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Politico: Sec. of State Tillerson arguing with White House’s Miller over refugees?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 3, 2017

A word of caution! All of these reports being leaked out about conversations between the White House and the State Department must be viewed with a skeptical eye.

That said, this story sounds plausible because we know that Stephen Miller, a longtime Trump aide and expert on immigration and refugees, is a key White House strategist on the subject.

The 31-year-old Miller has been at Trump’s side since the earliest days of the Trump campaign.

We also have gotten previous suggestions that Tillerson aide Brian Hook (a Bushie) is soft on the refugee program, see hereCould Hook be the source for the discord story?

Now that the Supreme Court has added a new wrinkle by doing away with the whole concept of a Presidentially-designated CEILING that is a cornerstone of the Refugee Act of 1980, we can imagine that disagreements are surfacing between the White House immigration hardliners and the DOS which is largely being run by career bureaucrats who loved Obama and Hillary.

I suspect it is the ‘careers’ who put together the bragging graphic, here. Ten Pittsburghs is going to sell the USRAP? Did the Secretary’s office ever eyeball it before it was posted?

Here is what Politico is reporting:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson argued with senior White House aide Stephen Miller over immigration issues last week in a second recent clash with the White House.

Miller pushed Tillerson and the State Department to be tougher on immigration and make changes to the programs they control, according to four people familiar with the conversation in the West Wing. John Kelly, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, was also present.

It is pretty outrageous to attribute the news of  discord to “four people familiar with the conversation.”  One person might have leaked it back to the DOS and three career bureaucrats are then “familiar with the conversation” and presto! Politico has a story with four sources!

The lead Politico reporter, Josh Dawsey, quoting “four people familiar with the conversation” says on his twitter page that he is a “cigar & bourbon” kind of guy (what is that on his shirt?). Politico welcomed him in December with this comment: “We are very excited to welcome Josh to the newsroom on December 12, and to turn him loose on Washington and the incoming Trump administration.”


Miller has been holding meetings to address how to further curb the entry of refugees into the United States, per two administration officials, and has closely worked with senators on legislative proposals to sharply cut other forms of legal immigration. [ I sure hope to learn that reform of the US Refugee Admissions Program is on the Administration’s list of legislative proposals! If it isn’t than we will never see any real reform!–ed]


This week, CNN reported that the White House has proposed moving the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs to the Department of Homeland Security, along with its bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration. [See my post here.—ed]

Those are among the State Department’s biggest functions and are among the government’s largest immigration arms. They control refugee vetting and releasing passports, among other issues.


Tillerson has grown increasingly frustrated at the White House and chafed at taking direction from younger Trump aides and not being able to implement State Department policies and offices like he would like, people familiar with his thinking say. [Who the heck are “people familiar with his thinking?” Dawsey could be making up this whole story!—ed]

Tillerson has grown especially agitated that less experienced figures like Miller – who previously worked on the Hill for attorney general and former Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions – have been giving him commands.

The former ExxonMobil CEO was promised autonomy by Trump and is fond of reminding others of that.

More here.

Politico reporter Dawsey has a lot of nerve reporting that Miller is somehow less experienced than Tillerson about immigration and immigration law!

Endnote:  I think it’s time for all of us in the blogosphere to start highlighting especially young reporters (Dawsey is only 5 years out of Journalism school!) who act like kingmakers (or destroyers) and report stories based on ‘sources familiar with someone’s thinking!’

10 Responses to “Politico: Sec. of State Tillerson arguing with White House’s Miller over refugees?”

  1. michellefromsandiego said

    Thanks for opening my eyes to consider the experiences and biases of this reporter. Here’s what he was writing when Mr. Obama was our president. Journalists make an honest wage by writing about others, dissecting their strengths, weaknesses, passions and foibles. We capture life at its worst and best. We attempt to fight through manipulation and highlight the truth. Our role is to question, analyze, synthesize and make it all known, doing so while being fair to all involved. Nothing says a fancy fete like champagne — whether it’s in a flute glass or woven into a vinaigrette dressing and drizzled over grape tomatoes, like it shall be during USC’s black tie fundraising gala Friday night. will cost $116,230 — $12,000 from university funds and $104,000 from the university’s private Educational Foundation, designed to support all missions of the university. That’s approximately $242.15 per guest, if you were wondering. “It’s a thank you event for those who have already given so much of their time and money to the university,” Dodenhoff said.Michelle Dodenhoff, USC’s top development officer, said the event is “fairly standard in the campaign world.”


  2. ECM said

    A word of caution! All of these reports being leaked out about conversations between the White House and the State Department must be viewed with a skeptical eye.

    Bears (endless) repeating.

    (I, for one, don’t actually believe it but, then, I don’t believe much of anything I read in the media anymore.)


  3. Regarding halting the flood of refugees into America Secretary of State Rex Tillerson behaves like an Obama appointee.


  4. icthelite said

    Any time a story contains the comment ” according to sources familiar with the conversations/story or information from sources asking to remain anonymous” tells me the story is most likely nothing more than gossip and probably made up by the reporter sending it in from comments he/she heard in the restroom.


  5. ljarvik said

    Ann, IMHO either State or the White House needs to hire you as the go-to person on this issue, so you could mediate between Tillerson & Miller.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      There are lots of good people who could do that job and the scary part is that they are looking at none of them!


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