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Pew: Fewer Muslim refugees entering US since Trump inaugurated, DR Congo top sending country

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 13, 2017

Pew Research Center has done some useful number crunching using the data available to you as well at Wrapsnet.

We are cleaning out UN camps for DR Congolese ‘refugees’

DR Congo tops the list!

Here are their findings in two simple graphs.  Readers should know that the flood of refugees coming in from the DR Congo are part of a five year plan agreed to during the Obama Administration to clean out the UN camps housing ‘refugees’ from the DR Congo. We reported this news in June 2013, here.

We agreed to take 50,000 over five years!  As of today we have admitted 40,204!

The group contains many women with mental health issues and children (very costly to the US taxpayer). And, if other UN camp clean outs are any indication, we won’t stop at 50,000!

Last fall we showed you where 33,000 from the DR Congo were placed in America. Most from the DR Congo are not Muslims.

From Pew Research:



I have two categories that might be useful to readers wanting to dig in to data. One is entitled ‘refugee statistics’ and the other is Where to find information,‘ but I warn you both are huge.  This post is archived in both.

5 Responses to “Pew: Fewer Muslim refugees entering US since Trump inaugurated, DR Congo top sending country”

  1. krew09 said

    so they aren’t Muslims…how do 70 average IQ backward,people from the Congo help or benefit America…We have Americans sleeping in doorways,and tent cities..meanwhile these Internationalist communist Jews are rabid in their desire to flood white countries with black Africans…Point of note…the very same Jews call African refugees in Israel…”CANCER”..and “INFILTRATORS”…They sterilize blacks without their knowledge,then imprison,and deport them…Everyone loves a hypocrite.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      For the umpteenth time, Lutherans, Catholics and even Evangelicals are in on the refugee racket. There is no one religious group responsible for setting US refugee policy.


  2. krew09 said

    With every resettled Congolese refugee,I can literally feel America’s average I.Q. ,and scholastic rankings dropping off the charts like one of those one hit wonder songs that stay in the top 5 for weeks on end,then poof,you don’t hear the song again for years,and the group itself disappears into obscurity… Yes,these people are not going to be our next engineer wonder,or architect of a sky scraper….


  3. FatherJon said

    I understand that the Congo has banned Muslims so it’s unlikely that any would be among the refugees.

    Liked by 1 person

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