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LA Times headline is deceptive (yes, can you believe it!)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 24, 2017

Here is the headline of an LA Times story yesterday designed to give an impression to lazy readers that President Trump (the meany) has drastically cut refugee admissions.  He hasn’t.

Number of refugees admitted to U.S. drops by almost half

Their story begins:

The number of refugees admitted to the United States was cut by nearly half in the first three months of the Trump administration compared with the final three months of the Obama presidency, reflecting the new president’s skepticism toward immigration.

Further down, at least they try to be honest for readers willing to read more than the headline as they report what we reported ad nauseam and that is that the outgoing Obama State Department was pouring refugees in to the US at a phenomenal rate.

Obama at the UN last September just as he was opening the flood gates (wide!).

The data suggest that the Obama administration, as it was about to turn over power to Trump, significantly stepped up the number of refugees admitted. Arrivals in its final three months reflected an 86% year-over-year increase compared to the same period the previous year.

In Trump’s first three months, arrivals were 12% lower than for the same period in the previous year.

But, heck, 12% lower doesn’t make for a headline designed to make President Trump look bad.

Have a look at the data for the last ten years (from Wrapsnet) and see the astronomical numbers that Obama was pushing through the pipeline in the final months of his presidency.



I’m getting sick of having to show how the mainstream media skews the news on refugees.  I bet you are too!

Then the LA Times story says this:

Trump has sought to limit the number of refugees to 50,000 this year. But adverse rulings in the courts could work against him.

As of today we are at 48,856, and at the present rate of arrivals we will reach 50,000 in a week to ten days.  I have maintained from the outset that Trump can legally slow or outright halt the number being admitted (under the ceiling of 110,000 set by Obama) at any time and will be watching to see how the Supreme Court handles this portion of the case before them.  (Decision is expected at any moment.)

4 Responses to “LA Times headline is deceptive (yes, can you believe it!)”

  1. Thanks for setting the record straight. I saw the headline about refugee admissions dropping by half, and of course I was a little skeptical about how true it might be. So I checked in here because I know this blog is the best place for information on the refugee issue — and found out it wasn’t, in fact, true.
    Sorry it turned out to be less than truthful, but I can’t say I am surprised.
    (I did read that the Trump administration is not holding a Ramadan observance this year, so I guess that’s something, at least.)


  2. the Obama administration, as it was about to turn over power to Trump, significantly stepped up the number of refugees admitted

    I wonder how many Americans even know that fact!

    As a nation, America has become intellectually lazy. Not all of us, of course. But as a nation.

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  3. We could only wish the headline was true….:(

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  4. katmanwon said

    Why are any refugees coming here – did you see 6 European nations SAID NO to migration?

    Germany, Sweden, the Ntherlands, France & England need to WTFU – call out the Army to do what is necessary to eliminate the scourge.


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