Supreme Court is giving permission for the refugee ceiling to be surpassed for first time

I know, I am a broken record on this issue and that it is more interesting to read about the rich kids at Harvard wanting refugees and about Muslim refugees facing trial skipping out on bail, but we have to address the boring numbers stuff too.

Here is what we know:

~The President sets the CEILING for refugee admissions each year (the ceiling is a cap!).

Supremes have re-written refugee law!

~President Obama set the ceiling for FY17 at 110,000 in his final months in office (he never set a ceiling that high in his previous 7 years).

~Donald Trump’s EO reset it at 50,000.

~As of today we are at 49,803 according to Wrapsnet.

~The Supreme Court confirmed the 50,000 with a caveat.  Anyone who could prove a “bona fide relationship” with a relative in the US or to an “entity” could come in above the 50,000 cap.

~I contend that with that stipulation, the Supreme Court has taken it upon itself to rewrite refugee law because there is a mechanism in the Refugee Act to go above the cap, but it sure doesn’t involve the courts.  The President must determine that there is an emergency and he must consult with Congress—not the courts—to go above the ceiling.

Where are they?

Tomorrow or the next day, we will cross the 50,000 mark.

Have we ever surpassed a refugee ceiling?

I wanted to know if we have ever gone above the ceiling and so I did some research and this is what I learned:

Since 1983 (over 30 years!), no President has exceeded the ceiling, but many of them came in way below the ceiling previously set.

From the 2007 ORR Annual Report to Congress a chart (p.4) showing CEILINGS and numbers actually admitted going back to 1983.

Do you see how far below the ceiling they were in a number of years. And, note the text at the top. There is no mention of any court having any role in determining the ceiling.


Now pick it up from 2007 to right now, end of June 2017 from Wrapsnet.  Have they ever surpassed the ceiling in more recent years?  NO!

But, I want you take note of the fact that the US State Department (Trump’s DOS!) cannot even bring itself to put the 50,000 in the CEILING column. I explained here about when it was removed. In fact the chart last month (for the end of May) left out the whole ceiling column!


Note that the ceiling column is blank for FY17 although the Supreme Court confirmed it is 50,000.


By the way, ignore all the wailing  and moaning by the contractors. If you check the average admissions number for 20 years up to Obama’s huge FY16, the average admissions come in at just over 62,000. If the Supremes get their way, you can bet Trump will be forced past that number. (Congress has appropriated enough money for 75,000 by September 30th!)

If the President is serious, he can ask Congress for a rescission of those funds!

We will be watching every day!  Any refugees over 50,000 are the responsibility of the Supreme Court having taken over the President’s constitutional authority to protect us!

18 thoughts on “Supreme Court is giving permission for the refugee ceiling to be surpassed for first time

  1. I hope someone contacts Pres.Trump and tells him what he must do to gain control of this mess. What are these judges thinking? Once these so-called refugees are here we will forever be paying for them with our taxes.


  2. Congress is the “check and balance” on the SCOTUS. All Congress has to do is pass a law specifically overruling the SCOTUS decision and affirming the ceiling requested by the President or Congress could defund the whole refugee program and that would shut the whole thing down.

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    1. I may be wrong but I thought the job of the Supreme Court was to rule on the constitutionality of a law already being enforced. I can find nothing that gives them the power to rewrite a law to their satisfaction and then approve it. I believe this was something Roberts started when they changed the wording of the PPACA and then decided it should be the law of the land. Seems to nullify the purpose of our three-tiered governing system. Of course, if their ruling favors the controlling party of Congress at that moment it would probably go uncontested. Even then I would have to ask if the SCOTUS wasn’t possibly violating their constitutional authority.


      1. The federal courts cannot decide on their own what cases they are authorized by Congress to hear. It is the job of the Congress to tell the federal courts what cases they have “subject matter jurisdiction” to hear.

        In the matter of the refugee law enacted by Congress, Congress specifically states in the law that Congress is delegating to the President Congress’ authority to decide who can come in and who cannot come in. Congress did not delegate its authority to decide who comes into the US to the federal courts. In other words, the federal courts lack “subject matter jurisdiction” to even hear this case at the trial court level because Congress has specifically delegated that function to the President and has excluded the federal courts by omission (Congress never mentioned the federal courts as having any say so regarding immigration admissions).

        I hate to say it, that even a first year law school student would get this right after taking the first year law school class entitled “Civil Procedure” which is a yearlong discussion of a court’s jurisdiction (its authorization or limitation to act). But once you get up to the federal Appeals Court and SCOTUS level, you are flying so high that the basic rules of law in the US don’t apply to you anymore. I would suggest that the Congress start impeachment proceedings against any federal judge who appears to have failed their first year law school class in Civil Procedure.

        In other words, if Congress delegates a matter solely to the President, the federal courts have absolutely no authority to intervene.


        1. Unfortunately, “judicial activism” and “legislating from the bench” are extremely common phenomena today. US Constitution Article III: “The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts AS THE CONGRESS may from time to time ordain and establish.”(emphasis mine).

          So Congress can:
          — eliminate all other federal courts below the Supreme Court, and,
          — limit the Supreme Court to one member and keep impeaching him and removing him from office until he gets it right.


    1. The “purpose” of the refugees is to pack the voter rolls with Democrats. The refugees will not stop coming until the Democrats are charged with treason for attempting to manipulate the voter rolls in their favor and diluting the voting power of native born American citizens by suddenly having native born citizen’s votes having to compete with the votes of foreigners who were specifically imported to cancell or exceed the voting strength of native born American citizens. The criminal actions of the Democrats can be charged as violations of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. Attorney General Sessions needs to get off his rear end and start prosecuting high level Democrats for these voter frauds and manipulations in their home or other districts.


  3. I am sick and tierd of this family reunification crap. The way this thing is written, just about anyone qualifies, including second cousins, brothers in law, uncles, etc. This is obviously just another way to bypass our immigration limits (that are already far too high), causing me to question why the government is so hell bent on outnumbering us with third world minorities. In my opinion, we should be thinking about getting rid of this government if this continues. How can we remain loyal to a government who puts the interests of foreign nationals above its own people?

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    1. It would have been easier on everybody for Congress to defund and eliminate the whole refugee immigration program. The scale of the program is so large that no one is really being checked to see if they are really “refugee.” All decisions about who will be coming to the USA are made by the United States High Commissioner for Refugees which is just a stoge for the Muslim Brotherhood. 80% of the UNHCR are from Moslem countries. The real program of the Moslems who run the UNHCR is to “seed” rich Western Moslem countries with poor Moslems to:
      — steal the resources of the rich Western countries,
      — bankrupt rich Western countries with the never ending stream of beggar Moslems,
      — prepare the rich Western country for subjugation by the ever expanding Moslem population with their average birth rate of 10 children per Moslem women on welfare,
      — keep harassing and attacking the rich Western country’s citizens until they submit to Islam.

      This is taxation without representation. You give your money to the federal government and they turn around and spend it to bring in Moslem invaders who are going to kill you and your children.


  4. This is an outrage! Where is Congress? The Court cannot write law, although Justice Roberts saw fit! Have we no Constitution? No representation? No borders? The answer appears to be yes to all of the above; therefore, we have no nation! It is all over. Obama succeeded with his two justices and his district court appointments in fulfilling his goal of destroying America.

    I am sorry Ann, with the churches corrupted and feeding off this program, along with all the other satellite agencies making money on this fraud, it will continue to grow. I rarely see pushback; apathy and fear has set in stemming from a sense of hopelessness among citizens who can barely make their insurance or mortgage payment. We have been abandoned in favor of the “new American”.

    I was told by an so called “dreamer” a few years ago: “your politicians are moving on, you are too old, too expensive and too white”.

    I too feel hopeless…. now.

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    1. That is exactly what they want- Hopelessness.
      They want all of us to throw up our arms and say nothing can be done. They want us to surrender.
      Well its all fake news. It’s fake articles which paint these images. It’s fake financial crisis’ which drives us into mental depression.
      The only real thing is knowing how much stronger and resilient we are. If all the money in the world vanishes tomorrow, who is really going to be affected? Not me, I can hunt, gather, and grow my own food. I don’t need cash.
      THEY need their cash. They need their billions. They need to live like kings. They are the ones who will lose the power when the bottom drops.
      They will suffer the most.

      What they don’t want you to realize is how weak they truly are.
      They are nothing without their cash and blackmail. They can be easily driven back to their stolen homeland if the people only realized how easy it actually would be to defeat them. Of course they have made themselves appear to be quite formidable, but pull back the curtain….


      1. The easiest thing to immediately do is stop funding the 9 refugee trafficking contractors. I am Catholic and I never give any money to the Catholic Church because, having worked for them before, I know that 90% of the money is misspent on things the donor never intended. Catholics: Stop giving money to the Catholic Church until the leadership stops engaging in human and sex trafficking.

        The Catholic Church today and since 1963 is simply an arm of the Communist Party.


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