Minneapolis Somali police officer, shoots and kills woman who called 911

The 40-year-old Australian woman had called 911 to report a disturbance in an alley near the home she shared with her fiance. As  she walked to the responding officers’ car, reportedly in her pajamas, she was shot by officer Mohamed Noor, one of the city’s newest diversity picks for its police force.

Justine who is described as a 40 year old veterinarian and yoga instructor from Australia was inexplicably killed by a Somali refugee cum police officer. Dare I say, white lives matter.

I heard about the story on our local radio station yesterday, but not a word about the shooter, until I read Leo Hohmann’s report at WND last night.  Believe it or not, but CNN was reporting the story this morning complete with the officer’s name scrolled below the report.  CNN said Officer Noor apologized and said he had her friends and family in his “thoughts and prayers.”

There was no explanation given in the CNN report about why he shot the unarmed woman, or why the officers’ body cameras were turned off.

Here is Hohmann at WND:

The Minneapolis cop who shot and killed a 40-year-old woman after she called 9-1-1 to report a possible crime near her home was identified Monday as the precinct’s first Somali-American officer — Mohamed Noor.

Noor has only been a police officer for two years and has already been sued for alleged unprofessional behavior. The May 2017 lawsuit also involved a female and accusations of brutality.

The shooting late Saturday night happened at the end of an alley in the city’s Fulton neighborhood.

Justine Ruszczyk Damond, a native of Sydney, Australia, was a veterinarian and a yoga instructor who recently got engaged to longtime boyfriend Don Damond. She and her fiancé lived in the 5000 block of Washburn.


Noor, 31, was born in Somalia.

That is Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges in green head scarf, literally snuggling with a Somali constituent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3po7RG2Eyc

KSTP, citing a source with direct knowledge of the shooting, reported that Noor was sitting in the passenger seat of the squad car at the time of the shooting and “shot across his partner” at Damond, who approached the officers’ car in her pajamas and began talking to the officer in the driver’s seat.

One of Damond’s friends, who identified herself only by her first name, Hannah, told the Star-Tribune that there was “no way” Damond would have been armed.

“She often talked about how much better it was in Australia, where people aren’t allowed to have guns,” Hannah told the local newspaper.

“This is a very bizarre story,” Debra Anderson, chair of ACT For America’s Minnesota chapter and a resident of Minneapolis. “How could a women in pajamas possibly be perceived as a threat, on the opposite side of the car, no less?”

The story is making headlines around the world.

Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges will have a lot of explaining to do!

Minneapolis has the nation’s largest concentration of Somali refugees, with the community estimated at approximately 50,000 strong in the city. The city’s Democrat mayor and council have made every effort to hire Somalis as part of the city’s diversity program.

Continue here for more information and more photos. I’ve only snipped a tiny bit of a more detailed story. And, surely there will be updates during the day.

For new readers: Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis?  Thank Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services (as well as other refugee contractors) placing Somali Muslims there for decades.  See my post from 2011 when I first learned how that happened.  See yesterday’s post about Catholics and Lutherans placing the largest numbers of refugees into unsuspecting American towns and cities.

25 thoughts on “Minneapolis Somali police officer, shoots and kills woman who called 911

  1. No doubt “WE” will be told “police cams” were turned of and Moslem officer was startled by fireworks (which no one else heard)


    1. This idiot also endangered his partner by shooting across him as the woman approached the driver side. It’s only by chance that the partner didn’t cop the bullet. Wonder how the story would have run then


  2. Must have been a wild brain fart that invited a Somali to join the police force in the first place. That aside, the dead Aussie woman got it wrong about people not allowed to own guns in Australia. In fact our streets are awash with illegal guns, there are gun fights and assassinations across our cities almost nightly as Lebanese and biker gangs battle for drug turf. The federal government, naively, has declared a 3 month amnesty, expecting everyone to hand in their guns. That only works for the good guys, the baddies are unlikely to take up the offer and the gins keep coming in via the postal services, on freighters or in the diplomatic bags of third world embassies.


  3. Moslem men are taught that they are the superior beings and that females and non-Moslems have fewer if any civil , legal, or human rights.

    We are asininely stupid to bring these beasts to our nation where they have one intention, to subjugate, terrorize, intimidate us into submission.

    This cold blooded murder of an obviously attractive white woman by a devout, sharia compliant Moslem is a consequence of our ignorance.

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  4. We can only imagine the rococo twists and turns of various affirmative action tricks that are feverishly employed by our occupation governments so that officials will be able to triumphantly point to hiring Somalis as local police officers. ‘See, bigots, they are protecting you!’

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      1. Many years ago when I went through the Minneapolis Police Department’s recruitment process (and was accepted and put on the list), we all took the Minnesota Multi Phasic test and some others to determine how we wo0uld handle stress and would behave once we had that badge on our chest. The purpose of this testing was to weed out those who would become “tin gods”. Noor, a Moslem is a “tin god”

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  5. http://eheadlines.com/somali-american-police-officer-shoots-homeowner-in-pjs-dead-fiance-declares-it-was-a-homicide-video/

    I found the above vid on “Right Alerts”.

    Well, I hope all of the white libtards in Minnesota wake up.

    However, hypothetically, the murderer will gain sympathy by saying that he was suffering from PTSD because of the crack-down on, and deportations, of, immigrants. He most likely has family here, some of whom are undocumented. So then it becomes the fault of our President. The murderer was just a victim of white racism.


  6. These immigrants or refugees as they call themselves, do not understand our culture, how things work, sometimes even how to use the toilet facilities or clean their hands. It is a burden on all of us and now a woman is dead because they are trying to put people to work that are not qualified for their jobs. It makes me sick.


  7. I think the truth was so incriminating that they had to go with the story that the officers’ bodycams were off.
    I really think there may be something to “sudden jihad syndrome”. In Missouri, Salam al Shimaily cut a woman’s throat and stabbed her after a date, for no apparent reason.


    1. The latest news is that the shooter, Mohamed Noor, is refusing to cooperate with, or give a statement to, investigators.
      Typical arrogance of these people. 54-year-old Ingrid T of Austria was walking her two dogs when an 18 year old fully veiled Somali woman attacked her. Ingrid had to be hospitalized; it took three men to remove her attacker. The attacker’s husband reportedly said, “ “We don’t want dogs — they are filthy!”


  8. Why is nothing said about Noor’s RELIGION.? Most Somalis are MOSLEM. Noor is a black Moslem.Why did Noor shoot? He and his partner were not in any danger. Why are not minority groups (Blacks) demonstrating against police brutality?

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  9. Waiting for the riots and the burning of their neighborhood by her white friends and neighbors. crickets……. A somali shitbag kills an unarmed white woman, probably because she wasn’t wearing a hijab. This isn’t the police department, this is the sharia police!

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    1. Noor’s not allowed to enforce Sharia anywhere in Minneapolis .. He and all other Minneapolis police officers are only allowed to enforce the laws of Minneapolis, Minnesota and the US, NO religious laws allowed, especially Sharia.

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