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Refugee admissions not ramped-up yet

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 18, 2017

On the eve of President Trump’s return from his successful world tour, the Department of State sent out an e-mail (according to the New York Times, see my post here) that said refugee admissions would ramp up from an average of 900 a week to 1,500 a week.  Of course that news sent spasms of joy through the federal refugee contractors which get a big chunk of their budget based on the numbers of refugees they resettle.

Sec. of State Tillerson and Trump need to get loyal people in place in the Bureau of Population Refugees and Migration. They do not have to wait on an Asst. Secretary for PRM to be confirmed to begin to get the “Deep State” reined-in.

Once again, this is one reason the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program must be scrapped—it is built on a contractor run set-up where the supposed ‘charities’ must each year base their budget planning on numbers of refugees admitted, nevermind whether the number is beneficial for America or not.

So, these contractors*** are always pushing for more and more refugees (aka paying clients).

I just checked the numbers this morning from this day a week ago, and it appears that the DOS didn’t even reach the 900 level, let alone 1,500.

The number admitted this week from June 11th to June 18th is 822.

That puts the total admitted so far this fiscal year at 48,256—not far off the 50,000 Trump said he wants.

See my post here explaining why 50,000 is not much of a reduction anyway.

Broken record alert!  Trump did not even have to make any statement about reducing the Obama CEILING of 110,000 for this fiscal year, he had the power to simply slow the flow.  He can legally bring in any number UNDER 110,000.

The 110,000 is a CEILING not a TARGET! He could have stopped on inauguration day when the number was 30,122.

That would have kept the CEILING issue out of the clutches of our rogue courts!  The contractors have been agitating for years to turn the CEILING in to a TARGET and I fear that the courts could make that happen for them.

*** For new readers, these are the nine federal refugee contractors that monopolize the admissions program (and lobby Congress for more and more refugees!).


3 Responses to “Refugee admissions not ramped-up yet”

  1. jbusher said



  2. icthelite said

    Ok, I’m confused, still. I thought when the POTUS signed his “travel ban” there was a part that also limited the number of immigrants in for the remainder of this fiscal year from 110K to 50K and that part of the travel restriction order was left intact while the travel ban was not.
    I was thinking this meant the 50K cap was intended for all incoming immigrants not just those from countries posing a terrorist threat.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      There were two cases that were heard by the appeals courts (the Hawaii case and the Maryland case) and will go to Supreme Ct. The MD case left out the 50K ceiling issue but the Hawaii judge said that Trump could not lower the ceiling from 110,000. Trump made a huge mistake by including the ceiling which is for across the board immigration by refugees from all countries and all religions in the same EO as the travel ban. Go back to the post I mention about the NYTimes story. The DOS is saying that they have the money for around 75,000 this year (from Congress) and that the ceiling is still 110,000. Again, this is a CEILING not a Target but the contractors and the DOS are happy to muddy the waters for everyone (including Trump and his White House staff, I guess).


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