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Trump’s State Department slaps down Hungarian PM, supports George Soros

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 22, 2017

In one more example of the US State Department being run by the ‘Deep State,’ we learned on Monday that Sec. of State Tillerson has basically told Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to stand down in his efforts to expose Soros’ subversive influence in that country.

Big smooch from Sec. of State Tillerson to George Soros. Why is USDOS involved in Hungarian internal affairs?

Readers should know that Orban has become a leading champion for some in Europe for speaking forcefully and taking action to close his country’s borders to the invaders*** from the Middle East and Africa.

(Poland and the Czech Republic are doing the same in order to save their culture and economy.)

So, George Soros knows that Orban must be taken down.  (As many of you know Soros (aka György Schwartz ) was born to a Hungarian Jewish family in Budapest.)

Now, using his billions earned as a ruthless investor, he works to open borders worldwide and he hates Donald Trump, so one wonders why Trump’s State Department would even get involved in this Hungarian internal issue? Does  it all  boil down to the globalists’ desire  for open borders that Soros champions?

Frankly, this news is stunning! But, it fits what we already believe—that the ‘Deep State’ is still running the show at the DOS. See here when they pulled a trick on Trump’s White House while Trump was on his world tour last month.

Here is some of the story at the Washington Examiner (emphasis is mine):

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s spokesperson urged Hungarian leaders to scrap legislation mandating that Hungarian nonprofits supported by foreign contributors identify their donors. The bill is the latest development in nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s ongoing campaign against Soros, but his domestic and international critics regard it also as a step toward Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Hungary joined NATO in 1999, when Orban was in the midst of a four-year run as prime minister. Since returning to the post in 2010 the midst of an economic crisis that required an international bailout, Orban has had a fraught relationship with the European Union. The 2015 refugee crisis created additional strain, and human rights groups criticized his efforts to constrict the flow of asylum-seekers into Hungary.

President Trump should be inviting Viktor Orban to the White House for a state dinner, not using his DOS to slap him down in his battle with George Soros!

Orban responded by attacking Soros, a campaign that hasn’t ended. “There is an important element in public life in Hungary which is not transparent and not open — and that is the Soros network, with its mafia-style operation and its agentlike organizations,” he said in June.


The Hungarian leader’s skepticism of the EU and “globalist” refugee policies, perhaps aided by Soros’ status as a prominent progressive donor, has endeared him to some American conservatives who see a likeness to Trump.


Hungary also passed legislation designed to shutter Central European University, one of the most prominent institutions in the country, due to funding from Soros. But, though Orban has praised Trump, the new president’s administration opposed that bill and continued to criticize his hostility to the nonprofits.

Continue reading here.

“Hostility” toward nonprofits!  Is it hostile to demand to know who is funding the non-profits?

I want to know how much funding George Soros is giving to US refugee contractors and other Open borders agitation groups!

And, Hungarians have a right to know how Soros, an American, is secretly influencing their politics.

Come on Congress! How about a transparency law here in the US—call it the George Soros Transparency Act of 2017.

Afterthought!  While they are at it let’s have transparency about which Republicans in Congress are taking payola from Soros!

Go here for my complete archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe.’ It extends back many years.

7 Responses to “Trump’s State Department slaps down Hungarian PM, supports George Soros”

  1. CrossWare said

    The Hungarian law is based on the US Foreign Agent Registration Act, but with much less punishment (only fines) and much less is asked from any NGO: they have to publish who are their supporters. That is it! No other limitation. It is ironic how organizations like the Soros financed Transparency International is complaining when someone wants them to be “transparent”.


  2. thetinfoilhatsociety said

    Meh. So what. Hungary is their own nation, they will do what they want. Hopefully they understand the kabuki theater for what it is.


  3. cuchulaine said

    Soros, global court jester, in repose


  4. This is unnerving, kowtowing to Satan’s spawn, George “Sorry-Subhuman” Soros. I thought better of the President’s administration than this, as President Trump has been portrayed as an antiglobalist! Soros is the epitome of evil, the figure pushing the one-world government of Antichrist.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. budfundi said

    I just sent this to President Trump:

    “Mr. President;

    Rex Tillerson’s decision to lambaste Hungary’s Viktor Orban is an insult to all things civilized. Soros is an evil man and should be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned, not coddled, as is the case of Mr. Tillerson’s recent decisions.

    Soros is who’s funding the refugee programs, globally, and he needs to be stopped lest he turns our country into what Europe has become; a haven of crime and civil strife.

    Mr. President, I implore you to seek his replacement, forthwith.


    Liked by 4 people

    • CrossWare said

      Even more unnerving that the Hungarian law is the lightweight version of the US Foreign Agent Registration Act (with much less severe punishment than the US original, essentially it is just fines).
      Also it only asks to publish who supports an organization…


  6. Trump has allowed Clinton/Soros operatives to slither into and sabotage his administration. The US is committing war crime just by putting troops/planes inside Syria’s border. They are establishing the Precedent for Mexico/China or whomever to enter/occupy the US (Texas-California) as the Obama/Clinton/Soros “color revolution” gets underway. Donald Trump IS Bashar AlAssad as the exact same Players are perpetrating the exact same Coup here. The same accusations and staged provocations.
    For the first time in history the former POTUS refuses to exit the stage
    I was very interested in the satin purple Bill & Hillary wore at her “concession” speech ,
    it was so ODD, so PROMINENT and garish.
    So actually their choice of COLOR was a DECLARATION of WAR on America
    and a signal that THEY refuse to accept the election results as they DEMANDED Trump do.
    Did George Soros disclose his Nazi collaboration on his immigration papers?
    I guarantee he did NOT, because he would not have been admitted.
    Deport Soros & his SPAWN to their native Hungary (which has an arrest warrant out on him).

    Liked by 2 people

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