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Starbucks awarding grants to other coffee companies to train refugee baristas

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 18, 2017

Jobs Americans won’t do?

I guess we can conclude that there are no Americans, no low-skilled citizens, looking to brew up your morning coffee.

Here is an idea!  Get your own coffee maker and do your brewing at  home!

By the way, I had a huge number of readers, here and at twitter when I posted about Breitbart’s TB and Starbucks story here last week.



This story tells us that a successful effort to train refugee baristas will depend on whether a lot of refugees are being placed in your city and whether lots of people are patronizing coffee shops.

“Opportunity for All” grant? Sounds more like “Only refugees need apply” grant!

From The Daily Californian:

Berkeley’s 1951 Coffee Company has been awarded the “Opportunity for All” grant by the Starbucks Foundation, allowing it to expand its barista training program for refugees to other cities in the United States.

The antidote: Make your own coffee at home! (LOL! I’m not affiliated with or promoting any particular coffee machine manufacturer!)

The grant awards the coffee company $63,000 to serve an additional 85 refugees, asylees and Special Immigrant Visa holders, according to a press release issued Wednesday by the company.

1951 Coffee was one of 41 nonprofit organizations selected by the Starbucks Foundation because of its approach to helping refugees obtain the skills required to succeed in a “rapidly changing global economy,” the press release stated.

Doug Hewitt, co-founder of 1951 Coffee, said he and co-founder Rachel Taber were very pleased to learn that the nonprofit had been approved for the grant. According to Hewitt, the grant will allow the company’s two-week barista training program in Oakland — which takes place every other month — to increase its services to monthly.

Hewitt added that, in terms of expansion, 1951 Coffee is looking to first take its training program to San Diego. Depending on how that effort goes, the nonprofit will decide where else to take the program.

According to Hewitt, in order for a city to have potential for expansion, it must have a refugee population being resettled there, as well as a strong coffee industry.

Continue reading here.

3 Responses to “Starbucks awarding grants to other coffee companies to train refugee baristas”

  1. icthelite said

    You could give 1000 to 1 (one) odds that there is money, probably or tax dollars, that have caught Starbucks eye. Starbucks is all about making a buck. Someone has dangled a dollar at the end of a stick and that has them salivating. I have to wonder if our own Department of State doesn’t have their hands in this.
    Can’t imagine them going to the expense of taking refugees from the Mideast and North Africa when they will have to engage in a rather extensive training program that would have to start with learning proper hygienic habits, learning the language and the many other things they would have to know to deal with Starbucks customers.
    Personally? If Starbucks is going to put US citizens out of a job I’m done with them. There are many coffee shops around whose coffee is as good as Starbucks.


  2. ljarvik said

    Isn’t employment discrimination based on national origin against the law? Prosecute Starbucks for violation of 1964 Civil Rights Act…

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. I use to live in Seattle when Starbucks was first founded in the 1990s and never understood what was the big thing about them? To me, Seattle is about grunge so grunge and coffee never seemed to connect.

    One of the few times that I went into Starbucks I wanted to order a pastry but the pastry cabinet had a swarm of house flies in it. I asked the worker if she could get some of the house flies out of the cabinet before I placed my order but she just gave me a snotty look and ignored me. I did not order anything at Starbucks that day and rarely go there other than to use their free wifi and bringing food/drink from some other store.


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