you to see. The refugee resettlement contractors are complaining that the “pipeline” abroad has been so severely interrupted that they might not get even 50,000 in FY18. Only urgent cases are being interviewed! Isn’t that what should be done?  Why are US taxpayers responsible for non-urgent cases?

“I worry the damage has been done internationally,” said Erol Kekic, executive director of the immigration and refugee program at Church World Service. “Agencies that do refugee processing have been so severely cut [including] staff laid off that even if the money is made available, it will take time.”


Experts are also concerned about the near-complete halt in interviews and screenings by the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security, which is required for refugees to complete the application process.

“Only people with urgent cases are being screened and interviewed,” Kekic said. “Unless we continue to add people to the pipeline, we aren’t certain if we will be able to even meet the level of 50,000 refugees entering the U.S. for fiscal year 2018.”

There is more here.

This entire system of refugee resettlement set up by the Refugee Act of 1980 should be scrapped.  Contractors like Kekic’s Church World Service are worried because they are paid by the head and must build their entire budgets (since it is largely funded by you) around the number of refugee clients in a “pipeline” to America.

There is never any incentive to moderate the flow when nine contractors are ‘bidding for bodies!’

My disappointment at the news, that Trump’s State Department has apparently caved to pressure and is opening the spigot wide for the remainder of the fiscal year, is primarily because this move signals that the Administration has no plans to lead a reform of the program in Congress.

Congress is never going to review, in any serious way, the program and change it significantly without leadership from the White House.

What can the White House do? The White House could have continued on its earlier course. A MORATORIUM placed on the program would be a strong incentive for Congress to finally, after 35 years, review the original law and scrap or re-write it.

And, remember this in the first EO, see here?

It is Section 5 (g):

(g) It is the policy of the executive branch that, to the extent permitted by law and as practicable, State and local jurisdictions be granted a role in the process of determining the placement or settlement in their jurisdictions of aliens eligible to be admitted to the United States as refugees. To that end, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall examine existing law to determine the extent to which, consistent with applicable law, State and local jurisdictions may have greater involvement in the process of determining the placement or resettlement of refugees in their jurisdictions, and shall devise a proposal to lawfully promote such involvement.

There is no longer any mention of impact on communities, states rights, cost to taxpayers, public health concerns, crime, security concerns, transparency, nothing!—nothing that motivated voters to work their butts off for Trump.

Sadly, we have been dragged into a debate framed solely on numbers.  Will it be 50,000, 60,000, 75,000, 100,000, more?

12 Responses to “Pipeline disruption? LA Times adds a bit more information to the Trump refugee admission reversal”

  1. I guess it’s time to look for more people supported by the Tea Party organization. The establishment says they can’t get anything done because they keep blocking them. If they are the majority, then we will get something done. We have tried to play fair, but there are too many people at the top that are corrupt or are afraid to do the right thing for the nation. They don’t want the mainstream press to make up lies about them. Remember when Gingrich wanted to starve children and Ryan wanted to throw grandma off the cliff? This was the Democrats fight song and they were all lies. They are doing it again. Newt is gone and there isn’t a leader with the backbone willing to stand up to them. Those with the backbone are NOT in leadership positions. I like Paul Ryan. He’s a good man and he brings something to the table, but that something has more to do with his skill in numbers, then it does in being tough. I was watching. I saw an interview with Rex Tillerson, and the way he responded to the Press. This is a man that doesn’t care about what the media has to say. You could see the disgust on his face when he walked out with one of the Russian representatives. He is a
    no-nonsense man who works to get things done. He works with the benefit of the nation first; wanting to fix the present to benefit our future. I like this guy. The Republicans in Congress need to watch him and learn. If they aren’t the kind of people who can stand up to these people, that includes people like Schumer & Pelosi, etc., they need to go home and stay there. Not everyone is cut out to be a leader.


    • Paul Ryan is a good man? I urge you to reconsider that after reviewing his record. He is NOT a “good” man. He can only be described as 1) incompetent and 2) corrupt. What is good about a man who refused to meet with families of those killed by illegal aliens? Paul Ryan was AWOL on any attempt, however reasonable, to reduce immigration, and owes fealty to his masters on K Street. That may explain why NumbersUSA has awarded Ryan a grade of F- for his refusal to stop fraud in visas, and worker replacement. Ryan is like so many in Congress: megalomaniacs who believe they represent the world’s population and not our own! This is the “good man” who is focused like a laser on jobs for foreigners, not Americans.

      Clearly you don’t know who Rex Tillerson is. You might want to read up. He helped destroy the Boy Scouts of America. He is an AGW convert to the religion of faux climate science, which we are told is the impetus for all those “refugees” and wants to include the U.S. in Paris Accords which will destroy, by conservative estimates, 6 million Americans’ jobs. I am not happy that such a man is Secretary of State. It’s very easy to ignore evidence when we want to believe Choice A is better than Choice B. The facts are that whomever the choice is, we continue to have an obligation to participate in and direct the efforts of OUR government on behalf of citizens. Better to recognize that Trump is imperfect, will make bad decisions, but was far better than Hillary. He must hear our voices on many issues, especially the dangers posed by terrorists posing as “refugees”.

      On the issue of immivasion, do not be deluded in believing that somehow Republicans are “better” than Democrats, or have our best interests at heart. Ron Johnson, the Republican senator from Wisconsin, who wants to overhaul our immigration system to allow states to determine how many “immigrants” they want on behalf of business, not citizens. Excuse me for this long reply, but too many posts I read demonstrate ignorance about immigration positions by elected politicians of both parties, and I can’t let this go. Republicans are part of the problem when they insist on considering the needs of donors and foreign constituencies in place of American citizens, to whom they owe their only allegiance!


  2. I’ve been preoccupied with Temporary Protective Status, which I realize is not the same as a “refugee” in the UNHCR. This program began in 1990, and has, like other admissions of foreign nationals, resulted in an ever-expanding pipeline of foreigners who come here on an 18 month pass, but because that 18 month renewal is on auto-pilot (thanks Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama), the foreigners in question become de facto permanent residents. It seems to be another path to permanent residency and eventual citizenship. These people are never, ever sent home and foreign countries now lobby to keep them here crying that returning them to their home country is a “hardship” because these foreign countries want to continue the flow of funds.

    My curiosity was piqued when I read that the Trump Administration has notified these TPS beneficiaries that they will be given 6 months to put their affairs in order and of course, now that they’ve been here for 5, 10 or in some cases 20+ years, they don’t want to leave and instead of being “grateful” are crying “foul”. Congress, more desirous of representing foreign citizens than American citizens, has introduced a bill to ensure the steady flow of cheap labor in this form, by removing executive privilege and jurisdiction over this program and making any changes subject to Congressional vote. Please write your representatives and tell them you want this program left under executive branch and/or collapsed and a number of countries’ citizens excluded (like Syrians and Yemenis, who present security threats).

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  3. Paula said

    Interesting Trump has flip flopped on this campaign promise. So easy to e- verify. Most of these Visa overstays are working here. The Feds don’t want reforms too much pressure from Lobbyist on both sides of the aisle. Most important though is economic growth, and deescalate US deeper longterm embroilment in the Middle East, good Night . I listening to classic Adagios to relax with. Usually heavy on the cell. I played violin for many years. Do you play music or when you were young? Like sports or other activities it required a lot of practice,

    Today, I thought most people don’t think of the true meaning of this holiday. I did a lot of family genealogy after my Aunt died allowing me access to family information. It amazed me that I have had some family member in every military conflict from the Revolution to Vietnam. Only war our families not involved in is the current Middle East mess. Your family fight in our American war or did your father fight in WW2 in Italy under fascism? It does say much about peace or the lack of it, and the existence of evil. This is the Lutheran in me feeling this negativity , and pure evil, which does exist. Your Catholicism has sure to reinforced the existence of Evil? You should still see that latest Scorsese film, looking at devotion, and ones inability and difficulty overcoming obstacles to faith. The cinematography and location made it better on a large movie screen, but it will still be good on view.

    Sent from my iPad

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  4. Fran Barnett said

    As just one person – what can I do to help stop all these refugees from being admitted? I forward your email to friends and want to take more action



  5. jw burns said

    Ann, so any response from any branch of government or are we in ‘let them eat cake’ mode? Looks like full capitulation the cheap labor lobby given the spike in H2B’s as well. It all started with caving on the budget.

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      It looks pretty bad right now. As I just said in response to another commenter, if Trump is silent now on this, it means he has capitulated.


  6. THE REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS don’t want the $pigot turned off…FACE IT !

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  7. These groups are HUMAN TRAFFICKERS. This is a sanitized form of SLAVERY.

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