WTH! Heritage Foundation gives five fluffy reasons US should resettle refugees

And, they suggest that the big reform effort with the program should be around the issue of “assimilation.”  Yikes! Didn’t Ms. Enos see what Linda Sarsour said recently—no assimilation for Muslims coming to America! 

Olivia Enos http://www.heritage.org/staff/olivia-enos

When Richard (Blue Ridge Forum) brought this article to my attention last evening, I found I couldn’t even cope with the title late at night:

“5 Reasons The U.S. Refugee Program Serves American Interests”

Now with my morning coffee I’m ready to blast away at this fluff!

Enos sounds like she is auditioning for a job at the US State Department where she would join like-minded bureaucrats who want nothing to stand in the way of more refugees for America! 

Yet, on paper, she would come with the ‘conservative’ stamp of approval—from the vaunted Heritage Foundation!

Here is Heritage on why the US Refugee Admissions Program only needs a little tinkering around the edges!  I swear this sounds like the verbiage that came out of the mouths of Obama’s refugee pushers!

Five flimsy, fluffy reasons that the American taxpayer should shell out billions a year (a large chunk of which goes to the religious LEFT, see here, working against conservatives), to seed welfare consuming third world poverty and diverse cultures many of which don’t plan to assimilate in to unsuspecting towns and cities across 49 states.  (But Ms. Enos doesn’t have to face any of that, according to her bio she lives on Capitol Hill.)

Her five reasons….

#1. USRAP enables the U.S. to assert American leadership in foreign crises.

#2. USRAP provides the U.S. with a way to respond positively to intractable crises.

#3. USRAP enables the U.S. to assist allies and partners in crisis.

#4. USRAP strengthens American public diplomacy.

#5. USRAP alleviates human suffering.

I admit I didn’t read Heritage’s entire report, I mentioned one portion of it here.

I stopped reading when it became clear that the authors had no firm understanding of how the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program really works.

Ms. Enos is working on a Master’s degree at Georgetown University, could she be studying with Anne Richard? Perish the thought!

25 thoughts on “WTH! Heritage Foundation gives five fluffy reasons US should resettle refugees

  1. A similar article came out of Heritage Foundation a couple months ago. I rec’v their emails; — but at the the time I believed that maybe I was just having a bad day and interpreting it incorrectly — I could not believe that the Heritage Foundation was sending me a Pro refugee settlement article; but this seems to confirm the strange new stance.

    so, . . . hmmmm . . . did they suddenly get a benefactor that donated above & beyond everyone else combined??

    I cannot think of any other reason for Heritage Foundation to do a complete flip-flop like this — {emphasis on the ‘flop’}

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  2. It is a Jesuit University she is attending, and of course the Jesuit Order was created for one purpose, to destroy the Protestant Reformation, and anything that it created, like America.

    First Jesuit pope now, and a Jesuit is now head of the Catholic Doctrine as well with the new recent appointment.

    Of course Gov. Brown of California is also a Jesuit, so if Americans want to see what the Jesuits have in store, look to California.

    There are much more sinister motives going on right now in America for sure concerning these resettlement groups.

    It is not a coincidence that the millions of people who have crossed the southern border of America are basically all part of the Roman Catholic church, like 85 to 90%, a church that has been empowered by this immigration flood, as of course 26 billion dollars a year is sent back to Roman Catholic dominated countries too.

    All what is happening is tied directly to the Roman Catholic church destroying and or taking completely over what the Protestant Christian founding peoples built, America.

    America is a country totally founded by the Protestant Christian thinking minds, and yet, 2017 is the year slated that this mind set will come to an end, as even the Church of England is asking Christians to repent now for wanting to Reform their own minds.

    Oct. 31, 2017 it will be 500 years exactly for the Protestant Christian thinking mind, and yet, the headlines on this day and or the day after, The Protestant Era is Over!

    Not a coincidence that Free Speech is under attack at this time as well, as it too is a Protestant creation.

    Again, there are much more sinister forces at work here in America, as what is being seen is the final results of a 200 year long struggle to destroy America from within by the Roman Church.

    Thanks for the hard work you do to keep American’s informed.


    1. Don’t forget that the protestants and evangelicals are pretty busy these days being paid to place refugees in your towns.

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  3. Heritage Foundation lost us a long time ago when they fired a guy for doing a paper on the races. It used to be common to compare and study the races, it was called History. Thanks for outing them. You are great!

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  4. The Heritage report mentions frequently that Assimilation is the big challenge, yet offers only wimpy bureaucratic ‘solutions’ , such as “more civic engagement!” and “make them take English lessons!”

    America was “made great” with immigration ONLY through repeated assimilation, wherein Immigrants became Americans. And America has repeatedly accomplished this, historically, through the use of Immigration Restrictions. Periods of more open immigration (usually lasting approximately 40-50 years) were counter-balanced by equal length periods of RESTRICTED immigration. This is the ONLY PROVEN method America has used to create assimilation among its recent immigrants… and it works!

    Interesting note from the report: the wisdom of selecting educated vs. uneducated immigrants has been tested in Europe vs. America in recent decades:
    ” Many European Muslims arrived on the continent as low-skilled labor to help rebuild Europe after World War II. Generations later, European Muslims still have higher poverty and lower education rates than non-Muslim Europeans.

    “By contrast, many American Muslims immigrated here to further their education and then stayed on, equipping them to thrive economically and socially in the United States. American Muslims are, by most metrics, better assimilated than their European counterparts.”

    If we continue to accept immigrants and refugees, it is imperative for our social success to choose candidates with the best chance of integrating – AND assimilating.


    1. American assimilation worked in the past because most immigrants were Europeans. Saying Muslims in the US are better assimilated than in Europe is like saying a two car wreck is better than a two freight train wreck. Muslims have not quite reached the population percentage tipping point in America to try to assimilate America into THEM. The US is not really much behind Europe on the road to destruction because we already have huge numbers of Hispanics and Blacks who do not want to assimilate and are chomping at the bit waiting for European Americans to be kicked aside as top dog. This is all part of ‘White Man’s Disease.’ The Chinese, Mexicans, you name it, would never think that they could import millions of people of different races and assimilate them into becoming Chinese, Mexicans, etc. Hence one of the main reasons they guard their borders.

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      1. While I appreciate the response, TMA, I feel you may have missed my main points. I can see that I was not blindingly clear on these, so let me repair that now:

        1) STOP Immigration. ALL Immigration – including refugees. For the next 45 years.

        2) Since we know our elected officials don’t have the stones to do that:
        STOP importing ‘farmers’ and ‘herdsmen’, even as refugees. Uneducated people DON’T assimilate.

        3) I did not say this, but OF COURSE we should end the immigration ban on Europeans. Doing this would make all the changes necessary, since they would be much more attractive immigrants than Third-World residents.

        4) And I also didn’t say this, but Islam should be treated as a political and cultural ideology, not a mere religion. This would allow it to be taken as it truly is, a repressive and conquering philosophy that seeks to drive out all opposing viewpoints, and which is therefore against American ideals. It should qualify as an automatic rejection from immigration to America.

        5) And I could go on – end the association with the UN – they have been taken over by muslims since 1948, when they were infuriated to see the UN give Jews a home in Israel. The “umma” got together and saw that they lost on that issue because they didn’t have the votes. Rather than reassess their ideological positions, or becoming better lobbyists, they said. “Hmmm… We need more votes… every country, no matter how small, gets a vote… We Need More Countries!” They proceeded to fracture themselves into myriad small countries, and now they have the votes to take over the Human Rights Council, for instance.


  5. Something seems to be going on with Heritage. I stopped my donations after reading two articles by Josh Siegel in the Heritage publication, “The Daily Signal,” portraying a Texas mosque as actively helping in national security efforts. Anyone who understands Islam knows how contrary to all Islamic doctrine this would be! Taqiyya, anyone? I never received any reply to my multiple calls and emails on the subject and, after this article, I would recommend that any Heritage donors find other, better places for their money! Here’s the link to one of those articles: http://dailysignal.com/2016/04/17/houstons-muslim-led-plan-to-protect-the-homeland/

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    1. Well said Jane!
      also, cc’s of this Comment Section should be forwarded to Heritage Foundation so that they Know a clear warning shot has been fired over their bow!

      Would be a shame to throw away a 44 year-old CONSERVATIVE org. because of somebody’s ??Temporary ?? stupidty.


  6. The Heritage Foundation has been the enemy of the American people since it opened it’s doors. They gained stature as a republican think tank during the Reagan Administration but the policies they promoted were socialist. It’s sad for our country that people believe labels rather than investigating the details.


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