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WaPo: Just some guy who jumped out of a plane in North Carolina

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 3, 2017

WaPo: Ton Lon Sein just some random guy who doesn’t speak English

Just now I thought I would see if there is anything new about Tun Lon Sein, the Burmese refugee who arrived in North Carolina a week ago on a flight to America that originated in Thailand (there are UN camps for Burmese in Thailand), and who proceeded to jump out of a plane onto the tarmac in Charlotte after trying to bite a flight attendant attempting to restrain him.

WaPo reporter, Avi Selk, left out most important fact about Burmese biter in his story last week—he is a ‘screened refugee’ being resettled in NC by the US State Department through a contracted resettlement agency.

I guess they haven’t found an interpreter for his dialect and thus haven’t brought him before a  judge yet (let me know if you see that news), but I did spot this Washington Post article from May 27th with more details of his sprint across the tarmac.

Is he nuts, a criminal, or perhaps he simply didn’t want to be a refugee to America?

WaPo a day late and a dollar short!

What is missing from the WaPo account is something that was known to the local media published in Charlotte the day before the WaPo report—Sein is a refugee being resettled in the US by Episcopal Migration Ministries through the US (Trump) State Department.

Why did the WaPo reporter Avi Selk leave the all important ‘R’ word from his report? (Or did his editors?)  Didn’t he know how to use google? Instead his ‘news’ is fleshed-out with reports on other recent scary airline incidents with passengers.

For more on the Burmese refugee’s origins, see my report last week, here.

Now, see Selk’s story where you have to get to the very end to see any reference to the fact that Sein was from somewhere else in the world (Selk even had the affidavit that local media in Charlotte must have had!):

According to the affidavit, he was midway through a journey that began overseas and spoke “little or no English” during the incident.

So is it any wonder that the refugee industry activists are out telling anyone who will listen that refugees who have been screened-in to America, don’t commit crimes and are not terrorists? 

It is because the news they read (and watch) isn’t telling the whole truth (and if the activists know the truth they are hoping the general public doesn’t find out!).

And this is too juicy!  See the WaPo banner! Democracy Dies in Darkness! Wow!



Come-on WaPo, how about some serious, unbiased and truthful investigative work for a change!

For a little summer reading, see my ‘refugee crimes’ category with 2,101 posts extending back almost ten years!

6 Responses to “WaPo: Just some guy who jumped out of a plane in North Carolina”

  1. paper doll said

    For all we know some of these people could be kidnapped out of their own country…..there is a price on people’s head, the human trafficking industrial complex has quotas to fill


  2. Ann the local affiliate of EMM is Interfaith Refugee Ministry who resettles the Burmese. Our small town has seen enough killing. 2 years ago another refugee from Burma slaughtered 3 innocent children. But I agree with you Ann. The liberals don’t care if refugees kill their own just like the blacks don’t care if they kill their own. They only raise the noise if a conservative does it or a white person.


  3. Wow….Isn’t he a charmer ! and he BITES too.

    This guy was screened …..looks like extreme screening isn’t working.
    WaPo article doesn’t even mention he’s a REFUGEE.
    Our politicians must hate us to be unleashing these kinds of people on our communities all in the name of compassion. I don’t see this as compassionate towards our citizens.

    “Democracy Dies In Darkness”….indeed, because nobody asked us if we want these refugees & we are also kept in the dark about the process — the coverup is obvious….and obviously we can’t trust the govt. to do vetting safely.
    Plus the distribution is punishing to Texas & California as we get the lion’s share while some states get ZERO.

    Tell the truth…would you want to live next door to this guy? You’d better speak up.

    Let’s just see if he gets deported….wanna bet?

    At least the meat packing plants are happy.


  4. TwoLaine said

    Remember the guy in NYC that walked away with a very heavy bucket of gold? Bet you didn’t hear that he’d been caught either. Or that he was previously deported x 4.

    22 JAN 2017

    This is maintained by a mother whose child was murdered by an illegal.


  5. Vital work you are doing.


  6. WHAT ELSE is new from WAPO ?

    Just for the recent disclosure of CLASSIFIED information, on a regular basis, IT’S PROOF WAPO & THE DEMOCRATS WANT TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY .

    The New York Times Just Outed The CIA’s Top Iran Spy




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