Minneapolis police chief resigns; Bachmann says grand jury must be impaneled

Apparently Mohamed Noor still won’t talk to police investigators in the wake of the worst disaster for advocates of ‘diversity hires’ in America—the shooting by a Somali former refugee of an unarmed woman, an immigrant, who had called 911 looking for help.

Former presidential candidate Rep.Michele Bachmann, not silent in her home state: Where is the grand jury? And, could this have been a hate crime?

Not only has the police chief resigned, announced by the mayor at a tempestuous press conference, but the people of Minneapolis are out for the mayor’s head as well.  Here is one report from The Guardian (foreign press isnt’ giving up on the story!).

Here is what Leo Hohmann (WND) reported yesterday in an update of the story we reported here, here and here.

A day before submitting her resignation, Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau, in her first public statement on the killing nearly a week ago of an unarmed woman by a Somali refugee cop, called her death “unnecessary” and said it went against the protocol and training given to her officers.

“Justine [Damond] didn’t have to die,” Harteau, the city’s first openly lesbian police chief, said at a press conference Thursday night. Harteau had been hiking in Colorado all week in the aftermath of the shooting.

Harteau said based on current information about the case, there was no justification for officer Mohamed Noor’s decision to shoot Damond, a 40-year-old bride-to-be and yoga instructor who had moved to the U.S. from Australia to be with her fiancée.

Harteau submitted her resignation Friday in the wake of the fatal shooting at the request of Mayor Betsy Hodges, according to a statement from the city.


Noor has refused to talk with police investigators since the July 15 incident.

Noor is not talking (to investigators) but he has reportedly talked to friends in the Somali community. Time for a grand jury! Sure hope they keep him under surveillance. Too many Somalis simply disappear before they can appear in court when in legal trouble.

Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann said Harteau has to accept a large part of the blame for putting an unqualified officer on the street.

“Finally the female chief of Minneapolis police came out and said Justine Damond should still be alive. She said Mohammad Noor had no reason to shoot Justine,” Bachmann told WND. “He violated police policy and training. Noor refuses to cooperate with investigators. He refuses to give a statement.

“Firing him isn’t enough, the question is whether a grand jury will be impaneled. Manslaughter charges should be considered,” she added.

Again, will the prosecutor and police department work to determine whether this was in fact a hate crime. Clearly it wasn’t premeditated, but was it a gut reaction of Mohammad Noor resulting from his cultural beliefs? What mosque did he attend? What are his beliefs?”

Another mystery about what happened last Saturday night involves a missing two minutes from the official police log of the incident.

Hohmann continues:

As noted by a media outlet in Damond’s native Australia, the 9-1-1 tape reveals a “critical missing two minutes.”

A timeline pieced together through the bride-to-be’s 911 calls and a newly released police incident report shows Damond was shot two minutes after police officers arrived at the alleyway behind her home.

“What it doesn’t explain is what happened in those two crucial minutes that prompted officer Mohamed Noor to draw his gun, reach over his partner and discharge his weapon through the open window, delivering a fatal shot to Ms Damond’s abdomen,” reports News.com.au, an Australian outlet.

Go here for the rest of the story and the actual time line.

For new readers!

Don’t miss this post from 2011 where we first learned how so many Somalis ‘found their way’ to Minnesota.  Hint! The US State Department hired Catholic, Lutheran and evangelical contractors*** to place them there because the welfare was so generous and as I later learned, some big industries needed cheap labor including a window company in Owatonna and poultry plants scattered around the state including near St. Cloud and Wilmer.

***Federal contractors/middlemen/lobbyists/community organizers paid by you to place refugees in your towns and cities. At this minute they are sending ‘abstracts’ to Washington which are their personal wish lists and plans for who will be ‘welcomed’ to your towns for the upcoming  fiscal year that begins October 1, 2017.

Because their income is largely dependent on taxpayer dollars based on the number of refugees admitted to the US, the only way for real reform of how the US admits refugees is to remove the contractors from the process.

13 thoughts on “Minneapolis police chief resigns; Bachmann says grand jury must be impaneled

  1. I can’t stand it. These “churches ” are completely corrupted, doing Satan’s work, not God’s. This was what George H.W. Bush was promoting with his “1000 points of light” scam. Giving taxpayer dollars to ensnare the churches and pervert their work into contracted NGOs. Shame on the church leaders.
    And why does Bachmann say the Somalian should be charged with “manslaughter” when it is clearly intentional MURDER?


  2. The family should sue for wrongful death and civil rights violations. That way they can’t just bury this story, like they seem to be trying to.
    too bad the media won’t put forth half the effort they do to bash Trump into this.


  3. “called her death “unnecessary” and said it went against the protocol and training given to her officers.”

    That’s one of the reasons she was canned. She dared to criticised Mr. Noor…..I’m awaiting to learn of her Muslim replacement


  4. The now former Minneapolis police chief was into identity politics she needs to be tried as complicant. in murder!
    Job placements need to be made on merit not identity (in this case a Moslem invader) same for defence!

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  5. It appears that diversity won out over competence in this case. Noor probably never had the ability to handle stress, not a crime, because lots of folks aren’t cut out for first responder jobs. I think it is very possible this guy made it past the interview stage, because that was a level of stress he could deal with. Training should have shown if he approached staged enforcement situations rationally. Of course if the bottom line is to pass him no matter what, the training is worthless.

    Obviously Noor now realizes how badly he screwed up, so he remains in a state of chaos. I see this going the route of pshychiatric examinations, and probably court ordered medications. There will only be losers, unless they REALLY evaluate their hiring practices, and fix whats broken.


  6. …”the city’s first openly lesbian police chief.”

    This implies that there will be others, and that it is some sort of accomplishment or milestone. I for one am sick and tired of sexual deviancy being repackaged and pushed on us everywhere as a public virtue per se. It isn’t. It has nothing to do with public life or effective governance. The police chief herself also a “diversity” hire. This kind of nonsense is getting people killed, and we have to put a stop to it.

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