Catholic Bishops, Lutherans lament: not enough refugees coming in to pay our bills

LOL! No of course they didn’t say it that way, but that is what they mean.  Instead, once again, it is about the poor refugees left in the lurch in some third world hell hole because of that meany Donald J. Trump.

This is a broken record alert, but I plan to continue to pound the issue of payment to contractors being tied to the number of refugees admitted, so there is never a reasonable discussion about any slowdown or reform of the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.

If they were paying for their Christian ‘charity’ out of the pockets of good and kind-hearted parishioners, I would have nothing to say. But, until the USCCB admits to the media that they receive 97% of their annual migration fund budget (about $83 million in 2014) from taxpayers, I will be a broken record on the issue.

It was only six days ago I did a new accounting report for the nine federal refugee contractors*** quasi-government agencies that monopolize all resettlement in the US.

Both the Bishops and the Lutheran contractor are 96-97% funded by US taxpayers!

You will never know that by reading this news.  Indeed, Charity Navigator, a service that rates charities to help you decide if you want to give, said this about LIRS (they would have said the same about the USCCB except that outfit doesn’t file a Form 990, that we can find).

This organization is not eligible to be rated by Charity Navigator because, as a service for individual givers, we only rate organizations that depend on support from individual contributors and foundations. Organizations such as this, that get most of their revenue from the government or from program services, are therefore not eligible to be rated.

In this story from Crux (a Catholic publication) we learn that Catholics and Lutherans are #1 and #2 in the number of refugees they drop off in American towns and cities.

Here is Crux (lamentations):

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Amid a federal judge ordering the government to broaden the exemptions to the immigration travel ban partially upheld by the Supreme Court, Catholic and Lutheran leaders lamented that the immigration cap had been reached for refugees without such exemptions for the 2017 fiscal year.

The federal government suspended travel July 12 for refugee immigrants without close family connections after confirming that 50,000 refugees – the limit imposed by President Donald Trump in a March 6 executive order – had arrived on U.S. soil.

“We remain deeply troubled by the human consequences of the revised executive order on refugee admissions and the travel ban,” said Bishop Joe S. Vasquez of Austin, Texas, chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Migration, in a July 13 statement.

“Resettling only 50,000 refugees a year, down from 110,000, does not reflect the need, our compassion, and our capacity as a nation,” Vasquez added. “We have the ability to continue to assist the most vulnerable among us without sacrificing our values as Americans or the safety and security of our nation.” [Be sure to see my post on the ceilings going back 30 years, here.  Note that Obama got no where near 110,000 until he was virtually walking out the door, now that has become the standard measure!—ed]

“The pause on resettlement and restrictions on the number of persons who can enter our country as refugees will have an immediate effect on our ability to conduct the lifesaving work of providing safety and protection,” said a July 12 statement by Kay Bellor, vice president for programs of Lutheran Immigrant and Refugee Service, which is second only to the U.S. bishops’ Migration and Refugee Services in the number of refugees it helps resettle in the United States.  [Yes, it will have an immediate effect because your organization raised virtually NO PRIVATE MONEY!—ed]

William Canny is the Bishops’ lobbyist in DC. He gets his salary, whatever it is, largely from the US taxpayer. Photo and bio here:


“As Bishop Vasquez said, it’s very sad, deeply troubling,” MRS executive director William Canny told Catholic News Service July 14.

Pushing for 75,000 refugees in FY18!

At least they have tempered the demand for 200,000 they made of Obama for his last year. If Trump admits 75,000 he will be about 10,000 above the average admissions for the last ten years (which included their dear leader’s years).

Crux continues….

“What we’re advocating for is 75,000” refugees to come into the United States during fiscal 2018, Canny told CNS. “We understand that the administration has security concerns. The administration made some initiative to reduce the number of refugees coming into the country. We don’t agree with it, so at a minimum, we think we should be bringing in 75,000.”

Bellor agreed with the 75,000 figure, noting the number is “less than the need.” Citing United Nations World Refugee Day figures, “the numbers are definitely not shrinking,” she said. “The number of people on the move is 66 million.”

LOL! 75,000 must be the point where they can keep their budgets plenty full with your money!

There is more at Crux, go here to read it all.

Come on all of you (not just the Lutherans and the Catholics), admit that your ‘charitable’ work with refugees could not happen without a huge infusion of more than a half a billion $ a year in federal funding.

And, come on mainstream media, it is time you told the truth!

***Federal contractors/middlemen/lobbyists/community organizers paid by you to place refugees in your towns and cities.  Because their income is largely dependent on taxpayer dollars based on the number of refugees admitted to the US, the only way for real reform of how the US admits refugees is to remove the contractors from the process.


13 thoughts on “Catholic Bishops, Lutherans lament: not enough refugees coming in to pay our bills

  1. After these refugees come in and join the churches, they are still a drain. They’re not the ones giving the level of donations to maintain the parishes, but the parishes fall all over themselves trying to accommodate the languages, provide social services and more.


    1. Do these Catholic Bishops and Lutheran pastors really believe these Muslim migrants entering Germany will pay their bills? How delusional can these Christian leaders be? The migrants expect to be given welfare and other free stuff, not pay the bills of Christian religious leaders.


  2. So basically we get to pay three times for the koranimals coming in. First the churches take our hard earned tax dollars….then we get to give more tax dollars for the care and feeding of said creatures..and then all those new prisons being built all over the country to take care of the criminals who claim they are not criminals, just because, they lie/cheat/steal/rape/murder. Like you know the typical guy in front of the judge, “Your honor I didn’t know I can’t rape one of your women as our Koran allows us to do that”. A friend of mine retired from the CT prison complex about five years ago. He told me that in recent years more and more moes are coming into our prisons. They say you can’t teach an old dog, new tricks, I’d add that you can’t expect 7th century mindsets to adapt to American values or our way of living.


  3. really, the ‘deep state’ is as much these contractors and their congressional enablers as it is the government bureaucracy.


  4. Ann,

    Just so folks understand what a BIG BUSINESS the refugee resettlement program really is, my most recent info regarding the amount of $ local refugee resettlement programs get from the US government is as follows:.

    For every refugee arrival, the local program receives $2,025 PER CAP (including children). The ostensible purpose of this grant is to prevent these new arrivals from qualifying for the whole welfare enchilada at least during their first 30 days after arrival. (They are still eligible for medical services which the State where they are resettled covers, though the State is reimbursed by the feds for somewhere between 8 or 18 months after their arrival.)

    For those families which have at least one employable (18 yrs old and able to work), the family can be enrolled the Early Employment Match Grant Program (MG) from the 31st day which is designed to cover the refugees’ basic needs up to an additional 5 months. The Match Grant is $2,200 PER CAP. And so long as that one employable remains employed during that period the family is counted as “employed”/”self-sufficient”. With MG, the only thing the program must come up with locally is a 10% “cash match” (via local donations) and 40% “in-kind match” (the mkt value of donated items such as volunteer time/mileage, furniture, etc.) which is totally manageable. If insufficient income is earned by the employable(s) with that MG-enrolled family to support family’s needs, the family is eligible for food stamps, etc. as a member of the “working poor”.

    Thus, for a family of 5 the agency gets $10,125 to provide food, clothing, shelter, bus passes, etc. for its first 30 days. AND, if there is one employable in that family unit, the agency gets an additional $11,000. Total $21,125 for direct assistance to cover the family’s first 6 months in-country. OF COURSE, a family of 5 will not require this much $ to survive its first 6 months, so the agency develops a direct assistance budget which incorporates the agency’s cut for administrative overhead (salaries, etc.) as well. Normally–and though it may vary program to program–the agency is able to keep about 50% of the total for itself.

    After 6 months, MANY families become dependent upon partial or full welfare support until they are able to earn enough income to render themselves ineligible. How long that takes is up to the family’s ambition, ability to work, transportation available, and number employed within the family unit. After 6 months, the agency isn’t financially responsible for them.

    This is why NUMBERS are so central to the refugee resettlement business model. Without numbers, the agency would have to rely upon unreliable local charitable donations to cover expenses.


      1. Ann, just to clarify above: if one person in family is employed by the end of the 6-mo period (i.e. the initial 30-day Reception & Placement period + the following 5 mos. of Match Grant), the case is considered “employed”. AND so long as the case is NOT receiving public CASH assistance–all other forms of welfare being acceptable–the case is rendered “self-sufficient”. Misleading, to say the least.


      2. To further clarify above, if after 6 months the employables in case are employed and the case is not receiving public CASH assistance, they are rendered “self-sufficient”, this despite the fact that many are, as “working poor”, eligible for all other forms of welfare assistance. If, after 6 months, the employables are employed and receiving public CASH assistance, the case is rendered “employed”. In either case, the use of these terms to describe their status is misleading.


  5. Wouldn’t it be nice if these churches were contracted to help out our own people, instead of illegals and dangerous third world leeches? this seems a more fitting use of our tax money.


  6. Too bad for those poor crying babies, most of them are earning an excellent living, and they should not have been a part to start a flood of refugees in the first place. A good majority of them are not missing any meals by a long shot, and in fact in majority of the cases they are the ones who just love homelessness, because they are the ones to receive the grants, and very little goes to helping anyone homeless. The system of the churches and synagogues are one of the most rigged systems that exists today. They will literally kick an American that is homeless to the ground to help a refugee, believe me this is fact and most definitely not fiction. You can not hide the truth forever:


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