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Actor Clooney: Do as I say, not as I do!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 7, 2017

These super rich Lefty celebrities have no shame!

George Clooney is reportedly moving his young family to his Los Angeles mansion which is deemed safer (from Jihadists) than is his property in the UK or his Italian get-away mansion at Lake Como.

From Breitbart (hat tip: Brenda):

Report: Open Borders Advocate George Clooney Moving Family Back to Trump’s America for ‘Security Reasons’

Actor and immigration activist George Clooney will move to Los Angeles with his wife Amal and newborn twins Ella and Alexander due to security concerns at his England estate, according to a report.

In 2016, Clooney and his wife praise German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her welcome to the migrant invaders (not using those words of course!). Italy as an escape? maybe not so much!

Life & Style magazine reported last week that the 56-year-old Oscar-winner will move his newly-expanded family to his mansion in Studio City, California, after deeming his 17th century mansion in Sonning, England to be not sufficiently safe for them.

“As soon as Amal found out she was pregnant, he hired former Secret Service agents to assess all his properties and make recommendations for improvement,” an unnamed Clooney “insider” told the magazine. “His mansion in Studio City [Calif.] was deemed the most secure, and it’s within minutes of an LAPD station.”


In May, British government officials disclosed that 23,000 known jihadi terrorists are believed to be residing in Britain, far more than the 3,000 that had initially been reported.


In February of last year, the actor met privately with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and praised the German leader’s acceptance of refugees from Syria and other countries. The same month, Clooney told Sky News in an interview that the United States is not doing “enough” to help Syrian refugees, and that 10,000 refugees per year was too low a figure to be admitting into the country.


In July of last year, a makeshift refugee camp was established in Lake Como after the Swiss government decided to close its southern border with Italy. Dozens of refugees arrived from African and Asian countries were housed in tents close to the Clooneys’ home, with a local tour guide telling the Daily Mail that the refugee camps were a “big problem because of the huge numbers [of refugees] who are arriving all the time.”

More here.

Bill Gates woke up and smelled the coffee, any chance Clooney will get it?

This post is filed in my ‘Laugh of the day’ category.  I have another good laugh for later (or tomorrow), so come on back!

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8 Responses to “Actor Clooney: Do as I say, not as I do!”

  1. I wonder how many millions Clooney has donated to Africa and Asian people? my guess is none. Like most filthy rich hypocrites, he not only expects us to pay for them but to live with them also.


  2. Lefty Bill Maher gets it too.


  3. So Georgy is doing what the majority of liberals do, except on a grander scale. Probably only a tiny percentage of liberals actually live in close proximity to the underprivileged people they champion. The term “phony liberal” has a few meanings, but this is definitely one of them.


  4. I think we ask Hollywood to adopt a refugee family. Also.we should do.a wall or compound post of liberals whose homes keep . refugees out.


  5. sfn2 said

    Clooney and others like him are nothing but hypocrites!! They scream open borders and then run home to America where it is relatively safe and then they equip their residences with every piece of surveillance equipment available and beef up their bodyguard personnel! These bleeding heart liberals make me sick!


  6. Clooney and other elite, rich people like him sicken me. It’s obvious he considers “we the peons” as beneath him – even though we are the ones responsible for helping to make this idiot rich. Personally, I don’t watch his movies or buy anything associated with him. I also don’t support a lot of other lefty celebrities. NOW HEAR THIS: We DON’T need you. We DON’T hang on every word you say with baited breath. We have LIVES. YOU and your opinions are not necessary to our lives – in fact, most of us are disgusted by you. You want safety, security, the right to have armed people around you all the time – yet you want to deny the same to “we the peons”. You want us to live in a sticking garbage hole while you flit from one mansion to another. We’ve had it up to here. I hope you have to fall to our “level” and then maybe you’ll understand. Right now, you’re out of touch completely with ordinary people. Just go away and shut up.


  7. Rob M said

    Loony Clooney. ‘Nuf said?


  8. thetinfoilhatsociety said

    Oh the irony. Here’s a guy calling the President and idiot and calling for open borders yet he wants to live in America because he wants his kids and wife to be safe. Hypocrisy, thy name (today at least) is George Clooney.


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