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Canada to expedite asylum claims from Yemen and Egypt

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 2, 2017

That is what Refugees Deeply is reporting here.  (To learn more about the pro-more-refugees site, go here.)

Trudeau and Trump earlier this year.

Obama junior (Justin Trudeau) is ‘welcoming’ the Muslim world to Canada while President Donald Trump has appealed the so-called travel ban case to the Supreme Court.

One of the countries whose citizens Trump would at least temporarily ban (as Trudeau welcomes them!) is Yemen.

Canada to Expedite Entry of Refugees From Yemen and Egypt

Canada has added war-torn Yemen and repressive Egypt to its fast-track asylum list. The inclusion of the two countries will mean swifter decisions on refugee status for nationals of those countries.

Egyptians and Yemenis seeking asylum will still have to secure a tourist or other visa to reach Canada and apply. It will mean a smaller hearing and quicker decision once they make it there.

Petra Molnar, a migration researcher, told the Middle East Eye that the expedited country list aims to recognize that conditions in certain countries may “require a faster processing.”

Canada’s existing expedited list includes Syria, Iraq and Eritrea, with Burundi and Afghanistan also expected to be added this month. [Yikes!–ed]

A claimant from one of the designated countries still has to prove his or her need for protection.

Yemen is in a state of civil war that has created one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters, with 19 million of its 28 million people in need of aid. Egypt under the government of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has locked up hundreds of thousands of people in a crackdown on all forms of opposition.

Readers, most of those al-Sisi is trying to control are the Muslim Brotherhood agitators.  The ‘Brothers’ are banned in Egypt.  At one point Donald Trump talked tough about banning them here as well.

I have 196 previous posts on Canada, go here to learn more about what is happening north of our unsecured border.

13 Responses to “Canada to expedite asylum claims from Yemen and Egypt”

  1. FatherJon said

    Funny old world, America arms the Saudis to destroy the Houthis of Yemen so as to expedite the flow of refugees to the meat-packing plants of Kansas and Arkansas. A combination of ‘push/pull’ factors.


  2. why don’t these so called refugees (invaders) forced to go to Oman or any other Muslim country that is not having any fighting? Canada and the U.S. doesn’t need them period.


    • budfundi said

      “Why”? Because it’s a deliberate invasion of islam into the West to destroy it. It’s that simple.


      • I will tell you why, because these neighboring muslim countries are not humane. My brother was in Oman and his residency kept getting rejected. My sister and her husband are staying with her in-laws in Saudi and its been almost a year without a visa (His family can’t sponsor them) they can’t even open a bank account. UAE only guarantees residency for the ones already here. I’ve been with my husband in Dubai for almost 6 years. just few months ago my Dubai residency was rejected because they thought I was out of the country. I can’t even get a visit visa for my parents (in their 60s) to come and have a break from the comings in Yemen.

        That is based on our experiences, others are not even able to do anything and stranded. We can’t control this war and we are stuck out of our homes. All of my family members are scattered and haven’t seen each other in years.

        So please be grateful for what you have and don’t shame us for something we have no control over.


  3. sturandot13 said

    So, to echo Ann for the umpteenth time, why are other countries’ civil wars OUR (or any other Western countries’) problem???!!!


  4. budfundi said

    Canadians will soon live (or die) regretting this move.


  5. Trudeau has intentionally set up Canada to become a sanctuary for terrorists from these countries. The bad thing about this is that it also makes the USA less secure b/c these “refugees” can so easily come over the border to the USA. Not only is he endangering his own citizens but the USA too. What is he thinking! Is Canada so rich that it can support all these refugees?
    Narcissist, ego maniac, and just plain stupid come to mind when you think of Trudeau.

    Liked by 2 people

    • It is not fair to label innocent people with terrorism just because they were forced out of their homes, lost their homes and families. Yemenis have civil issues which was intervened by other countries. How does that make the refugees terrorists?


  6. Jean Public said

    we need to ban canadians and investigate them before we let them in here from now on. the muslims continually enter a country and then leave to go where they want. they will not want to stay in cold weather. 


    • Somali refugees from Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Minnesota have been going to Canada, and they started bring them into Minnesota around 25 years ago. As long as they get what they DEMAND, they stay.One reason I moved out of Minnesota 6 years ago.


  7. southofcincy said

    Great. More being brought into North America. Trump better be hiring more BP agents for our northern border.


  8. Thanks for the post Ann. I’m Canadian and I appreciate the updates on what our former drama teacher turned Prime Minister is doing.




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