Australian Prime Minister mocks Trump at journalist gathering in Canberra

Hey Malcolm, these mostly Muslim boat people are not our problem!

Check out the news here at Australia’s Nine News.

So here’s my idea!

Donald Trump could get the last laugh by cancelling the “dumb deal” Obama agreed to that would bring up to 1,250 of Australia’s unwanted so-called ‘refugees’, presently held in offshore detention facilities, to (your!) American towns.

Bringing them here would save Turnbull’s political neck, while American taxpayers foot the bill and risk our lives! Some deal!


See my post yesterday about the deal! (A deal implies both sides get something!).

Looking for something you can do? 

Contact the White House and tell them to scrap the “dumb deal” with Australia!

Click here.

Then tell your Congressman too!

2 thoughts on “Australian Prime Minister mocks Trump at journalist gathering in Canberra

  1. Turnbull’s attempt to parody Trump has backfired due to, perhaps surprisingly, the leftist media using the incident to embarrass Turnbull. Strange bedfellows indeed!
    Most people have dismissed it as a not unfriendly roast, including the US Ambassador and Trump’s coterie in Washington. But the media lefties here are digging in, using a rare and disingenuous concern for the Donald’s butt-hurt feelings. You really gotta larf!


  2. Sent the link to this post to the President. My words:

    Dear President Trump:

    Please, PLEASE, STOP this “dumb idea” (from the Obamanation) to take Australia’s unwanted illegal alien “refugees”. We DON’T want them here either!

    It looks like PM Turnbull has been getting quite a laugh at your expense. Well sir, I think YOU should have the last laugh. Tell PM Turnbull what he can do with his so-called “refugees”. Also, why are so-called “refugees” in Costa Rica the problem of the United States and its citizens??? Please stop THIS scam as well!

    Very truly yours…


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