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Media silent on the biggest issue of our time

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 15, 2017

Yesterday a reader, Kafir, directed me to this month-old Mark Steyn video. I urge all of you to take twenty-four minutes and watch it.

It is demographics stupid!

If the video doesn’t play, you can read about it and see the video, here. As I write this it is at 59,396 views.  Help it go higher!




3 Responses to “Media silent on the biggest issue of our time”

  1. Dawn Pegis said

    The Mark Steyn 24 minutes on demographics is powerful! All citizens should hear it. I wish I knew how to post it on FB. Can anyone school me on that?


  2. Stunning, stunning, stunning. I knew most of the negatives about Islam, IMO there are few positives. In fact I can’t think of one off the top of my head! 4 wives “allowed” and you can drop one or more by simply saying I divorce you, and add a couple of younger chicks of your choice and leave the children of your ex-wives, and your ex-wife to be wards of the state, or our state or our country. Choudhry in Australia urges the man in the family to live off substantial welfare so that they can devote more time working in Mohammed’s name, and fertilizing each of the 4 wives! I knew that the Muslim plan to take over the world is centered on outbreeding their enemies and/or killing them, but Mark Steyn’s matchless way of putting the truth into unforgettable terms drove it home to me in 24 minutes. It is all right there in front of our faces, but until we come to grips with the reality, there is nothing that can be done about the grim future that awaits a world awash in Muslim hatred. Thanks, Ann, for another tidbit to start my day, and your eternally great work. It looks as if it is already too late. I’ve only two children and 2 grandchildren, and as a newly christened octogenarian I won’t likely be changing the demographics anytime soon!


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