Don’t get too bogged down in legal wrangling on refugees….

… September the rubber meets the road!

I haven’t the time or energy tonight to sort out the latest details of what the Supreme Court did today and I’m not losing sleep over it.  I’ll have updates tomorrow after I make an early run to the airport.

What happens to your towns and cities is up to Tillerson and Trump in the remaining weeks of the fiscal year, not the Supreme Court!

But, what I want to leave you with tonight is this….

Donald Trump’s State Department (with orders from the White House) can slow-walk refugee admissions for the next 2 months and 12 days.

After all, the Supreme Court has already gone way beyond its Constitutional authority and literally written a whole new program for admitting refugee relatives past the 50,000 CEILING, so Trump can just ignore them. He is within the law!

DHS can very carefully (VERY carefully) examine each potential refugee through the remainder of the fiscal year which ends September 30th.

So don’t get bogged down in minutia that ends with the fiscal year (when the EO ends), begin now to look at FY2018.

In September, the White House sends its ‘determination’ to Congress for CONSULTATION.  The determination that is being crafted at this very minute (with the contractors’*** help) will say how many refugees and from what parts of the world we will admit them.

You need to hammer the White House and your member of Congress and US Senators about what you think—NOW!  If you think it should be zero (or whatever), say so!

In September we will know if Donald Trump and Congress have any intention of reforming the monstrosity that the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program has become.

***Federal contractors/middlemen/lobbyists/community organizers paid by you to place refugees in your towns and cities. At this minute they are sending ‘abstracts’ to Washington which are their personal wish lists and plans for who will be ‘welcomed’ to your towns.

Because their income is largely dependent on taxpayer dollars based on the number of refugees admitted to the US, the only way for real reform of how the US admits refugees is to remove the contractors from the process. I have ideas on how to do that, but no one in Congress every asks!

4 thoughts on “Don’t get too bogged down in legal wrangling on refugees….

  1. Certainly the SCOTUS had to know by widening the kindred of Muslims it opens the door wide for the multiple wives many men have. They may call them cousins or nieces, but dig deeper as you vet. Making babies within the 3rd degree of kindred can yield children with a wide range of genetic disorders.

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  2. I hope the President effectively uses his bully pulpit to neutralize the refugee resettlement industry and their lackey self-serving lobbyists. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I pray his legal advisors, among whom may be constitutional attys worth their salt, make him fully aware of his constitutional authority–and duty– as President to dictate who and how many refugees enter the country. The overreaching courts be damned.


  3. ANN TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!! All of us shall be sorting events, etc…forever, the sorting out process never ends. There is constantly tons of work to do. Eventually this entire country will be in a perpetual state of insomnia, considering where the next bomb cometh from. I can tell you, there shall be no end to the news. SEE YOU IN THE MORNING, AND A GOOD NIGHT HUGS~~~~~


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