OIC strategizing to silence free speech, like ours here at RRW

The  OIC is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation which represents 57 Muslim countries world wide and they know that to advance Islam (and Shariah law) worldwide they have to silence any criticism of Islam in the media.  To that end they held a conference two weeks ago in (no surprise) London to strategize on how to silence anyone standing in their way.

Our speech silenced on the way to submission….

When I read this story by Leo Hohmann at WND, the french novel ‘Submission’ came immediately to mind.  It is a dark, disgusting book, but probably worth reading because its title tells us exactly how Islam/Shariah could triumph—instead of a cataclysmic battle of titans (a possible physical battle), we simply get worn down and give up.

Beating people up over speech would be an important element in bringing us to submission.

From Hohmann:

A group of international Islamist organizations led by the Saudi-based Organization of Islamic Cooperation, or OIC, recently held a two-day conference on countering “Islamophobia” in which it recommends imposing Islamic blasphemy laws on the media worldwide.

Under Islamic law, it is considered a serious offense to criticize Allah, Muhammad or Islam. In countries like Pakistan, a Muslim can take a non-Muslim to court and claim he was “offended” by something that was said, resulting in a trial and jail time, even death, for the non-Muslim.

Blasphemy laws! Bring it on say Monks in Burma! They won’t be silenced by the OIC, will you?

Christians in Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Sudan and other Muslim-dominated countries with significant Christian minorities have been the targets of brutal persecution, with the blasphemy laws often serving as the catalyst for their incarceration. Christians have been jailed, stoned, beheaded, and even had acid thrown in their faces for violating the blasphemy laws.

But the OIC, which consists of 57 Muslim-majority countries and boasts the largest voting bloc at the United Nations, is not satisfied with its own people living under threat of arrest for offending Islam by something that is said, written or posted on the Internet.

The July 15-16 symposium, held at London’s Central Mosque Trust and Islamic Cultural Center, was attended by lawyers, media leaders, politicians, academics from European universities and diplomats from various embassies. It was titled: “Mechanisms to challenge Islamophobia legally and through the media.”

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Is the SPLC carrying the water for the OIC, here. You betcha!

3 thoughts on “OIC strategizing to silence free speech, like ours here at RRW

  1. “Submission” is a challenging read for the average American with a limited understanding of the French political system. However, it is well worth it because it paints a completely believable picture of how a certain number of non-Muslims in any society could become quislings to Islamic power, simply to make life easier for themselves. There is a sinister genius behind the dhimmi system. I was really enlightened and disturbed by the book.

    As for the suppression of criticism of Islam: Douglas Murray reported in his new book that Houellebecq went into hiding just after “Submission” was published and the Charlie Hebdo murders went down in fear of his own life.

    “Houellebecq’s publishers announced that his publicity tour was cancelled and the author himself went into hiding. Ever since he has been accompanied by bodyguards. And although the French state is helping to protect him it has by no means thrown itself behind him. In the immediate aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks the country’s Socialist Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, chose to make an address in which he said, “France is not Michel Houellebecq … it is not intolerance, hatred and fear.” Obviously—unless he had got hold of an early proof—the Prime Minister had not read the novel.”


    1. Thank you so much for that additional information. I didn’t know that! And, yes, best word to describe ‘Submission’ was “disturbing.”


  2. I think before “we get worn down and give up” our country’s patriotic citizenry will have been diluted to the point that our voices will only be heard if accompanied with some degree of force.
    Our dim wits on Capitol Hill don’t seem to realize they will be the first to get kicked under the bus.


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