What not to tell the Canadian taxpayers about Syrian refugees

This is an excellent use of 6 minutes of your time!

I don’t know this program, but thank Paul for sending the youtube clip from The Rebel.

I’m guessing that what Faith Goldy learned about Canada’s new 40,000+ Syrian population applies to America’s flow as well.

We have followed Boy Trudeau’s rash Syrian resettlement program since it began in 2015, see our Canada archive for previous posts.

The Rebel learned that they can’t speak the language, that they are sick (TB!), and that they use large amounts of welfare because they aren’t finding work, but worst of all it was revealed that the documents, obtained by investigators, are littered with admonitions to not tell the taxpaying public the bad news!

If the video doesn’t play below, then watch it here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iqUq1Rmekw




4 thoughts on “What not to tell the Canadian taxpayers about Syrian refugees

  1. I have followed The Rebel off and on for years. They always manage to dig out the facts about what the government is trying to hide… and add a little satire at the same time. I’m sure that, as you said, the situation on this particular issue is the same on both sides of the border. But too many folks are like the three monkeys… see no evil, etc. America needs to wake up. Thanks for your work!



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