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Advice to President Donald Trump from Conservative Review editor: Mr. President we need leadership!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 6, 2017

The time is now for the President to get his administration under control and to move on the one key issue that got him elected—his promise to control immigration and thus keep us safer.  He did not, first and foremost, get elected to unravel Obamacare or do tax reform, he got elected to be sure we don’t have a Manchester/London anywhere in America!

We need leadership now Mr. President

And, the way things are going (see Deep State undermining the President on refugees, here, yesterday), if we should have a terror attack (the odds are pretty good that we will) anytime in his Presidential term, he will be blamed… 

….unless he takes some steps now ably outlined by Daniel Horowitz yesterday at Conservative Review.

Here are a few snips, but I want you to read it all! (Emphasis is mine)

“We stand with our European allies, but we will not walk in their footsteps and repeat their mistakes.” That is the message the president must convey to the American people in light of the growing Islamic insurgency in the West.

Like the story of the frog in gradually boiling water, we become acclimated to the most potent and dangerous absurdities foisted upon us by the political elite. No other generation of western leaders would have allowed the Islamic insurgency to fester within their own countries for this long and still remain willfully blind to the existential threat within their midst. Yet here we are, in the aftermath of the third major terror attack in England, and none of the western leaders are willing to confront the truth.

President Trump has come the closest to telling the truth, but unless he shows leadership beyond Twitter and hires staff and appoints cabinet members who share his values, the discernible policy outcomes of this administration will remain materially the same.

It’s time we recognize that the problem confronting Europe – one that is also rapidly growing in America – is not terrorism. It’s not Islamic terrorism, either. Terrorism is a tactic and the violent outcome of the problem. The source of the problem is a subversive culture of Islamic supremacism that rejects western civilization and is endemic to many (but not all) Muslims, not just a few. It is from this root that the deadly tactic of Islamic terror is cultivated. But if we tolerate the intolerant supremacist mindset and continue our suicidal immigration policies, we are merely chasing our tail combating the ubiquitous and unstoppable terrorism that flows from cultivating this culture on our soil.


This problem didn’t begin with ISIS; it’s been festering for several decades. At its core, this is an immigration problem, and second, it’s a problem of the Muslim Brotherhood/Saudi Arabia/Turkey funding of Islamic insurrection on western soil.


The Leftwing media is sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear what Comey will say against Trump this week (CNN even has a countdown clock!), but will any of them remember the most important part of the last official testimony Comey gave as FBI director?

Lest you think this problem is limited to Europe, remember that former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last month that there were 2,000-plus “violent extremist investigations” under way and that about 300 of them were refugees!


The president must lay this case before the American people in a series of prime-time speeches and demand action from Congress while promising to do everything he can administratively. He must follow up on his campaign promises not to focus on nation-building overseas, but on the homeland security problems right on our shores.

See Horowitz’s list of initiatives Trump should undertake, here.

Then this:

Finally, what we need from the president is leadership. Sending out a few tweets is not enough. He needs to be consistent, relentless, and specific and see his policies all the way through. He must get his entire administration on the same page and fire those who are unwilling to go along with his agenda. His united team should then demand of congressional Republicans very specific legislation along the lines of the aforementioned principles. Then the president must sell them to the American people in a series of televised addresses.

Continue reading here.

You will be hearing more from me going forward on the specific legislation needed to scrap or reform the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.  But, I tell you that the Republican ‘leadership’ in Congress will not lead on this and will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to lift a finger to reform/re-write the Refugee Act of 1980.

In my view, there is only one thing the President can do to move Congress on the issue and that is to put a complete halt to the USRAP. He must set the refugee admissions level at zero! And, leave it there until reform measures are passed by Congress!

And, here is the truth:  if he makes no move along those lines, or the additional lines addressed by Horowitz, he will be blamed for a Manchester in America (not Ryan, not McConnell, not the refugee contractors, not the ‘deep state’ blocking his moves, not the media or the Leftwing).

The blame will be on DJT exclusively.

If he visibly fights now and makes it clear who exactly is working to undermine our safety and our cultural identity, should (God forbid) a terrorist attack happen, the citizens of America will know he was trying to protect us.  Right now, I’m not so sure he is!

12 Responses to “Advice to President Donald Trump from Conservative Review editor: Mr. President we need leadership!”

  1. budfundi said

    I don’t understand the vitriol against Trump and the harping he’s had to endure all while he’s trying his best to control immigration. The COURTS and the GOP are slamming the door in his face and people are blaming “him”??? How does THAT work?

    How about folks write congress, the house, AND theSCOTUS and bust THEIR butts, instead!

    There is only ONE option that he CAN do and no one will like it – martial law! Is that what we want to push him toward? Because that’s what’s going to happen if this crap continues…


    • icthelite said

      Trump has approached this problem from only one front, banning travelers from terrorist hot spots. He could have easily stopped the invasion by recapping #44’s plan with an EO lowering the cap from 110k down to 50k for the remainder of this fiscal year and completely shutting it down to ZERO for future years until a better background check program was adopted. Right now he’s burning our tax dollars by going through the court system.
      Kill future appeals to higher courts and sign an effective EO! Get the job done.


      • Ann Corcoran said

        As I have said many times, he didn’t even need an EO to simply slow or stop the flow for the remainder of the FY.


      • budfundi said

        Perhaps so. But I don’t think anyone could have foreseen “so-called judges” circumventing the very Constitution they were sworn to uphold.

        IMHO, Trump took the first and only guaranteed way within the powers he held to prevent entry available to him at that time. While I will neither defend nor condemn his actions, hindsight is always 20/20.

        As you say, there were other means available; and there still are. But “other means” provide other obstacles, as well. Some more questionable than others.There are many ways to “skin a cat”, per se… Few, however, are airtight.

        If it were me and had I anticipated this result, I would have shut down ALL ENTRY from a much larger list which included non-Moslem nations, as well. I’d have added Venezuela, Columbia, Chechnia, and a host of others, that would have left far less wiggle room for these liberal courts to object to.

        Invoking the McCarran–Walter Act of 1952 could have been done at the same time as the amended “immigration ban” Trump submitted to “please the court.

        Let’s face it, he’ll be stonewalled no matter what he does, no matter how many EO’s he signs, so this discussion is pure academics as there is no pleasing the liberals.


        • Ann Corcoran said

          Again,he could have simply slowed the refugee flow through his existing authority because the refugees come from all nationalities and all religions. By putting the refugee ceiling issue in with the six (originally seven ) country ban from Muslim countries he inextricably mixed two issues. I only hope he has lawyers smart enough (and willing enough) to separate the two before the Supreme Court.


          • budfundi said

            I’m sure he could, and probably will, now that he sees what he’s up against.
            And since CAIR is behind much of this “lawfare” and liberal bankrolling, not to mention Soros’, he also needs to designate the MB as a terrorist supporting organization; much like other Arab and mozlem nations have done if any of this is to be resolved politically. If not, we’ll soon be in a full-blown civil war (we’re not far from it now).


  2. That is a good move, but there is great danger from the refugees and the children of past refugees already here. Trump must block funding of mosques and educational institutions by extremist Muslim states, groups or individuals and ban foreign clergy with extremist ideas. Close monitoring of foreign students is also necessary. If an attack comes from someone other than a refugee, liberals will claim that a refugee ban did no good.


  3. Thim Page said

    We would have been better off with lying Ted. We made a mistake. Obviously, he lied to us.


  4. Cathy Keim said

    Amen, Ann. You are right on target as usual.


  5. Agree 100%. Immigration & Refugee Halt is Job #1.


  6. Tell us, Ann, has your Government lobbying experience and your hubby’s stint in the EPA as a lawyer, somehow, left you not recalling how Government works ?

    This ANTI TRUMP RANTING is affecting your mission negatively.


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