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VA Muslim murder case: “road rage” implies both sides were raging

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 21, 2017

Yesterday, I told you about the terrible murder of the Muslim teen girl in Virginia allegedly at the hands of one of the thousands of illegal alien Salvadoran men roaming American streets because Obama invited them in for the last 8 years.

The case does not involve refugees (I have no idea where the victim’s family is from, but the Left does want you to believe that the Salvadorans are all refugees).  It is the politics of the case and the media coverage, or lack of it (not mentioned at all yet that I know of in the mainstream media), is what makes the story one that I plan to follow.

Torres, an illegal alien from El Salvador is charged in the brutal murder of a Muslim teen. This would be a worldwide story if the alleged murderer was a white American.

My guess, as to why there isn’t any mainstream coverage, is that it puts the media Leftists in a very difficult place when one of their protected groups kills someone belonging to another of their allies.

Put simply, there is no Islamophobic Rightwing redneck American to blame here.

Update: Just as I am writing this, CNN has posted a story, but they do not mention Torres’ nationality or that he is here illegally!  Unbelievable! (Keep it up CNN—expose your bias!)

Put simply, there is no Rightwing redneck American to blame here.

(Be sure to see Leo Hohmann’s report here last night—story “dropped like a hot brick.”)

Now there are reports that the poor woman might not have been beaten unconscious where the “road rage” incident occurred, but might have been raped before being beaten to death by a Central American ‘dreamer.’

See Daily Beast story here.

The police insist on calling the incident, not a “hate crime” but a “road rage” incident, however, we have yet to hear what was  said on both sides that caused the deadly escalation.

From Buzzfeed yesterday:

Police are investigating whether 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen — who was beaten, kidnapped, and killed near her Virginia mosque on Sunday — was also raped.

Authorities found the Muslim teen’s body in a pond in Loudoun County, Virginia, on Sunday afternoon, a few miles from where police said Darwin Martinez Torres, an undocumented immigrant, allegedly chased and attacked her and around 15 other teenagers after a road rage incident. Police said Torres got out of his car wielding a baseball bat, struck Hassanen, kidnapped her, and killed her, before dumping her body.

Autopsy results show Hassanen suffered from blunt force trauma to the upper body.


The Daily Beast first reported that the possibility of rape was under investigation, and that police had found a pair of woman’s underwear near Hassanen’s body. Investigators are awaiting vaginal swab test results.

Wright would not confirm those details to BuzzFeed News, but said that officers collected “several articles of evidence” from the scene.


After a late-night trip to McDonald’s, Hassanen and her friends were heading back to the mosque where they had been observing Ramadan early on Sunday when a man in a beat-up red car came up behind them.

One of Hassanen’s friends, who was on a bike, got into an argument with the driver, whom police identified as Torres.

Torres then drove his car over a curb, scattering the group of about 15 boys and girls, police said on Monday night. When they regrouped at the All Dallas Area Muslim Society Center in Sterling at around 4 a.m., they realized that Hassanen was missing.

Police in Fairfax, Virginia, found her body in a nearby pond around 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.

I’m waiting to hear what was said on both sides of the “road rage incident.”

They say that her death “appears to be the result of a road rage incident.”

Police stressed for the second time that there is no evidence to suggest that her murder was a hate crime, and “there was no indication of any racial slurs,” Fairfax County Police Lt. Bryan Holland said. However, Fairfax County Prosecutor Ray Morrogh indicated that it was still early in the investigation to make that call.


ICE said it has no record of Torres before his arrest, indicating that he never had any legal status in the US and that he entered the country illegally. If Torres had a pending application for legal status, ICE would have a record of it, an immigration official told BuzzFeed News.  [How many more like Torres are out there?—ed]


“It appears suspect became so enraged in this traffic argument it escalated into deadly violence,” Parker explained.

It is still unclear what happened between the time Hassanen was first attacked and the recovery of her body, Wright said.

More here.

Moral of the story:  You can’t continue to pour alien cultures in to the US at a rapid rate and expect the mythical melting pot to work magic.  Just isn’t possible!

Correction:  ABC did mention the story (see here) but, like CNN, did not mention Torres’ illegal status.

3 Responses to “VA Muslim murder case: “road rage” implies both sides were raging”

  1. nafbpo7 said

    I was assigned to the INS Washington district office for over 13 years, beginning in 1988. Even back then the D.C. Metropolitan area was saturated with El Salvadoran aliens. The majority were under the “Temporary Protective Status” (TPS), another form of amnesty. I say this because I never once knew of a case where we deported or even removed voluntarily a single El Salvadoran. Unless they were criminally convicted, and the conviction met the criteria for aggravated, they stayed.

    TPS folks receive both work authorization and social security accounts. Even if they work on the books, they rarely make enough to pay taxes. They do know how to file income tax, because they can claim 15-30 exemptions under the Earned Income Tax credit, and collect a check in the thousands.

    During the nineties I heard that after San Salvador, the D.C. area was the second largest concentration of El Salvadorans. There are other big cities in El Salvador, besides San Salvador.

    The MS-13 gang is huge in this area, and I’m sure grew rapidly in size since Obamas open borders policies.

    All major American cities are crumbling do to poor local governing and non enforcement of immigration law.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, from 2003 – 2008 I had to travel from New Jersey to downtown DC a number of times. Once I got within 20 miles of DC there were 10 to 30 Hispanic men who I thought were Mexican hanging around on almost every street corner trying to get day labor work. At that point I knew that the illegal alien invasion war had been lost because the federal politicians did not even have enough energy to protect their own home turf of DC so I knew that federal politicians could care less about illegal aliens in the rest of the country.

      We need to have the opposite of the refugee importation act called the “Illegal Alien Deportation Through Bounty Hunters Act” mandating the removal of 1 million illegal aliens every year through bounty hunters at $1000 / illegal alien head and if that number is not met then the head of the Department of Homeland Security is to be automatically fired every year.


  2. tomasrose said

    this is so sickening. Really visceral, revolting. The left media has lost credibility because people know what is really going on. That is the ‘Pravda effect’. towards the end of the Soviet regime readers were not believing anything they read in Pravda; in fact they read ‘black’ when Pravda said ‘white’ and read ‘white’ when Pravda said ‘black’. That loss of media credibility contributed greatly to Trump’s victory. See, there really is a Russian connection with the election.


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