The “Gypsies” causing community outrage in a Pittsburgh suburb are wannabe refugees

A friend e-mailed last night to alert me to the controversy she had been hearing about through another friend living in the outraged community—California, PA.

Coincidentally, although I didn’t see it, I believe Tucker Carlson did a story on the town and its enraged citizens last night as well.

Downtown California, PA, another town roiled by a federal immigration agency from Washington, DC. secretly placing migrants there.,_Pennsylvania

It seems that rather than hold in detention migrants who got to the US illegally and have apparently asked for political asylum, the federal government is placing large numbers in unsuspecting communities.  Although I have no proof, I will bet a buck that the placement of wannabe ‘refugees’ is being facilitated with our usual gang of refugee contractors.

I looked around for news on the “gypsy” controversy and found many stories including this one at The Blaze:

Residents in California, Pennsylvania, a small borough of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, have said they are outraged after the federal government moved 40 Romanian “gypsies” into the town of 7,000 as part of the government’s Alternative to Detention program.

On Thursday, more than 150 residents attended a community meeting about the immigrants, who residents say have failed to assimilate to American customs and norms. The residents cited trash in yards, disruptions in town markets, children and men defecating in public streets, and immigrants cutting off the heads of chickens in public areas, according to a report by WTAE-TV. None of the immigrants, who are undocumented, have been charged with any other serious criminal offenses. [I’ve found over the years that there is nothing that infuriates a community more than public crapping!—ed]


The Romanian immigrants ended up in the California borough as part of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Alternative to Detention program, which allows immigrants to live in U.S. communities instead of being detained while they await a final decision about their immigration status.


About 600 residents have signed a petition demanding the gypsies change their living habits. [Assimilation issue again!—ed]

More here.

Although the word ‘asylum’ is not mentioned, surely these Roma people are waiting for a decision from an asylum court about whether they will be granted refugee status.

For new readers there are two normal channels for getting that most desired immigration status we can bestow on anyone (because doors are opened, the migrant gets a caseworker and refugees are eligible for most forms of welfare)—refugee status!

The normal channel is the one we write about most often—that is where we fly refugees in (most chosen by the UN) and place them with a refugee contractor.  The other channel is for a migrant to get to the US on his/her own steam (most often illegally) and then ask for political asylum.  If granted asylum, the migrant is just as much a refugee as the ones we fly in.  The Tsarnaev (Boston Bombers) were in a family granted asylum and were therefore REFUGEES.

We approve asylum for about 25,000 each year (see here) and that is in addition to the numbers we are always talking about as part of the President’s annual determination (50,194 as of today for FY17).

Those hundreds of thousands of mostly economic migrants from Africa and the Middle East working their way to Europe are going to ask for asylum there (they are NOT refugees, yet)—European countries could turn them down if they had the guts.

I spent a few minutes looking around for other information on the illegal movement of Roma and found this very informative AP story from 2012 about Roma crossing the Mexican border on their way to Canada. So, it appears we have apprehended this group in California, PA before they could get to our northern border.

11 thoughts on “The “Gypsies” causing community outrage in a Pittsburgh suburb are wannabe refugees

  1. Taxpayers In Drive-Thru Hell: ‘Sir, here’s your bag of angry Muslim refugees –like some illegal gypsy grifters with that?!’


  2. I could never understand what use ‘Romanian gypsies’ would be to the American economy or communities anyway. They are highly disliked across Europe, with their kids being taught pickpocketing and mugging skills at ATMs. They are non-political therefore could hardly claim ‘political persecution’ for their ideals – they don’t have any! Must have been a brain storm at Obama’s HQ that brought these people to the USA.


  3. Whether they are a refugee or an asylum seeker is a matter of semantics. there are people who will fiercely argue that the Tsarnev brothers’ family were mere “asylum” seekers. Look at the definition of both words, someone who is seeking asylum and someone who is seeking refuge are both seeking the same thing. So called refugees are seeking a safe place to live (asylum), and asylum seekers are seeking refuge in another country. But Anne is right, these people are economic migrants who are crying wolf and pretending to be seek asylum/refuge. These economic migrants are nothing but INVADERS who are here to steal our land, job, resources, and to displace our heritage.

    This is an outright invasion

    These are people who decided their home country wasn’t good enough for them anymore, and that they wanted to move to a new and better one where they think the streets are paved with gold. Needs and wants are two different things, and furthermore, the needs of American citizens should come first before the needs of losers from a failed state. if they weren’t smart or successful enough to repair their home country, why would they succeed in America? why should they even be given a chance when there are so many failed attempts by others just like them. Why aren’t American citizens given a chance first? There are so many unemployed Veterans and homeless Veterans who would have made better police officers than this Somali


  4. Any cop will tell you that the “Roma” create a crime wave where ever they turn up. And that’s regarding American born and bred Roma. These are fresh off the boat.


  5. My friends you have not even heard nor seen the tip of the ice berg when it comes to outrage, outrage has not even begun. Wait until you see these refugees try to take control over the American Indian Reservations, and the American Indian Culture. There are countless number of American Indian Tribes, that regardless of some differences, these differences will not make a difference, when it comes to an actual all out war, and I do not mean battle, I mean WAR!!! There shall be more than just fireworks. These “modern day refugees and immigrants” are not here for a change or a better life, they are here TO CLAIM ALL!!!


  6. “The Romanian immigrants ended up in the California borough as part of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Alternative to Detention program, which allows immigrants to live in U.S. communities instead of being detained while they await a final decision about their immigration status.”

    Methinks somebody made a BIGLY Boo-Boo. They were probably supposed to be dropped off in California, not California, PA. No one would have said anything if they had only landed in the sanctuary state. 😉

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    1. Not really, many counties in California, mostly north and central, not invaded yet by the third world, voted for Trump.


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