State Department brags: enough refugees admitted to US to make 10 Pittsburghs

Charleston, WV citizen activist, Brenda Arthur, pointed us to this interesting and useful page at the US State Department website—it is a review of the work of the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) for 2016.

By the way, PRM is still being run by career bureaucrats who have close ties to the resettlement contractors*** and have longtime ideological leanings toward ‘welcoming’ large numbers of third worlders to America.

This graphic (below) is very useful.  Remember though that the US State Department (DOS) share of the costs for refugee resettlement is only a portion of the cost of admitting an average number (about 64,000 is the average over the last ten years) of refugees to the US each year.

Greater  amounts of your tax dollars go to the Dept. of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement for refugee welfare and for awarding grants to contractors for myriad activities. There is another chunk that  goes to the Dept. of Homeland Security for ‘screening’ refugees around the world.

Go here, the artwork is useful! But, 10 Pittsburghs? And, this is Trump’s DOS bragging!


More than ten times the population of Pittsburgh!


*** Resettlement contractors receive the majority of their funding from taxpayers via PRM and ORR.  One of the contractors is 99.5% funded by you, others are well up in the range of 95% plus. There can be no real reform of the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program if these ‘non-profits’ continue to call the shots. The minute a new Administration signals a slowdown for a few years, the contractors, which receive funding on a per (refugee) head basis, put their community organizer hats on and run to the Leftwing media screaming bloody murder.

6 thoughts on “State Department brags: enough refugees admitted to US to make 10 Pittsburghs

  1. If you don’t have to live in the mess and if the man you work for insist, you’ll do what you are told, pad your wallet and let’em in. There is no good and or bad, it is all bad. No Politician, Judge, Soldier (sold to die) or Police Person does what they do for the good of nation or people, it is all for the almighty dollar (the real god people serve). What people have forgotten, a part of their lubricious religion, the christian religion, is the saying an eye for an eye. White people, nearly all of them christians have turned the other cheek until they are nearly blind themselves and without any hope for the future. It is little comfort to know that eventually the very people, their off spring, will suffer the same as they serve up to we, the people, today, tomorrow. Knowing that someday greed will destroy the very last human alive, doesn’t help us today.


  2. If Republicans don’t wake up and stop all immigration it will be the end of the Republican Party permanent democrat majority..


  3. Regarding my query above, just read on your other post that the White House is proposing “moving the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs to the Department of Homeland Security, along with its bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration. Those are among the State Department’s biggest functions and are among the government’s largest immigration arms. They control refugee vetting and releasing passports, among other issues.” Perhaps this transfer to the White House would solve the problem I raised above. Hope springs eternal. Thanks.


  4. Don’t fully understand why Tillerson hasn’t replaced the “deep state” allies of the resettlement industry. Is he unaware or BRPM’s subversion, or are he and Trump just too overloaded to care?


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