State Department: refugee free-for-all until July 6th!

Everyone wants to know what it all means… there is the 90-day travel ban (everyone, not just refugees) from six majority Muslim countries and then the 120-day moratorium for all refugees from all countries, but only for those refugees who don’t have certain relationships with those who got here before them.

And, so far it looks like resettlement agencies may not count as having “bona fide” relationships as ‘entities,’ but all of that could change next month, next week or the next minute!  Therefore I am not going to wander in to the weeds of all this or lose sleep over it.  We will just see how things evolve because there is nothing we can do to influence it all anyway.

By legislating from the bench, the Supremes have made it likely that even fewer persecuted Syrian Christians will be admitted to the US before late fall.

Just so you know we are at 49,248 refugees for this fiscal year when I checked Wrapsnet earlier this morning.  We will hit 50,000 probably by July 6th, then what?

And, just to give you some comparison, that 49,248 is the highest number of refugees (excluding FY16) that we have admitted by the end of June in the last ten fiscal years, so the contractors*** shouldn’t be whining about a lack of paying ‘clients’ this year.

Syrian Christians now have an even smaller chance of getting to the US.

While I was at Wrapsnet, I checked the Syrian numbers.  We have seeded 6,397 Syrians in to your towns and cities this fiscal year (which ends on Sept. 30th).  Of the 6,397, 6,258 were Muslims of some variety. That puts the rate at 98% Muslim for the year (so far) for Syrians.

That same rate (Muslims to others) applies for the 1,809 Syrians Donald Trump’s State Department admitted since inauguration day.

As I continue to mention, because we have admitted so few Christian Syrians, any applying now likely will  not have relatives here while the Muslims will, so expect the Syrian Muslim relatives to continue to be admitted (thanks to the Supreme Court writing refugee law!) because we all know that if they are relatives of someone here already, they couldn’t possibly be terrorists, right?

Here are a couple paragraphs from Vox.  They and other leftwing media are trying very hard to figure out what it all means for their friends who make a living in the refugee industry and for those wanting more new Democrat voters that refugees represent. And, of course, so that they can further vilify Donald Trump.

What the ban means for refugees who don’t have “bona fide” family members in the US according to the categories laid out by the State Department. Many advocates have argued that the Supreme Court’s ruling should permit nearly all refugees to enter the US, because refugees have to be placed with a resettlement agency before entering the country, and that should count as a “bona fide” relationship. But the Supreme Court didn’t specify that, and the administration doesn’t seem to be taking it that way.

In a press call on Thursday, a senior administration official said that “the fact that a resettlement agency in the United States has provided a formal assurance for refugees seeking admission is not sufficient, in and of itself, to establish a bona fide relationship under the ruling.” It’s not yet clear whether this means refugees will only be admitted if they already have close family in the US, or whether some stage in the resettlement process will count as a “bona fide” relationship. And all refugees who are scheduled to arrive in the US through July 6th will be able to come without incident. But after that, tens of thousands of refugees, and the resettlement agencies in the US that employ people to help them, remain under a cloud of uncertainty — and it’s not looking good.

State Department Press Briefing with unidentified speakers!


Trump senior administration officials speaking to the media: From the Department of Justice we have [Senior Administration Official Five]. From DHS we have [Senior Administration Official Four]. From State we have [Senior Administration Official Two] and [Senior Administration Official Three]. [Senior Administration Official One] is from the White House. Whoever it was that opened the press briefing we have no clue.


Thanks to Vox for alerting us to the State Department press briefing to selected media here yesterday.  You can read it inbetween your Independence day festivities.

Wouldn’t you think that the Trump Administration would at least try to be more open and transparent than the previous administration. I’ve noticed over the years that at these briefings, no one is permitted to know by whom they are being briefed!

No one in the Administration wants their name used—-just disgusting!

We’re joined today by senior administration officials from the White House, Departments of State, Homeland Security, and also from Justice. From the Department of Justice we have [Senior Administration Official Five]. From DHS we have [Senior Administration Official Four]. From State we have [Senior Administration Official Two] and [Senior Administration Official Three].

As a reminder, the call will be conducted on background. Attribution should be to senior administration officials.

Transcript of press briefing, here.

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10 thoughts on “State Department: refugee free-for-all until July 6th!

  1. The author seems to perseverate on the fact that we now aren’t getting enough Syrian CHRISTIAN refugees in the US. My suggestion would be that we need no more Middle Eastern (or any OTHER nationality) “refugees” of ANY faith! The tents are FULL! The shop is CLOSED! Refugees need to do what the American Colonists did: STAY AND FIGHT TO FIX YOUR OWN COUNTRY.

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  2. The Syrian “Christians” do not need to be resettled in the USA. First of all, BOTH Brazil and New Zealand are currently accepting refugees. Secondly, many Syrian Christians already are arriving illegally into the United States via Mexico. El Cajon, California which is close to the Mexican border is a typical gateway for the Syrian Christians to enter. El Cajon already is a center of organized crime for gangs who engage in human trafficking. We should remember that the Syrian Christians are supporters of the brutal dictator Assad. Assad’s father funded Hezbollah and other terrorists among whom attacked and killed American soldiers during the 1980’s. The Syrian and other Middle Eastern Christians are typically pouring into Southern California illegally. Glendale, California is where the Syrian Christians are coming in. Glendale, California has one of the highest rates of welfare dependency in California because of the Christian Refugees from the Middle East. The Middle Eastern Christians such as the Syrians, Iranians, and Armenians are all present in Glendale, California. Glendale California is also rated the most dangerous place to drive in America because many of the Middle Eastern refugees either come in with fake driver’s licenses or do not pay attention to traffic rules. Iranian Christians have already been arrested for giving aid to Iran. Many of the Christians from the Middle East still have ties to the brutal dictatorships from which they pretended to have left. The Armenians in Glendale have formed gangs such as Armenian Power and AP13. I am posting 2 videos: one video is of the arrest of Armenian Power gang members who participated in fraud in Glendale. The other video I am posting is of Armenian gang members from Southern California who have went back to Syria in order to fight on behalf of Assad. Glendale and Southern California has already had Middle Eastern gangster return to Syria to fight on behalf of Assad. The Middle Eastern Christians do not have any respect for anybody who does not practice their particular brand of faith, in fact they tell their children not to talk to anybody who is not Middle Eastern. I wishyou would have a guest post from somebody who can give a detailed report about the ethnic tensions in Glendale regarding the Armenians and other Middle Eastern “Christians” against people who are not Middle Eastern. The Middle Eastern Christians are just as large a threat as any other group from their region. I do not want the Yezidis nor the Druze to be allowed in either.


  3. One of the VOLAGS in the Midwest that was supposed to have closed down is still open, but, there is a sign on the door stating what amounts to “refugee advocate appointments” now being severely limited. Not the ideal, but better than nothing, for now, anyway.


  4. Muslims need to be purged from the USA making this rush to get into the USA to be of none effect. People who think the evil Quran is without error need to be expelled from the USA. Muslims thinking blasphemy is speaking against Muhammad need to be cast out of the USA. Blasphemy is only against the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the Holy Spirit. People who show any animosity to Israel need to be cast out of the USA.


  5. Maybe if the Resettlement Agencies “adopted” those vetted and approved for entry by the UN then they (the immigrants) could claim to have family here. That way the Resettlement Agencies would have a vested interest and more responsibility for each immigrant they moved into the USA.
    Just joking you know?


    1. Actually, if we continue to accept refugees, then one way of reforming the system is to require churches/civic groups etc. adopt a family for a year or so and require them to completely take care of the family—all of the family’s needs—until they are established. Cut out the middlemen contractors completely.

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  6. How come you are apparently so far on the outside for this initiative? It seems peculiar that you don’t have a seat at the table and the old guard does…you weren’t even invited to the press briefing, although RRW is the “go-to” website covering the issues…odd that you had to find out from Vox…


    1. What can I say, the Trump Administration is inviting no one who knows anything about the refugee program to give them advice. And, I am not even referring to just me, but I know several people who know more than me who have tried to give them information. Why don’t they listen? I have no idea. Rumor is that some Republican Establishment (Bush?) types are blocking anyone with a nationalist leaning. Remember RR is needed by globalist business for labor!


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