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Northern Idaho: Don’t bring refugees here!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 18, 2017

A presentation in Bonner County on Wednesday ended earlier than planned because local opponents of refugee resettlement dominated the near capacity audience.

I suspect the citizens of Sandpoint and the surrounding rural region of Idaho had heard enough about refugee turmoil over 600 miles south in Twin Falls and didn’t see a need to bring the same trouble to their neighborhoods.

From the Bonner County Daily Bee:

SANDPOINT — A sustained lack of basic civility brought an abrupt end Wednesday to a presentation aimed at informing the public how refugee resettlement works in Idaho and the United States.

From the moment the meeting at Community Hall commenced, Nick and Laura Armstrong of Boise faced a tough room.

“I am advocating understanding,” Laura Armstrong tried to explain at one point.

A good portion of the capacity crowd, however, was having none of it.

Refugee resettlement foes groaned, scoffed, talked over, shouted and laughed derisively at the Armstrongs. When audience members who were genuinely curious about resettlement programs tried to get opponents to quiet down so the presentation could go on, they, too, were shouted down.

Nevertheless, the Armstrongs pressed ahead. They pointed out that the Bible is replete with people who were refugees, including Jesus. There are also cited repeated passages referring to God’s faithfulness and concern for “aliens” and “strangers.”  [The usual use of the Bible to suit their purposes!—ed]

Photo: Caroline Lobsinger


Many of the foes of refugee resettlement viewed the presentation as a foot in the door to bring displaced people into Bonner County.

“We don’t want ‘em!” a woman shouted angrily.

The Armstrongs and the meeting’s hosts — the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force and a group called “follow ~ a community” — emphasized that there was no plan to bring refugees here, but opponents were dubious of those declarations.

The Armstrongs and the meeting’s hosts attempted to conduct a question-and-answer session on resettlement after the presentation, but only made it several questions in when it became clear productive discussion remained elusive.

Continue reading here. And, don’t miss the comments.  Some are better than the story.

For background, new readers might want to see our Twin Falls archive by clicking here.

This post is also filed in a category I call Pockets of Resistance,’ a phrase I first heard in 2013 when an Office of Refugee Resettlement spokesman referred to communities where citizens were questioning refugee resettlement as ‘pockets of resistance,’ explained here.

9 Responses to “Northern Idaho: Don’t bring refugees here!”

  1. Spain enough said.


  2. editor214 said

    And two additional articles on Redoubt News and


  3. Smart people

    Liked by 2 people

  4. wildz said

    Thank you for this post. Your daily emails are most appreciated. Victoria Zeischegg, Bonner County Republican State Committeewoman, and Pres. Bonner County Republican Women, Inc.


  5. Perhaps these people will accept the persecuted Christians from the Middle East. They are refugees but they worship the same God and his values. Send the Muslims to Canada.


  6. The Armstrong’s should read the book “Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt Manipulation”


  7. Roy Hobs said

    Irony —

    I tried moving my family to Sandpoint. I am a retired professional athlete and my wife has a good job. Sandpoint was TOO over priced-expensive for us!

    How in the world are Refugees going to make it in Sandpoint???!!!

    This whole thing is a total Racket.

    Refugee Program — Chasing down White people.

    Diversity is Code Word for White Genocide.

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  8. Jim Griggs said

    I think that Sandpoint is doing the right thing in protesting against the influx of refugees into northern Idaho. Do no let them get a foothold in your area.I wish I could say the same here in southern Idaho but they already have a foothold here. Here in Twin Falls you would think that the owner of Chobani is god. The refugee program floods the labor force helping to keep wages low, floods the housing market forcing housing cost higher. A lot of the refugees get habitat for humanity homes, taking away from Americans that need the help. Instead of speaking english in school, you have to provide a translator for every language spoken, at your cost. Canyon Ridge High School here in Twin Falls is proud of the fact that there is 27 different languages spoken at the high school, there should be only one. Stay on top of the refugee influx, Sandpoint.

    Liked by 1 person

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