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New Hampshire: Congolese refugee escapes prosecution in domestic violence case

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 15, 2017

It was  only two days ago that I told you that “assimilation” is a dirty word in the lexicon of the Open Borders/Refugee industry.  I also told you that we have admitted over 40,000 ‘refugees’ from the DR Congo (so  far) with a UN agreed upon goal of taking 50,000.

(DR Congolese refugees are the largest ethnic group coming in under the Trump Administration. Only 3.8% are Muslim, if you are wondering.)

UNHCR asked us to help clean out the camps and we said ‘Yes, sir!’

Now both posts serve as background for this stunner from Manchester, NH about a refugee from DR Congo who beat a woman (no mention if it was his wife) and was given a free pass by the legal system because he had come from a violent culture.

After reading the story here and here, I realized why the refugee advocates and officials have mentioned in the past that women from the DR Congo will need lots of (costly) mental health treatment.

Not just women and children!

Augustin Bahati “lacked the cultural competency to participate in the American justice system.”

And, we were led to believe that we were getting mostly women and children.  I just checked the demographic data at Wrapsnet and was shocked to learn that men and women are pretty much equal in number and in fact in the 21-30 age group in most years, men arriving here out-numbered the women in that group!

Here is a bit from the story at (hat tip: Joanne):

Assimilation is one of the most critical aspects of any successful immigration system. It determines whether an aspiring migrant will be able to adapt to a nation’s values, laws, and culture. And no, this type of assimilation doesn’t mean that one must throw away all of the cultural heritage that makes a person who they are. Rather, it means that they must reconcile their heritage with the laws and values of the nation they wish to join.

A breaking story in New Hampshire highlights the importance of this concept. According to court records obtained by the New Hampshire Union Leader, a prosecutor dropped domestic violence charges against Augustin Bahati, a Congolese refugee, when she unilaterally decided “that he lacked the cultural competency to participate in the American justice system.” In essence, this means that the prosecutor determined Bahati was still so rooted in his old culture – where domestic violence is presumably acceptable – that he was incapable of being legally responsible for violating American domestic abuse laws.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where Bahati is originally from, sexual abuse and domestic violence are commonplace. In fact, The DRC is often referred to as “the rape capital of the world.” Throughout the 20-year, ongoing civil war within the republic’s borders, the Brooking’s Institution estimates that as many as 48 rapes occur every hour, largely stemming from members of rival militias. In addition, there are very few laws on the books aimed at protecting women from spousal abuse.

This decision is highly troubling, especially since Bahati’s alleged crimes include “striking, pushing, grabbing, kicking and pulling out the hair” of a woman who was 27 weeks pregnant, according to the Union Leader. What the Manchester prosecutor seems to be saying, is that Bahati’s domestic abuse should be tolerated, because he is new to the United States and still acting according to the moral and legal standards of his native country.

Continue reading here.

And, don’t miss the Union Leader story here.

Does your state ‘welcome’ refugees from the DR Congo? 

Most states do. Only HAWAII, Delaware, West Virginia and Wyoming have escaped!

Since this big resettlement began in earnest in FY2013, we went back to that year (up to the present day) at Wrapsnet.  40,216 are living in your towns and cities.  Only 9,784 to go to please the United Nations, but I have never seen one of these camp clean out projects end when they promised it would!



If you can’t read Florida, it is 1,433. Alaska got 81. NH, where this travesty of justice for women happened, got 703. And, Hawaii which is just dying for more refugees got ZERO!


Here are the Top Ten states with the most DR Congolese refugees arriving since FY2013:


So much for Texas getting out of the program. And, where is California, it is most often #1 or 2???


Did you write to ‘The Donald’ today???

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to tell the White House what you think!

8 Responses to “New Hampshire: Congolese refugee escapes prosecution in domestic violence case”

  1. ajweberman said Bongo Bongo I wanna leave the congo


  2. FatherJon said

    What possible use are these people to a sane, civilised society? We have them in Australia too. They have no skills, no common language and are so deeply rooted in their own primitve cultures as to make them completely unassimilable. Melbourne is currently in the grip of a huge African crime wave which the Victorian state govt. is incapable of stopping and unable to acknowledge despite daily crimes being committed, largely by Somalis and Sudanese.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. katmanwon said

    “that he lacked the cultural competency to participate in the American justice system.”

    IFF the Prosecutor will NOT STAND for law, order or justice – them it is TREASON.

    HOW DARE ANY Public Servant NOT TO DO THERE JOB – this is misconduct & THEY should be fired immediately.

    I really would like to talk w/ you – as YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW & you can be tweaked – which would make you more powerful!


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Send me an e-mail today with your main points you want to inform me about… I will check my e-mails later today.


  4. ourcatsgotfleas said

    But surely the best way to teach Augustin Bahati “cultural competency” is to give him in six months in gaol? Legal types everywhere seem to have forgotten that ignorance of the law is no defence.

    Besides, the name ‘Augustin’ strongly suggests a Christian background, so he does have the cultural competency to integrate into the USA, and if he doesn’t what is he doing in the USA?

    Perhaps ‘cultural competency’ should be the yardstick by which immigrants of any description are admitted. Oh wait, that’s how it used to be in those happy days when sanity prevailed.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. alkidya said

    These refugees, through an interpreter, should be informed, before their arrival into our countries in the west, that they cannot treat women the same way they did in their mother countries, and tat, if they do, they will be sent to jail or deported or both. This applies to all refugees, whether Muslim, Christian or other religious ideology.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. NH mak8ing headlines again for nonexistent protection from our AG’s office. The Head prosecutor who has allowed 70% of violent MALE domestic violence suspects go, has resigned. Despicable.

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