Hawaii: Rogue judge once again rules for the Imam, attempts to thwart Trump on refugees

This latest was predicted and reported here by Michael Leahy at Breitbart two days ago.

UpdateHere is Leahy’s (Breitbart) take on this latest legal mess the Supreme Court is responsible for creating!

Judge Derrick Watson

Judge Derrick Watson took advantage of the mess the Supreme Court made in its recent ruling (as Justice Thomas predicted) to once again attempt to stop President Trump from carrying out a simple 120-day moratorium on refugee resettlement in order to analyze the program and determine whether security screening is sufficient.

The Supreme Court literally unconstitutionally legislated when it created a way to go around a Presidentially-determined ceiling as defined by over 3 decades of refugee law and said refugees with a “bona fide relationship” to a family member or to an “entity” could come in over the 50,000 ceiling reached yesterday (here).

BTW, today we have now exceeded the 50,000 ceiling by 168. We are at 50,168 this morning.

Before I give you Politico’s version of the judge’s decision in Hawaii yesterday, let me be clear!

The US State Department under Sec. of  State Rex Tillerson must ignore this decision!

(They should have ignored this rogue judge’s earlier decision as well! You should write to the White House and tell Trump to stand against this runaway judiciary!)

One Hawaiian judge deciding for one Imam (and the refugee-rejecting state of Hawaii!) should not be the one to define “bona fide” a wholly new legal term and a new construct for resettlement thanks to the overzealous SCOTUS.  Where the hell is Congress, btw? Writing law is their job!

Here is Politico:

A federal judge in Hawaii ordered the Trump administration on Thursday to allow grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles and other relatives of people in the U.S. to circumvent the travel ban policy, dealing a temporary blow to one of the president’s signature initiatives.

In an order issued Thursday evening local time in Honolulu, Judge Derrick Watson also prohibited the administration from blocking refugees with a commitment from a resettlement agency in the U.S., a move that could revive the flow of refugee admissions this year.

Along with the State of Hawaii, Imam Ismail Elshikh is a plaintiff in the case (again). In case you missed it, Hawaii is at the bottom of the list of states resettling refugees having only ‘welcomed’ 3 this entire fiscal year so far.

The decision was a victory for opponents of the travel ban, who hoped to broaden the universe of people who could bypass the president’s policy, which temporarily bars travelers from six majority-Muslim nations and suspends the refugee resettlement program.

The Supreme Court issued an order on June 26 that allowed the embattled measure to go into effect, but included the caveat that affected travelers with “bona fide” ties to a person or entity in the U.S. should not be subject to the ban.


In the realm of refugee resettlement, the administration stood by the contention that a connection to a resettlement agency alone would not meet the criteria to avoid the ban.


The federal judge added that a refugee with a commitment from a resettlement agency met the standard for a “bona fide” relationship spelled out in the Supreme Court order.


“It is formal, it is a documented contract, it is binding, it triggers responsibilities and obligations, including compensation, it is issued specific to an individual refugee only when that refugee has been approved for entry by the Department of Homeland Security, and it is issued in the ordinary course, and historically has been for decades,” he wrote. [Don’t let the refugee contractors*** fool you, here we have it, this is about their compensation by you, the American taxpayer!–ed]

“Bona fide does not get any more bona fide than that.”


On Twitter, an attorney for the plaintiffs, the state of Hawaii and a local imam, celebrated the momentary legal win, which could be met with appeals by the federal government.

Appeals! The Administration better simply ignore this single judge and the Imam!

This post is filed in my ‘Supreme Court’ category, click here for other stories on the hash the Supreme Court has made of refugee law.

***Federal contractors/middlemen/lobbyists/community organizers paid by you to place refugees in your towns and cities.  Because their income is largely dependent on taxpayer dollars based on the number of refugees admitted to the US, the only way for real reform of how the US admits refugees is to remove the contractors from the process.

10 thoughts on “Hawaii: Rogue judge once again rules for the Imam, attempts to thwart Trump on refugees

  1. Dear President Trump

    Please ignore the rogue judge in Hawaii’s new injunction about bona fide relationship. This has become a constitutional crisis with the judges in lower courts trying to delay your agenda and using lawsuits as a obstruction tactic.

    President Eisenhower followed the constitution and rule of law to the tee in the Little Rock Arkansas civil rights dispute. He followed the supreme court ruling and had to end up sending in troops to maintain law and order. He had confidence, and the law on his side. He was decisive and did not hesitate. Your administration has made the determination that the bona fide relationship is to follow immigration law familial verbage. No grandparents allowed.

    Please have the foresight and confidence in your decision making to ignore this obstruction of justice. Let them go to Supreme Court if they want. But your rule should stand.

    Eisenhower’s biography should be mandatory reading for all POTUS’s. Authored by Jean Smith. From WWII to Suez Canal crisis to Little Rock, he was calm and decisive. And the country respected him for it.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to do this! I wish everyone would take literally a few minutes a day and tell the President what you think!


  2. Hi Ann- I don’t know if you saw this excellent article on Breitbart, but it is a very comprehensive list of reforms for the Trump Admin.


    Number 5 is right up our alley and I was wondering if perhaps the author was a fan of yours.

    5. Halting Refugee Resettlement

    Refugee resettlement is not often seen as a legal immigration issue, as it is not handled by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) but rather the State Department. It has been a heated subject for quite some time across America. Since 1975, the U.S. has resettled more than 3 million into the country, often from terrorist-sanctioned areas and vastly different cultures.

    Previously, Trump has railed against the refugee resettlement program, arguing that it does not properly vet foreign refugees who could pose a danger to Americans. Most recently, the majority of the President’s travel ban, which halts refugee resettlement from a slew of Muslim-majority nations, has been allowed to be enacted by the U.S. Supreme Court on the issue. This has excited Trump’s working-class, middle-class base, which supports the travel ban more than any other group of Americans. Though the travel ban is a step forward for reform, a full halt on refugee resettlement until the process of extreme vetting is perfected would stay true to Trump’s initial sentiments.


  3. If Hawaii really wants or needs more refugees then give them more from communities here where they are not wanted. Certainly though it would be difficult for these places they could send them a few hundred along with TB, hepatitis, and the disease of choice. Minnesota cannot pay their medical costs so start there and allow the judge to chip in to the state treasury a few million to fund it. He wants to help so much.


  4. The so called courts today are private for profit corporations!

    according to a D & B report!

    There is NO legislative act that created lawyers or BAR ASSOCIATIONS.

    It is ALL evidence of TREASON b/c it is the facts & the law!!!


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