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EU launches legal action against 3 countries refusing refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 14, 2017

Invasion of  Europe news….

President Trump is going to Poland on July 6th. Time could not be better! (Trump visiting PNA in September 2016.)

Here is a short bit at the Independent:

The European Commission says it is launching legal action against the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland for failing to take in refugees under a legally binding sharing plan agreed by the European Union.

The Commission said Tuesday in a statement that it has repeatedly urged the three countries to relocate refugees or at least pledge to do so.

But it said they have not taken action “in breach of their legal obligations,” and that it “has decided to launch infringement procedures” on Wednesday.

A longer article at The Guardian says this.  Sure looks like nobody wants to take in more refugees. Gee, I wonder why!

Out of 160,000 refugees due to be taken under the scheme agreed in 2015, only 20,869 have been relocated. In theory, countries can be fined for every refugee in the quota they fail to accept.

Lots of ‘fining’ coming soon….

Our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive is here.

12 Responses to “EU launches legal action against 3 countries refusing refugees”

  1. Well, I come originally from Germany and even though I miss my parents a lot, I am scared to visit them. Talking to my mom on skype, she confirmed, that they started building a new apartment complex next to theirs with only refugees in it. But here is why Germans have it so hard: because nobody can let go of what happened 70 years ago, and they still blame Germans who weren’t even born during that time. So out of shame or whatever they got told to take people into their country and repay for what happend long time ago. Even were I live now (in the US), I see more and more refugees and again I am scared, since I had really bad experiences while still living in Germany, and for a woman it is even worse, because they just see you as meat and grab you even in public and nobody will help you…… There are only a few people who see what’s coming…. others just close their eyes. Sad and scared…..

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  2. Definitely sounds like the timing is right for The Donald’s trip to Poland. Good for Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary for refusing to be intimidated, so far, by the a-hole EU. Beata Syzldo should be able to make a strong bond with The Donald, as well as with, Orban, in Hungary. The three of them could make a dynamic and virulent force than can influence the world.

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  3. jamesehorn said

    These three nations are sovereign states and some of the EU gestapo tactics need to be kicked back.


  4. Any wonder Brexit was so popular? (Rhetorical, of course.) I commend Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary for their principled anti-PC, anti-suicidal stance. At least these 3 EU countries are prepared to secure their citizens. Perhaps a Polzit, Czechzit and Hunzit is in the cards. Well past time. Germany and her dimwitted PC allies are destroying any hope for a restoration of EU. Right on!

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  5. They should be able to take into there country whoever they want or don’t want. I heard that Hungary has had a lot of Germans, French, and S. African (white) people who’ve been pushed out of there home countries by the muslims moving there, so they are taking European refugees. So if the rest of Europe wants muslims fine. Maybe everybody does want to be around them. I don’t. Its unfair to both groups to force it. Put the muslims w/ the elitists.

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  6. dotsword said

    …and Brexiters breathe a collective sigh of relief …..

    Absolutely ecstatic that Trump going to Poland !!! He could use some cheerleading & moral support from Orban


    • dotsword said

      oops, meant Beata Szydło – she’s one tough lady who’s been very outspoken on these refugees —

      but equally tough, Orban in Hungary – wish all our leaders could be as adament about protecting our country and OUR Culture!

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  7. TakeBackOurRepublic said

    This is what Europe should’ve expected when they put unelected bureaucrats in charge. The Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland appear to be the only countries who are willing to protect their citizens. Their response should be to immediately pull out of the EU.

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  8. thetinfoilhatsociety said

    What are they going to do, revoke their EU membership??? They need the money those countries contribute too desperately. Go ahead EU, keep stamping your feet and demanding. It’s working so well after all.

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  9. I reworked the Headline: “EU Launches Legal Action Against 3 Very Smart Countries Refusing Refugees”

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  10. The Simple Mathematics Of Muslim Immigration
    Muslims = Terrorism
    More Muslims = More Terrorism

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