The questions that won’t be asked about Minneapolis police shooting of Australian woman

Update: I couldn’t help myself and wrote another post on this story when I saw the WaPo quoting our old friend Omar Jamal, here.

Mainstream media is already trying to direct your attention to an excuse for the shocking shooting of an unarmed woman (in pajamas) by a Somali refugee police officer—a “diversity” hire.  Now we hear that there were firecracker sounds nearby. If it was that simple why then has the shooter, Mohamed Noor, reportedly refused to talk to police investigators.

Leo Hohmann at WND has an update.

Former Congresswoman and presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann wonders if there will be questions about a possible crime of bias. Not likely!


Given the political makeup of the city’s leadership and its desire to hire more black officers, especially those with roots in the Somali community, it is highly unlikely that investigators will seek to find out if Noor was motivated by his own religious bias in the killing of Justine Damond, said former Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Michele Bachmann raises an issue that you know is on many minds.

The question that needs to be answered is, was this shooting a mistake or was it a “cultural seizure” by a Muslim officer who snapped and acted irrationally at the sight of a woman in her pajamas?

“The shooting makes no sense, and Noor comes from the mandated cover-up women culture,” Bachmann told WND. “That’s why I’m wondering if they’ll ask whether his cultural views led him to shoot her. That’s something, if true, I can’t imagine the progressives would allow to get out.

“Minneapolis race-baiters traffic in imagined bias,” Bachmann added. “This may have been real bias. But will we ever know?”

If the mainstream media won’t go there (and we highly doubt any investigators in the police department will) , and ask the questions you know would be asked if the situation were different, we will join Bachmann (as Hohmann reported):

….because of Minnesota’s political culture, most notably its iron-clad commitment to political correctness, the strange shooting of Justine Damond may never get an honest investigation, says Ann Corcoran, who has followed the refugee influx into more than 300 U.S. cities and towns over the past decade.

The influence of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, and Muslim politicians like Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., is enormous and cannot be overstated, Corcoran said.

“This is conquered territory, so they will never even ask the pertinent questions, let alone get to the answers,” said Corcoran, who blogs at Refugee Resettlement Watch.

Just imagine if the situation had been flipped and it had been a young, attractive Muslim woman who called 9-1-1 and ran out in her pajamas, thinking she was going to get help, only to be shot and killed by a white officer,” Corcoran added. “Think about the outcry that would have sparked from Minneapolis’ liberal mayor and her cohorts. They would have played the race card and the religion card immediately. But because it was a black Muslim officer, you hear nothing about race or religion as a possible motivator.”

Corcoran said she also doubts there will be any calls to the Minneapolis hate-crimes hotline.

Read the whole story here and learn how the city of Minneapolis has twisted itself into pretzels attempting to hire police officers that reflect the diversity of the population there.

Thank first and foremost Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services (federal refugee resettlement contractors) for changing the demographic make-up of Minneapolis. Now other cities in Minnesota are going the same way.  See here.

Expect to see the whole sorry incident swept under the rug within days….

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  1. His neighbor, who happens to be African-American, said that the cop was jittery all the time. This a symptom of using khat, a drug that Somalis often use illegally. He should have been tested for that.
    The latest news is that the cop’s attorney wants tests done to see if the victim was on Ambien.


  2. Anyone who believes that his excuse was that he was startled by a noise such as a firecracker, should put an ‘unloaded’ gun into a snapped holster, then strap onto on their hip, then sit themselves down in the passenger seat of a vehicle. Now imagine that you’re sitting there and you’re startled by fireworks… people may flinch, or duck, or perhaps jerk, when they’re startled, but whatever they do it’s typically a response that is over in one second. A startled person is not going to go through all of the motions that it would have taken to shoot that poor woman. The cop would have had to lean over towards his partner so that he reach for his firearm and unsnap it so he could then fully withdraw it from the holster, then he would’ve had to deliberately raise it and point it at the woman who was standing at the drivers open door window of the police car as she talked to his partner, then the cop had to squeeze off a round (or two or more as some have said), all the while being careful not to hit his partner (who had no idea what he was about to do so he’s not leaning back into the seat to give him a clear shot at the victim). This cop, for whatever reason, seems to have murdered this woman in cold blood, and I don’t care about their religions or skin color – I would feel the same way if it was a white officer who shot a black muslim woman in her pajamas after she called them there for help. This was wrong and the cop should be charged – yet he probably won’t, because skin color and the “religion of peace” are everything that the liberals and the media try to coddle and protect, and the victim was after all just a white woman. It’s sad and it’s sick.


  3. Just awful. That poor woman (and her family).

    The skinnies are literally the Worst People On Earth. In Australia, they commit crime at at least five times the rate of others in the country- which includes some other pretty undesirable immigrants.


  4. Ann: thank you for your empowered diligence! We as We The People Must Demand Answers – Do Not let This Go! Americans are still allowing themselves to be ‘Conditioned.’ We as We the Patriot People Must ‘Awaken their comfort zone now.’ Can you and in fact Michele B create a special link for all of us to contact the police chief and demand answers? Please advise. Rhoda


    1. Hi Rhoda, Anyone interested in calling the Minneapolis police department, I believe you could find contact info. on line… better yet, complain to the Mayor’s office esp. if you live in Minnesota!

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  5. Somalia is extremely backward and utterly dripping with Islamo-fascist ‘piety’. He was raised to regard kaffir women to be without value especially if dressed to be killed.


  6. The Politics are responsible for the death of this women this is what you get you let this 3. world Barbarians in and give them jobs, a leopard never changes his dots

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