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Remember! Memorial Day 2017

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 29, 2017

These Americans gave their lives to save England in World War II.  Will the Brits be clear-eyed and brave enough now to do what is necessary to save themselves from a different sort of enemy, an enemy within their gates?


US cemetery in Cambridge, England. 3,812 Americans are here.


13 Responses to “Remember! Memorial Day 2017”

  1. Meet the Obama Holdovers Who Survived Trump’s Sweep

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  2. If you read my most recent post, one will see my mother from South Korea, lived through World War II, where men gave their lives also in her country – as there are issues addressed under who “iKat Chronicles/GStreetJewels” is, or the source of my patriotism. That war was not exactly isolated, and my mother’s childhood was chaotic as a result. Perhaps if you followed your followers you too could learn something. Learning is a beautiful thing Ann.

    Your blog was sent to me by a friend who doesn’t live in the USA. When I said he’s a Godsend, I meant it. My last post explains a lot, including why I’m not on Facebook. It’s a rare piece of informative creativity.


  3. Just used the Clarion Project link provided by poster, Topassistant, to send emails to my state officials, regarding the Muslim Brotherhood being deemed a terrorist organization. Thanks for this!

    On England, seeing such a wonderful country fall to the PC agenda over the past decade has saddened me immensely. I was lucky to have visited there, in 2002, before all total hell broke loose. Maybe Prez Donald is enough of an austere and charismatic figure to win the trust of the Brits. Sometimes knowing that there is ample support can make all the difference in the stance a person/nation will take.

    I know for a fact that there are active Pro-Brit political factions over there, who are very involved in trying to keep England a Western culture. England needs a huge surge of this way of thinking.


  4. misterpaul5a said

    Ann, I have supported you and your aims for some considerable time. However, I MUST take issue with your statement about ‘Americans gave their lives to save England’ ? America did not join the war specifically to save English lives at all. English lives were sacrificed to defend WORLD freedom some considerable time before America joined the war. Of course it is inarguable that thousands of American lives were lost – and that was a colossal tragedy, but they were not given to ‘save England’ they were given to defend Democracy and save the lives of many nations of the world. One could argue indeed that England sacrificed the lives of their brave men and women to save America? Of course I would not make that claim, no more than you should make the claim that ‘Americans gave their lives to save ENGLAND. Secondly – ‘the enemy within OUR gates”? Come off it Ann. The American Government, FBI, CIA, State Department in particular is littered, no RIDDLED, with Muslim, Islamic, Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood moles at EVERY turn. Your last President, the Muslim Obama made sure of that. And as for Huma Abedin – my God! If you think WE have a problem – look to your own perilous situation – it is simply UNBELIEVABLE that the current President of your country has FAILED MISERABLY in his most sensible attempt to bring about a moratorium on UNDESIREABLES ( Muslims in particular!) flooding your great country. I certainly will always give my support, however trifling it may seem, to you and Americans to try and rid yourselves of the TRAITORS within YOUR WALLS – but I fear you have a much larger problem over there than we have here. I have on many occasions paraphrased Cicero in my warnings on many sites in his dissertation on traitors, although I have called them treasonous Muslims, which is most fitting. I wish you well.


  5. 7K Combat Boots Line Fort Bragg Field in Memory of Fallen Service Members | Fox News Insider


  6. Lest We Forget.


  7. Ann; To what degree are these numbers being dictated by the UN Commissioner on Refugees et al? Is our State Department rubber stamping these numbers or is DoS singularly responsible for the numbers spread? Thank you, Ken Benway


  8. topassistant said

    Do something meaningful this Memorial Day! Tell your elected officials – The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization!

    Complete the form and send emails to your two Senators and your House Representative. (NOTE: The Congressional system only accepts emails that include the information below, which is required to prepare your letter to them.)
    It takes less than a minute to make your voice count! Click the “Submit” button to preview the email before sending.
    Hamas, a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization, is an official wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. I am alarmed that the Muslim Brotherhood is not designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.
    The inconsistency allows the Muslim Brotherhood to legally operate within the United States and to even sponsor terrorism from American soil. The Justice Department proved that a charity named the Holy Land Foundation was a Brotherhood front and prosecuted it for financing Hamas. Other Muslim Brotherhood entities continue to operate.
    The Act contains irrefutable evidence proving that the Muslim Brotherhood meets the criteria of a Foreign Terrorist Organization. The British government completed a review in late 2015 that concluded that the Muslim Brotherhood is a deceptive organization that supports terrorism and is hostile to the West, including liberal democratic Muslims.
    The Act declares that Congress believes the Muslim Brotherhood qualifies for designation. It requires the Secretary of State to designate it accordingly or to present a detailed report addressing the evidence mentioned in the legislation within 60 days.
    As my Senator, I hope you will stand on the correct side of this issue.

    Please support the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act (S68).


    • Tell your politicians that if they love muslums so much they should GO THERE and STAY there.


    • I sent the email to my two worthless CA Senators & Rep which will do no good. Can you provide contacts to other agencies & the president’s staff directly to highlight these issues? Also I’d like to see you add CAIR to the list of terrorist orgs. CAIR is trying to teach Islam in our San Diego schools (SDUSD) and the lib-tarded school board has agreed. Some parents have banded together to sue the district into stopping this.

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