Refugee industry lauds Supreme Court, says we will get many more refugees in coming months

I think it has dawned on them that the Supreme Court, in writing refugee law, has just exploded the decades-long concept that a ceiling is a CEILING.  Here they predict that it will be a refugee free-for-all for months to come.  Effectively they are saying there is NO ceiling (no longer even Obama’s 110,000) in place at least until October!

I was interested to see that Eric Schwartz is back…..

From Bloomberg:

The refugee ban will actually add more refugees.

Schwartz was Obama’s first Asst. Sec.of State for PRM (Anne Richard’s predecessor). He is now head honcho of this pro-refugee lobbying group. RI is not a resettlement contractor.

Trump used his power to reduce refugee entries for the current fiscal year to 50,000 from the target of 110,000 set by President Barack Obama. But the number of refugees who enter the U.S. is likely to end up higher. Under the Supreme Court’s June 26 ruling, refugees who have “bona fide” ties to the country may be admitted, and they don’t count as part of the cap.

Immigration advocates say that more than half of all refugees admitted each year have such ties. So even though the U.S is just days away from hitting the 50,000 figure, many more refugees may be entering the country while the 120-day ban is in effect.

“In all likelihood, I would expect we would end up with more than 50,000 this year,” said Eric Schwartz, president of Refugees International and former assistant secretary of state for population, refugees and migration. “Once we get to 50,000 there will inevitably be some number of refugees that meet the ‘bona-fide’ test and if the administration monkeys around with that by trying to slow down approvals, then they’ll be in violation of the court decision.”

More here.  So you can tell where they are going with this…

We haven’t written much about Refugees International in the last few  years (ever since Ken Bacon of Clinton/Lewinsky/Linda Tripp fame died while heading this organization).

We have written several important posts on Soros groupie Schwartz, see here.

This post is filed in my new category, ‘Supreme Court’ which will include all posts related to the decision handed down last week.

5 thoughts on “Refugee industry lauds Supreme Court, says we will get many more refugees in coming months

  1. Call the “refugee contractors” what they are HUMAN TRAFFICKERS …… SLAVE TRADERS. They are profiteering off Human misery with absolutely no concern or consideration of the Citizens who have to live with them. They are not inserting these Invaders into the country with their money or out of charity. They are getting YOUR money for Bringing in Invaders is how these Human Traffickers MAKE MONEY.

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  2. On this Fourth of July weekend, as flags fly and People purport to “honor the vets” …….. So many Americans “GAVE ALL” securing the borders of this Nation. By what right do these political/pedopriest parasites throw away those sacrifices? How dare these politicians/pedopriests spit on the sacrifices of so many American Troops. Refujihadis are being brought here to live in the home of American Troops that they killed. Thanks to betrayal by politicians and the pedopriests of America.

    Did George Soros disclose his Nazi collaboration on his immigration papers?
    I guarantee he did NOT, because he would not have been admitted.
    Therefore his “admittance” to America is NULL & VOID.
    Deport Soros & his SPAWN to their native Hungary (which has an arrest warrant out on him). .


  3. You’re right, Ann. My ear to the ground, the resettlement agencies at the nat’l level are now relying upon their legal eagles to thwart the commonsense intent of the ban and refugee moratorium. Greedy creeps, they won’t give up easily. It’s disheartening and even painful to watch their corrosive, self-serving antics. The tragedy is that they are driven by GREED——NOT NOT NOT compassion for the poor, huddled masses yearning to be free. Such phonies, liars, hypocrites. Sessions and Tillerson need to fight back with every ounce of righteous indigation they can muster. The resettlement industry lackies, hacks must be throttled and eventually taken down. And this from a retired resettlement program manager. Thank God I had the sense and moral compass to get out in 2003.

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