Refugee news round-up July 16, 2017

I tried this previously, and will try it again because there is way too much refugee news for me to keep up with.

Thanks to all of you for sending me stories (most I tweet, if I don’t post) and I read a lot that you should know about, but haven’t time to post it all.  Therefore, I am trying again to simply give you links to follow on your own.

(Not to be confused with my occasional weekly and monthly round-ups of RRW top stories)

~’Charities’ freak out as Italy tries to slow the flow of African migrants to the country. From The Independent:

~Turkey’s great wall is nearing completion! From Al-Monitor:

~Canada granting asylum to too many, and that is why some Canadians prefer Trump to Trudeau.  From The New York Post:

Here come the “replacements.”

~White South Africans face genocide, why aren’t they admitted as refugees? From WND:

~Derbyshire: Trump could put white South Africans in his determination for FY18 due in September. From VDARE:

~Europe’s Afghan crime wave out of control. From The National Interest:

~Heritage allows a twenty-something to set their refugee policy and Forbes publishes it! Nuts!

~French Archbishop says the “great replacement” is underway in Europe. From Christian Today:

~ For all of you who have asked how ‘citizens’ are voting who can’t speak a word of English, here is the answer. From the Unz Review:

More later ….

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2 thoughts on “Refugee news round-up July 16, 2017

  1. I heard that the Italian Mafia has figured out a way to profit from the migrant crisis, so if that is true, which it probably is, there might be even more opposition to ending the flow of migrants.

    The “Great replacement” is also known as the Kalergi Plan, a plan devised decades ago to replace the white population of Europe with brown and black people.


  2. A few thoughts regarding the content of your website:
    Almost every massive human being resettlement in the past ended up in decimation of the “first nations”.
    The governments/think-tanks know about it very well.
    The reason for the current trend of mixing people of different races/religions/cultures is the decision by the UN to reduce the human population worldwide to the levels below 1 billion.
    What is awaiting all of us in the near future is a war of epic proportions…


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