Human Rights Watch badgers Japan to take refugees….

….and join the union of nations experiencing Islamic terror attacks!

Well, they didn’t exactly say that, but that would be the ultimate result if Japan opened its borders to migrants from Africa and the Middle East.

Saving Japan for the Japanese!


Japan, along with a tiny handful of countries has made the decision to fight to maintain its unique JAPANESE culture (Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are most visibly fighting for the same thing!) against enormous pressure to invite in the third world .

Every few years (see my Japan archive), pressure builds  for the country to take in more than its present handful of refugees.  So here we go again!

From Human Rights Watch:

When looking for solutions to the global refugee crisis, Japan is often identified as a country that could do more. It contributes generously to the United Nations refugee agency but does very little in terms of recognizing asylum seekers in Japan or in resettling refugees stranded, often in terrible conditions, in Thailand, Lebanon, Kenya, Pakistan and elsewhere.

Hugh Williamson of Human Rights Watch

On a recent visit to Tokyo I raised this issue in meetings with members of both houses of parliament from the ruling coalition. We discussed resettlement. In each meeting, the most awkward moment came when I presented the politician with a list of countries that have resettled refugees, and how many they have accepted. The politician scanned the list, saw that other advanced economies had resettled many thousands of refugees, and noted that Japan’s total was less than 20 per year.

[LOL! I bet they scanned the list and made a mental note that most of the countries on the list are having more crimes and are battling Islamic terrorism while they, in Japan, live in relative peace!—ed]

The current government, like its predecessors, repeats the stance that Japan is not an “immigration country.”

HRW to Japan: you can’t just bring in a handful of Burmese, how about some Muslim Somalis, Syrians and Iraqis to make life more exciting! They have screwed up their own countries and they want a chance to screw up yours!

Hang in there Japan we are cheering for you! You have a right to keep Japan for the Japanese!

12 thoughts on “Human Rights Watch badgers Japan to take refugees….

  1. But you can stake your very soul each and every one of the 20 accepted as refugees, were in fact genuine refugees, not economic migrants taking advantage of a bad situation in their country.


  2. They are hoping Japan’s Westernization now includes flaming suicidalism?

    Linguists say that Japan’s culture places such a high value on consensus and accommodation that to simply say ‘no’ is considered profoundly rude, so the Japanese have countless ways of seemingly saying ‘yes’ when they mean ‘no,’ which must be incredibly confusing and frustrating for the international Western culture crushers. [grin]

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    1. Yes, the good old prevaricating Japanese ‘maybe’ in place of a definite NO or YES that used to infuriate we Westerners not used to the inscrutable ways of the Orient.
      When I lived there I learned to just interpret ‘maybe’ as NO, it was safer that way rather than build wrong assumptions. That’s how the Japs will respond to any requests to take hordes of Muslims. Suicide, or ‘seppuku’, might be in their cultural background but not if it’s likely to have national repercussions on the scale of Germany or Sweden.


  3. It is better to help the beggars and gypsies in their home countries through sterlization rather than to have them come to your country where they will try to breed the native population out of existence while living off of your taxpayer provided welfare.

    The very idea that these beggars will have 20 kids a piece and then try to get taxpayers to pay for the consequences of their endless sex parties is completely ridiculous. n


  4. May I suggest that all of those politicians who are pro-immigration have a room of their palatial residences demolished each time a ‘refugee/immigrant/Muslim atrocity takes place. If you wish to enjoy a REAL miracle (not the virgin birth or a visit into your cave by the Angel Gabriel!) watch how alert and anti-immigration those over-fed and over-paid ‘politicians’ suddenly become.


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