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Miller “smackdown” of CNN reporter, a video for the ages

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 3, 2017

I’m sure you’ve all seen it, or at least bits of it!  White House immigration expert Stephen Miller takes down an uneducated CNN reporter—Jim Acosta.

Stephen Miller (right)—takes no prisoners!

Here is what Howie Carr said at his website following the exchange:

It is about damn time that someone put Jim Acosta in his place.

It’s like this clown and Keith Olbermann are in a never-ending competition for the “most smug human on Earth” award. I wish we could just declare one of them the winner and send them back to their mothers’ basements.

But Jim Acosta’s smugness was cut short today by my new hero Stephen Miller.

Miller happens to be very bright, well-spoken and most importantly aggressive.

Check out this smackdown as Jim Acosta tries to claim that the White House’s immigration policies are not keeping with the “spirit” of America.

Maybe Acosta will think twice before he opens his yapper. Then again, knowing these libs–he probably won’t.

Go here to see the video.

Someone should start a movement to have the poem, which changes the entire historic meaning of Lady Liberty, removed from the statue!

Two things I was particularly interested in were these (besides Acosta’s incredible smugness).  First, Acosta cannot say what is the right number of immigrants America should take.

I urge all of you to use this line of reasoning when confronted with a No Borders agitator.  I saw Bill O’Reilly do it once to an advocate for not closing our southern border. He asked her what was the right number, could anyone come? no restrictions? the whole world?

She was flummoxed because even the most rabid of them know America would crash if the whole world was ‘welcomed’ to the country.  They will refuse to say what is the right number!

And, secondly, I was delighted to see Miller demonstrate Acosta’s ignorance of history about the damn poem on the Statue of Liberty. I know a lot about the National Park Services’ historical parks and how they badger communities (when it suits them) to maintain historic accuracy—so why has the NPS continued to foster this historic inaccuracy about the statue?  (See my post here in 2015)

If anyone really wanted to strike a blow against this ‘nation of immigrants’ mumbo-jumbo, start a campaign to remove the damn poem!

8 Responses to “Miller “smackdown” of CNN reporter, a video for the ages”

  1. paper doll said

    Jim, the the poem says” yearning to be free” , not” get free stuff”


  2. paper doll said

    They know open boarders will wreck the country. That’s the aim


  3. Charity is given with YOUR assets.
    (1) Jim Acosta should resign ….. so his job can be given to an “immigrant” ……
    (2) Jim Acosta should pay for the upkeep of those he wants to bring in. ALL their expenses.

    Liked by 1 person


    Liked by 1 person

  5. 1) People who hire illegals are the same people who buy stolen property from burglers and shoplifters. They are cowards who want cheap goods, but don’t have the guts to steal them themselves.
    2) People who hire illegals are stealing the food off the tables of their neighbors. They work to undercut the wages that their honest neighbors should be earning.
    3) Hiring illegals is RACIST. African Americans who are trying to work their way up the economic ladder are being pushed down the ladder by people who prefer
    hiring “lighter” illegals. Claiming the illegals “just want to work” while ignoring the MS13 type GANGS and drug smuggling, etc.
    4) People who claim illegals are “only filling jobs AMERICANS won’t take” are LIARS. They are filling jobs that “save money” by ignoring LAWS about health and safety, thus MAKING MORE MONEY for the Scum that refuse to pay decent wages, and address basic LAWFUL safety concerns.
    5) Bushbama LIES when he claims there is a “war” on terror. Bushbama would seal the border tight if there was ANY terrorist threat, because it is WIDE OPEN for Terrorists to stroll in whenever they like. How can ANYONE listen to Bushbama “demand” that Iran, Syria, Lebanon, “seal” their borders, when OUR border has a WELCOME mat out for TERRORISTS to come in and KILL Americans.
    6) If Mexico was not such a cesspool of corruption, the Mexicans would not want out. Why are We so COZY with CORRUPT Mexican rulers? Why hasn’t America applied SANCTIONS on Mexico? Why are we not DEMANDING “regime change” in MEXICO??? Why is the Bush Family so COZY with the corrupt families there??


  6. You gotta love Stephen Miller, formerly an advisor to the great Jeff Sessions he went to college in CA, where he proved his intelligence & independence by not following the progressive tidal wave in west coast colleges.


  7. TwoLaine said

    The Jim Acosta Statue of Liberty Law. It was Priceless!
    VERY FAKE NEWS CNN Jim is sorely lacking in all AMERICAN historical knowledge.

    Here’s a TRUTH book for you Jim, on Depart vs Deport.

    Warning out in New England, 1656-1817
    by Josiah Henry Benton, 1843-1917


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