Every day tell the White House what you think about refugee program!

A reader knowledgeable about the ways of Washington, tells me we must send letters/comments to the Trump White House daily.




You might think your comments fall on deaf ears, but she assures me that comments are tracked.

Silence on your part sends the message to President Trump that you are satisfied with the way things are going with the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.

One message I want you to send is to tell the President (politely, but firmly), that he must lead in reforming the whole refugee program, that just jiggering around with the numbers isn’t reform. He must this year send some reform language to the Hill and tell leaders there that he wants real reform, not tinkering!

In my view, there can only be real reform when we stop paying middlemen contractors*** to place ever increasing numbers of refugees in to your cities and towns with no input from you who are paying for it all.

There will be no real reform until the contractors (aka lobbyists, aka community organizers) are removed from the process.

Readers ask me all the time what they can do, this is an easy project!

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Go here to send a comment, make it pithy (but polite).  Do it every day, you can use posts I write for inspiration.  For example, today the President is in Poland, so send a note about how the Polish leaders are standing firm to save their culture and country from the Muslim migration and you want him to do the same.

Honestly, if my 5000+ subscribers and tens of thousands of facebook followers wrote to the President every day, you would be noticed!

*** Contractors/lobbyists/community organizers supported by your tax dollars:

13 thoughts on “Every day tell the White House what you think about refugee program!

  1. Thank you for all you do Ann. I sent my comments to the White House this morning and call my Senators and Congressmen weekly expressing my thoughts on our immigration issues.

    Greg Serbon


  2. Dear President Trump,

    Please continue to lead in totally reforming the entire refugee program because just playing around with the numbers isn’t reform. We must send true reform language to the Hill and tell leaders that we want real reform, not just tinkering!

    In my view, there can only be real reform when we stop paying all the middlemen contractors who place ever increasing numbers of refugees into our cities and towns with zero input from the taxpayers who are paying for it.

    There will be no real reform until these contractors (aka lobbyists, aka community organizers) are completely removed from this process.

    Thank you and best wishes,


  3. Published: Thu, Jun 29th 2017 @ 11:23 am EDT
    Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee approved the Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act (H.R. 2826) introduced by Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee Chairman Raúl Labrador (R-Idaho) by a 15-11 vote. This bill would reduce the refugee cap and would give more power to Congress and the states to decide how many refugees the U.S. should take in and where the refugees should be settled.

    The bill would:
    • Set the refugee cap at 50,000 and would prevent the President from changing the number without Congressional approval.
    • Terminate refugee status for any refugee who returns to their home country, unless their country’s condition and status has changed.
    • Prevent the Secretary of DHS from unilaterally waiving most grounds of inadmissibility, including criminal convictions, for refugees.
    • Provide for regular security vetting of each admitted refugee until the refugee adjusts immigration status to lawful permanent resident.
    • Prevent DHS for waiving most grounds of inadmissibility and deportability for refugees attempting to adjust their status to lawful permanent resident.
    • Prohibit resettlement in states/localities that refuse resettlement.
    • Adjust the refugee screening process to reduce fraud.
    • Require the Government Accountability Office to issue a report on the security of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (including the screening and processing procedures); the number of refugees who have been convicted of terrorism-related offenses since 2006; and the use of federally-funded benefit programs by refugees resettled in the United States.

    “My bill modernizes America’s refugee program to keep pace with the security challenges of today’s world. It enacts stronger vetting of refugees, gives states and communities the power to decline resettlement, and lowers the annual refugee ceiling to the number recommended by President Trump. Overall, my bill will protect the integrity of the refugee program, reduce fraud, and improve national security,” Rep. Labrador wrote in his press release.

    House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) cosponsored the bill and said that “the Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act maintains our nation’s generosity toward those fleeing persecution in their homeland and also makes a number of critical reforms to the refugee program to ensure it works in Americans’ best interest”.


  4. Mr. President, First may I say I pray for you each day. Yours is a huge position with much responsibility and it i worsened by those who would thwart your progress. I do want to say that we need to stop bringing in unknown people to our shores. It is not safe and I would prefer to be safe than politically correct. Bless you and God Bless America.


  5. Yes Ann is right! I just wrote again to the White House in her link. We – 5,000 of us on her blog MUST write the White House !
    Ann has made it easy for us!
    I just did it again!
    Order the GAO to audit the Refugee Resettlement Program whose CEO’s make from $350,000- $600,000 of OUR TAx money! Look at their IRSs form 990s for their taxpayer funded salaries!
    It is a travesty!!
    They pass our sub grant $$$ taxpayer money like water to lobby for more and more and more refugees! Don’t we have enough unemployment? Copy and paste!
    Americans First!!!
    Do. As Ann suffers! How many will even Like my comment?
    One of two people?
    Not over 100 of us?
    Where are our 5,000 blog readers?
    Do it now!!!


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