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Ann Coulter’s jaw-dropping revelations about “doctor” involved in NY mass shooting

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 6, 2017

Diversity is beautiful alert!

Update: Looks like VDARE was ahead of Coulter with a list of immigrant mass murderers.  Keep this for your files, you too may need the handy reference some day for a letter-to-the-editor, or when writing to your elected officials (or to Trump!).

I thought I was done this morning, until three separate readers sent me Ann Coulter’s jaw-dropping report on the New York Times shameful miss reporting (and that is putting it kindly!) on the NYC hospital shooting last week.

This needs mentioning because it is the same concept we see over and over again about the media’s treatment of refugee criminals and terrorists—mainstream media rarely mentions the ‘R’ word and one is left guessing (by his name) where the perp is from and how he got here. And, we have noted repeatedly that refugees often have grandiose expectations of streets paved with gold in America.

(Still unreported, I think, is through which legal or illegal means Obotetukudo got in to the US.)

From Townhall:

Last Friday, Nigerian immigrant Henry Williams Obotetukudo, aka Henry Bello, opened fire with an AM-15 rifle at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, killing one [female] doctor and injuring a half-dozen others. I would prefer to leap right in and offer my ideas for stopping these immigrant shooting rampages, but first I’ll have to tell you the facts the media won’t.

NOT Dr. Bello! Henry Williams Obotetukudo

The New York Times, still unaware there’s an internet, is trying to pass off the Nigerian as a Californian, the non-doctor as a doctor, and Mr. Obotetukudo as “Dr. Bello.”


Close observers will notice the same basic pattern over and over again. Immigrants from backward cultures develop extravagant expectations about their lives in America, fail to master the most rudimentary civic habits, and then erupt in shooting rampages when their lives aren’t turning out as planned.


Liberals have a mystical idea that we can pluck people from the most discordant cultures, put them in middle-class houses in the suburbs and then, magically, primitive tribesmen will be imbued with the core beliefs of our republic and civilization, developed over centuries.

The magical melting pot fails again!

Much more here, I only gave you the bare bones so you will read the rest of it.

Afterthought: You could tell Donald Trump he could require immigration status be released in all news reports on crime/terror cases.  Would go a long way to identify where problems are with our immigration system.

5 Responses to “Ann Coulter’s jaw-dropping revelations about “doctor” involved in NY mass shooting”

  1. As soon as we read he tried to light himself on fire, we could then question his level of assimilation of western life. We just don’t do that in the west.


  2. mjazzguitar said

    I hope that soon, someone with the wherewithal sues the entity that facilitated the entry of immigrants who commit crimes.


  3. How did he pass a background check for the AR and if he bought it off the street where did he get the money.?


  4. Tim Cook said


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  5. 1. What is the point of Americans going through 12 years of public school when the US government keeps telling us that being born in America and going through 12 years of public school + college is totally irrelevant and an illiterate immigrant right out of the jungles of Africa, Asia or South America is just as good as a native born American? Shut down all the public schools because the US government says that education is wAorthless or only have public schools up to grade 3 when you should be able to read and write.

    2. I hope the dead and injured in this case sue the refugee resettlement contractor for bringing the killer over to the US if it can be established that they knew the killer was a nut case and homocidal maniac and he was not properly vetted or trained by the contractor when he was unleashed on the US public. I know that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops has plenty of money through their real estate holdings in the trillions of dollars.

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