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UN: Spain not ready for large influx of migrants from Africa

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 18, 2017

…..even less ready today?

This United Nations-generated story was published yesterday before we learned about an Islamic terror attack in Barcelona committed by some killers from Morocco.

So what are the odds that the Spanish public isn’t going to be too excited about finding resources and accommodations for the illegal migrants (70% are MEN)?

From The Guardian:

Spain lacks capacity to handle migration surge, says UN refugee agency

UNHCR warning comes as Spanish coastguard intercepts nearly 600 people in a day trying to reach country from Morocco

Spain lacks the resources and capacity to protect the rising number of refugees and migrants reaching it by sea, the UN refugee agency has said.

The warning from UNHCR comes as the Spanish coastguard said it rescued 593 people in a day from 15 small paddle boats, including 35 children and a baby, after they attempted to cross the seven-mile Strait of Gibraltar.

The number of refugees and migrants risking the sea journey between Morocco and Spain has been rising sharply, with the one-day figure the largest since August 2014, when about 1,300 people landed on the Spanish coast in a 24-hour period.

About 9,300 migrants have arrived in Spain by sea so far this year, while a further 3,500 have made it to two Spanish enclaves in north Africa, Ceuta and Melilla, the EU’s only land borders with Africa.

María Jesús Vega, a spokeswoman for UNHCR Spain, said police were badly under-resourced and there was a lack of interpreters and a shortage of accommodation for the new arrivals.

“The state isn’t prepared and there aren’t even the resources and the means to deal with the usual flow of people arriving by sea,” she said.

There is much more…..

After yesterday, I predict that Spanish citizens won’t be receptive to finding the “resources.”

Here is a good graphic from The Guardian:



See my complete (lengthy!) archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ by clicking here.  I think my first “invasion” post was in 2010 or 2011.

8 Responses to “UN: Spain not ready for large influx of migrants from Africa”

  1. I imagine Spain’s rape crime and crime in general will escalate from these barbarian savages. There are 1.2 Billion Africans in Africa and even if 10% flood Spain and Europe and they will drag them down into their 6th Century World.


    • FatherJon said

      Spanish people interviewed on the streets are already saying that it’s ‘reconquista’ Mark 2. It took from 1492 up to the end of WW1 to rid Europe entirely of the caliphate, and now it’s being done again by stealth while wishy-washy politicians prefer to put their heads in the sand.


  2. FatherJon said

    It’s not just from the sea that Spain is at risk from Moroccan illegals, it’s also Spain’s last vestiges of colonialism on the tip of Africa, on the Moroccan mainland that create problems for them, Melilla and Ceuta. Once the African illegals cross into those Spanish territories they can claim all the benefits of asylum and refugee status as if they’d landed in the EC itself. Despite Spain having built a high fence along the Melilla/Ceuta borders Africans have no trouble scaling this last obstacle to what promises a new life across the Straits of Gibraltar to the European mainland.

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  3. One nation and people (EU / Europeans) can not be enslaved to become the babysitter and milk cow for another nation and people (Africans, Middle Easterners, Asians and Muslims) through the agency of the socialist, welfare states of Europe looking for Left wing votes.

    The Left is using false humanitarianism and your tax dollars as a means of stuffing the ballot boxes of Europe and North America with Leftist votes.

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  4. Why is the Islamic Invasion Army dealt with as a military matter instead of as a civilian law enforcement matter?

    As a military matter, the Islamic Invasion Army could be repelled by military force including machine guns which would be much cheaper than handling the problem as a civilian law enforcement matter.

    Just because an army dresses in civilian attire and pretends to be hapless beggars (all with the latest cell phones and thousands of $$$ for transportation fees) does not mean that EU countries need to accept this false reality created by the Islamic Invasion Army High Command.

    Under the Geneva Convention and the Law of War:

    Invasion = War

    Irregular troops out of uniform = spies, saboteurs and infiltrators who are subject to summary execution under the Geneva Convention.

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  5. petzlx said

    You’re not being tolerant. You’re not being inclusive. You’re not being open-minded… You’re being conquered.”

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  6. Hugh Iwanicki said

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you so much for all your hard efforts in exposing the truth. I’ve sent some of your updates to my relatives in Australia.

    Keep up the good work!

    Hugh Iwanicki

    Sent from my iPhone


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