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Right Wing Watch: Ann Corcoran echoes Rep. Steve King on babies

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 3, 2017

Yes! Western conservative-minded women must have more babies! Lots more babies!  Demography is destiny!

Most of the educated women my age fell for the Left Wing activists’ admonition to have no more than 2 babies to save the planet—guess who didn’t listen?

LOL! Every time you hear Muslim political activists say that they are all for saving the environment and want global warming stopped, ask them if they plan to limit their family sizes!

Thanks to Right Wing Watch for getting my words out to a wider audience!  Of all the things I said in the interview with Sandy Rios on Friday, this is what stirs up the Left?  Seems to me that they better learn a little more about Islam and the Hijra.

Anti-Refugee Activist: Conservative Women ‘Better Have Babies’ To Prevent Sharia Takeover

Ann Corcoran, who heads the anti-refugee group Refugee Resettlement Watch, said in an interview with the American Family Association’s Sandy Rios this morning that she always tells conservative women that they had “better have babies” in order to prevent Muslims from constituting enough of the population to be able to “shove Sharia law down our throats.”

Right Wing Watch reporter Miranda Blue:

Rios, who is the American Family Association’s governmental affairs director and hosts a daily radio show on the group’s radio network, claimed that “many” Muslim refugees “are coming here for a purpose, and that is the purpose to overpopulate and dominate and really take over countries wherever they go eventually.” She cited a recent Pew report that found that Muslims are the world’s fastest-growing religious group in large part because “Muslims have more children than members of the seven other major religious groups.”

“The point is, we have to keep the long view on this, and the long view doesn’t look very good, does it?” Rios said.

Corcoran agreed that “it doesn’t look very good,” warning that “Europe is going down the tubes” and the United States could face a similar fate if the Muslim population isn’t limited.

“It doesn’t even require a majority-Muslim population, it only requires a percentage of somewhere around 10 percent to start pushing for all sorts of Sharia compliance by the general public,” she said. “And the way things are going, and the fear most Europeans have of speaking up about this—or even Americans have, to some degree, to less degree perhaps than the Europeans—they’re just going to be able to shove Sharia law down our throats as time goes on just because people are too fearful to speak up. And I always tell conservative young women, you’d better have babies.”

“Yeah, right, and lots of them,” Rios responded. “Lots of them.”

Corcoran’s comments recalled Iowa Rep. Steve King’s recent remark that we “can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

Steve King nailed it here (with his politically-incorrect truism) or their heads wouldn’t have exploded as they did!

Ms. Blue didn’t like my video in 2015 either, see here. Wow! I see this morning that it is at 2.9 million views!

What you can do:

People ask me all the time, what can they do to save America/Western Civilization (I just started a new category titled: What you can do).  Here is one more idea—encourage like-minded young women to have large families!  Make it a badge of honor. Or, if you don’t know any, at least talk openly/publicly about the subject of demographic destiny and the advance of Shariah law.

9 Responses to “Right Wing Watch: Ann Corcoran echoes Rep. Steve King on babies”

  1. I guess regardless of how sophisticated, advanced and tech savvy a nation is, it all comes down to numbers, when trying to save a civilization. I would also imagine that it isn’t just having the children that Westerners should be concerned about, but, also making sure that the children don’t become indoctrinated by the prevailing BS that the Left always promulgates.

    Inter-marriages amongst the future generations couldl be a HUGE problem, and as much it is hard to believe that Western women would find anything appealing about becoming a Muslim wife, it can and does happen. 😦 😦 😦

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  2. Hi Ann:

    Love your blog and really appreciate the work you are doing. I in turn am a long time member of Numbers USA and actively call my congressmen and senator when the need arises. Unfortunately I have horrible reps (Chicago Illinois)

    Anyways, I think there might be another way to arrest the decline of Western Civ in the US. There are academics who are looking at biological aspects of the demographics decline. One theory that is gaining a lot of traction presently is the r/K Selectivity reproduction strategy. So I am taking the liberty to provide you with a link. It definitely will be an enjoyable read.

    The long and short of the implications are that the more a country limits deficit spending (unlimited resources) the more it forces people to make responsible decisions. And the more people are forced to make responsible decisions, the more the problem rectifies itself.

    But in the mean time, please keep doing God’s work.


    S. Armaticus


  3. icthelite said

    The Caucasian of European origin has been in decline since the 60’s. It has been said that in order for this ethnic group to maintain it’s presence it would have had to reproduce at a rate of two and a half newborns per family but this all changed when households decided to have two wage earners. Women got tired of staying at home and playing the role of wife, mother, and home keeper. This was also about the time that moral values started their decline.
    It is said, from these same studies, that even if the Caucasian race started to reproduce at the above rate it still would not stop the decline and its eventual demise.The European Caucasian of the Western part of the world is doomed to extinction. It, like many other civilizations, will only be remembered in history books.


  4. I remember ZPG -Zero Population Growth –
    And is why I have no children. Masses of diseases famine ridden areas of the planet. I just learned this was aimed at middle class white people –
    Not India, China or Africa. Imagine that! Tie the most progressive country in earth and put out propaganda on them!
    Not cesspits of disease, poverty and ignorance. We are prosperous because we have limited breeding and other countries want what we have – and not assimilate. We don’t need Muslims with 4 wives here with 23 children collecting our charity and welfare then recreate the pissant cesspool from where they came!
    Great work Ann! Enjoy the blog!

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  5. On the surface this smacks of JINGOISM, if it were not so True that this is THE BATTLEGROUND, THAT EVERYONE CAN PARTICIPATE IN, WITHOUT GOVERNMENT ‘INTERFERENCE’…

    AND THAT WHITE STEVE KING is saying it !


    Obama: It’s ‘Inevitable’ That America Is Getting ‘Browner’ [VIDEO] via @dailycaller


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  6. FatherJon said

    Not just the West, Japan’s also facing a decline in births over deaths. But I somehow can’t see them altering their long-standing opposition against Muslims immigrating. That would just be cultural hari-kiri and they know that.

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