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Refugees do NOT bring in more tax dollars than they consume in social services

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 15, 2017

This news was all over my alerts yesterday morning (one version of the story at Business Insider):

Study finds refugees actually pay the US government thousands more than they get from it

The glowing (and deceptive) report was clearly released now as a run-up to World Refugee Day next Tuesday and has probably been widely distributed on Capitol Hill by the legion of lobbyists for the refugee industry.

My reaction was that the conclusions fly in the face of all common sense.  And, LOL!, I wondered right away whether they included the costs to the criminal justice system.  Imagine how much those life prison terms of some refugee murderers and terrorists cost the American taxpayer!

Esar Met, a Burmese refugee raped and murdered a little girl in his apartment complex shortly after arriving in the US (he had surely not paid in any taxes yet!) and is doing life in prison. Someone with some economic training and the interest should figure out what it costs taxpayers for these expensive trials and life sentences. One of my many posts on Met is here:

So, I wondered if  there was a rebuttal and sure enough there is!

If you see the deceptive news published in your newspaper, you must respond with a ‘letter to the editor’ using key points of Jason Richwine’s rebuttal.  You can’t let their propaganda go unanswered.

The Center for Immigration Studies responded here this morning (emphasis is mine):

Refugees do not pay their own way

A working paper released this week by Notre Dame economists William Evans and Daniel Fitzgerald makes the head-scratching claim that refugees, despite below-average incomes and high rates of welfare use, pay $21,000 more in taxes than they receive in benefits during their first 20 years in the United States. Immigration-boosting wonks such as Matt Yglesias and Dylan Matthews immediately trumpeted the findings, and the Washington Post and FiveThirtyEight added favorable write-ups.

They should have been more skeptical. The claim that refugees contribute more in taxes than they receive in benefits is simply implausible.


So how does the Evans-Fitzgerald paper come to such an implausible result? First, the authors count all (or nearly all) taxes paid by refugees but reduce the services they receive to six social programs — cash welfare, SSI, Social Security, food stamps, Medicare, and Medicaid. All other costs that governments might incur from immigration — housing, infrastructure, education, law enforcement, and so on — do not count.

Second, they fail to adjust for the underreporting of those social programs…


Third, the paper excludes refugees’ minor children. When refugees cannot afford to provide food, housing, or medical care to their children, taxpayers foot the bill. Most of those costs are omitted.

Fourth, the authors restrict the refugee age range to 18-65, cutting off the analysis just before the age where most people stop working and begin participating in the nation’s costly retirement programs.

By the way, we bring in a significant number of refugees to the US over the age of 65 who immediately draw on SSI.

More here.

Don’t miss CIS’s previous detailed study of the cost of refugees to taxpayers, here.  Middle Easterners are especially expensive!

This is posted in my ‘What you can do’ category (created because new readers are asking).  If you see the deceptive report mentioned in your local newspaper do not let it go unanswered!  Send a letter to your member of  Congress too and tell him or her (in advance) to watch for the propaganda (Big Lie!) campaign about refugees supposedly adding to the US economy. (The cheap labor supply might add to the bottomline at Tyson Foods, but not to the overall economy!).

4 Responses to “Refugees do NOT bring in more tax dollars than they consume in social services”

  1. Has anyone figured out that this is part of their agenda, getting into prisons to teach them how to be a moslem?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Butlerson said

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for all of your hard work and information.

    I have been wondering and can’t remember if you have ever specifically said or not, how much of the problem with our supposedly dwindling Social Security is due to all of these refugees and migrants who are draining it and never putting anything into it. Do you have any information on that. I think that would be something very important to know for people since we are constantly told Social Security is going to disappear in some years. And I wonder how much of that is due to all of these people who have never paid a penny into it.

    Thanks, Jay

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ann Corcoran said

      Hi Jay, thanks… No, I have never seen such an analysis and unfortunately it is way over my pay grade to do such a thing. I think one of the hardest things any researcher would have to do is try to get anyone to tell the researcher the immigration status of those on SS. Even in highly public criminal cases the establishment media and authorities in most cases never reveal if someone is here as a refugee or arrived with some other legal program or are here illegally.

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  3. icthelite said

    OK, someone tell me, please, why these immigrants that are paying more in taxes than they get with our social programs, why are they still on government assistant? Why are they still getting our tax dollars? Is it maybe because the government sends the money to the resettlement organizations and they dole out what each immigrant should be getting?


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