Is State Department refugee data being manipulated? Why are CEILING numbers missing?

Bill Frelick of Human Rights Watch: “…there is no requirement that the U.S. resettle a single refugee….”

Readers, more important, in my opinion, than the so-called ‘travel ban’ portion of the Trump Executive Orders held up in our power-hungry court system, is the issue of the President’s power to set the CEILING on refugee admissions for the year.

My contention is that he has the right to set the CEILING and change the CEILING without any Executive Order. 

The Refugee Act of 1980 says only that he must “consult” with Congress on an annual determination.  If he changes the number throughout the year (the law envisions a wish to increase the number and is silent on the issue of decreasing it) he must notify Congress.

Since the number set annually is a CEILING (not a target), then there would be no need to even announce any lowering of the number during the year, nor would there have been a need to address a procedure for lowering the incoming numbers in the original law. The Dept. of State and Homeland Security would simply just bring in fewer numbers.

The dirty little secret is that for years, the refugee industry has tried to turn the CEILING in to a target, but at least Frelick is honest.

Frelick of Human Rights Watch (a pro refugee organization) knows that this garbage (the Buffalo story mentioned it again) we keep seeing that there is a minimum 50,000 refugees required under the Act is inaccurate, see what he said here.

It’s the media, the contractors, and the bureaucrat holdovers who are busy bluffing the White House by counting on the fact that no one there understands the program and its history!

And, now as for the missing CEILING data…..

I’ve been following the program since 2007 and Presidents have never reached the CEILING in those years.  Obama came pretty close several times, but he was under the ceiling—by huge numbers—in two years in particular.

See this chart (below) from Wrapsnet for 2006-2016.  Pay close attention to the columns for CEILING and the ultimate admission numbers. See the gap!  It varies from year to year under the CEILING.




In FY11 Obama set the ceiling at 80,000 and came in with 56,424 (a shortfall of 23,576).

In FY12 Obama’s ceiling was 76,000 and he ultimately admitted 58,238 (a shortfall of 17,762).

Did anyone sue President Obama for leaving thousands “stranded in war-torn countries”? No!

There were NO lawsuits and no screams (at least in public!) from the contractors!

Look at this same chart for the end of March 2017 (at that point Wrapsnet still lists the last CEILING set by Obama (110,000) his highest ceiling by far). I discussed it here.



Now here is the chart for the end of April 2017.  I discussed it here.  See the note!  **FY2017 ceiling is currently in litigation.



Today, I decided to have a look at Trump’s numbers for May because of my earlier post today about the contractors getting excited by increasing numbers coming in, but what did I find when I checked this monthly update?

Can you see what is missing?



Incompetence or an effort to obscure the facts?

Did you see it? They have removed the CEILING column arguably the most useful number from this particular data base.

Why?  Is it a deliberate attempt to hide facts? Or, just some dumb mistake by an underling at the Refugee Processing Center (aka Wrapsnet)?  You decide.

And, one last thing, for a chuckle, note how extraordinarily high the numbers were for October, November, December of FY2017 compared to the previous ten years.  Do you think the outgoing Obama Admin. was in a hurry to pour as many refugees in to your towns and cities as they could before getting out of Dodge?  You betcha!

5 thoughts on “Is State Department refugee data being manipulated? Why are CEILING numbers missing?

  1. I called my Republican congressman’s office and spoke with his aid about immigration and he was saying that he thought we need more people. I disagreed of course and gave him reasons and asked him to talk to my congressman about ending the 1980 refugee bill. We Americans need to focus on the immigration issue. We need to stop it!

    I came across a New York Times article recently that says that the state department is planning to let in 1500 more so called refugees per week in to the United States….. Start a petition and……
    CALL your congressman to end the 1980 refugee act. They are being resettled by Catholic and Lutheran churches as well as other organizations getting your tax dollars to do so. These so called refugees are coming from Italy via Libya where Muslim terrorist are and some organization is paying for their boats and helping them to do so.

    Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs –


    1. If you use my search window for ‘Italy’ or the ‘Invasion of Europe’ you will see I write often about the invasion.


  2. Not incompetence. Deliberately omitted the column. You can’t make a mistake by changing the spreadsheet. The ceiling in litigation??? I thought the pause was in litigation. Apparently the whole Trump administration is in litigation if the Democrats had their way. Where isRex Tillerson? Where are the republicans? Where are our Reps on these and other issues. They are silent as crickets.
    I spent today calling my Reps to find out why nobody on Capital Hill is making any noise at all about the collusion by the Democrats, namely Hillary and Loretta and why they are not standing up for the President on the lack of evidence. We all need to reach our Reps by PHONE and find out why they are so silent on everything????


    1. Absolutely! Your Washington reps are the key to success or failure on the refugee issue (and just about everything else). It is they who are funding the high level of refugees Trump’s State Dept. has begun to admit.


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